Our editor Steven Lynch is away this week, so in a cunning attempt to turn the tables, we're presenting a selection of questions from the forthcoming Wisden Cricket Quiz Book, which was compiled by Steven himself. Each question has four possible answers, one of which is the correct one. The answers are at the bottom of the page:

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1 - What record for an English first-class season did Ian Botham establish in 1985?
A Most wickets
B Most catches
C Most disciplinary breaches
D Most sixes

2 - Roy Park played one Test for Australia in 1920-21, and was bowled by the only ball he faced. What misfortune reportedly caused his wife, who at the time was in the stands at the MCG, to miss his entire Test career??
A A tall man in a hat stood up in front of her at the vital moment
B She was answering a call of nature
C She dropped her knitting, and he was out while she picked it up
D The match was at the SCG

3 - What do Andy Caddick of England and Australia's Brendon Julian, who made their debuts together in the first Test at Old Trafford in 1993, have in common?
A They married sisters
B They share the same birthday
C They both had fathers who were Test umpires
D They were both born in New Zealand

4 - Where is the Brockton Point ground, of which Don Bradman wrote: "This is without question the most beautiful cricket ground in the world ... I cannot imagine a more delightful place for cricket"?
A Adelaide
B San Diego, California
C Vancouver, Canada
D Edinburgh, Scotland

5 - Who had himself tattooed with the number 356, indicating that he was the 356th person to play for Australia, and then found out it should have been 357?
A Mark Waugh
B Greg Blewett
C Michael Slater
D Shane Warne

6 - Andrew Flintoff smashed 167, including seven sixes, in the second Test at Edgbaston. One of his aerial shots was dropped in the crowd - who by?
A West Indies' 12th man
B The video analyst on the England dressing-room balcony
C His father Colin in the first row of the upper tier of the stand
D A man dressed as the back end of a pantomime horse

7 - What was the entry in the scorebook alongside the England legspinner Ian Peebles's name in the last match of MCC's tour of South Africa in 1927-28?
A Absent shopping
B Absent, asleep
C Absent, flown home
D Absent bathing

8 - What unwanted Test record was Sri Lanka's Roger Wijesuriya relieved to hand over to Rawl Lewis of West Indies in 1998-99?
A The worst batting average
B The worst bowling average
C The most successive ducks
D The worst dropped catch in Test history, according to Wisden

9 - After a late withdrawal by the appointed official, Gerry Gomez umpired West Indies' Test against Australia at Georgetown in 1964-65. What was unusual about this?
A He was a Test selector at the time
B He'd never umpired before
C He had played in the previous Test
D His son was playing in the match

10 - Which event attracted the highest single-day crowd attendance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground?
A The Australian Rules grand final of 1934
B A Billy Graham crusade
C A Madonna concert
D The 1956 Olympic Games closing ceremony

The Wisden Cricket Quiz Book is published by John Wisden & Co. on November 1, price £7.99. To order a copy through Cricshop, click here.

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The Answers
1 D - Most sixes (80). 2 C - She dropped her knitting, and he was out while she picked it up. 3 D - They were both born in New Zealand. 4 C - Vancouver, Canada. 5 C - Michael Slater (Brendon Julian was actually No. 356, but he and the Australian Board eventually agreed to swap numbers with Slater). 6 C - His father Colin in the first row of the upper tier of the stand (he dropped it into Michael Vaughan's mother's lap). 7 D - Absent bathing (Peebles wrote, in Spinner's Yarn, "As our batsmen were soon well entrenched I went with a couple of local lads to bathe in a nearby river. The time passed more quickly than we calculated and, when I got back, we were in the field and I was soundly and properly berated by Ronny [Stanyforth, MCC's captain]". 8 B - The worst bowling average (Wijesuriya's was 293.00, Lewis's is 318.00; both were briefly surpassed in 2003 by Bangladesh's Khaled Mahmud, but he spoiled it by taking another wicket). 9 A - He was a Test selector at the time. 10 B - A Billy Graham crusade (approximately 130,000 in 1959).