This week's Twitter round-up focuses on beverage temperature, questioning oneself, and the importance of being factually accurate in your tweets.

The brew
There's nothing quite like a hot cup of tea.

The complete gibberish
Sounds vaguely positive…

…but is actually just nonsense.

The slip-up
Does anything strike you about this?

That's right, Shane Warne knows the word "copious".

The sign-off
Who says the fleeting, disposable nature of tweets encourages inanities?

57 retweets because it's factually accurate - Chris Gayle wuz indeed in India for a period of time.

And what do you say when you arrive in a country?


The musical education
Young cricketers tend to have terrible taste in music.

But then again, so do old ones.

The tectonic shift

The terrorlid

The interviewee
Andrew Flintoff dissects Nick Knight's broadcasting approach.

While Italy's head coach, Joe Scuderi, refuses to name and shame Knight or one of his colleagues.

The queue

Who would dare push in front of Darren Lehmann?

The nationality
What do you call a person who supports Chennai Super Kings?

Of course, a CSKian.

The compliment
Kind words for Ed Cowan.

Only legally, Ed.

Tino Best's modesty corner
Want to know what Tino Best thinks of you? You're "people" right? In which case…

All people are failures. Every last one of us.

Life with Kemar Roach
Kemar's been learning about gender.

What's your philosophy?

Odds that he properly understands the concept?

And what's your philosophy?

Completely and utterly untrue. Imagine you're outside and have just realised that your waterproofs aren't quite as waterproof as they should be. You take a quick look at the sky to see whether there are any signs that the rain might blow over in the next few minutes. If you then conclude that that it won't and you're miles from home - that's when weather looks its worst.

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