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February 5

Bust out the party hats and call for some cake, it's Shahid Afridi's name day somewhere in the world. In 2014, the mayor of Port Arthur, Texas, declared that February 5 would officially be known as Shahid Afridi Day, and just in case anyone had forgotten to mark this on their calendar, Afridi has a timely reminder.

Dale Steyn is every dad ever

Dale Steyn had a perfect dad moment on Twitter yesterday. Peeved with a mistake on his Wikipedia profile, Steyn tweeted this:

Who's going to explain Google and Wikipedia to him?

February 4

David Warner's daughter is tomorrow's cricket terror

Remember when David Warner's discovered a little Virat Kohli in his backyard? Well the adorable Ivy Mae just upped the cuteness stakes with her latest snit. While doing a spot of batting - or Kohli-ing - at the park, the tot missed a delivery that would have found the stumps. In a bit of drama worthy of a top-flight cricketer, Ivy shouted "Nice spinning" before flinging her bat down in anger. We can't wait to see her in the Australian team. She's going to be a regular terror. World domination is guaranteed.

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