An odd development on Twitter this week, when cricketers briefly stopped talking about food and saying "boom" to talk about cricket and other cricketers.

The pitch report

The match report
It seems no one read the script for MCC versus Rest of the World. People came to see the greats score runs and take wickets. What they got was…

But not because he was bowling badly. Far from it, in fact.

Paul Collingwood's bowling proved unexpectedly devastating as well.

As did Brett Lee's.

And it didn't end with being on the receiving end of that delivery for Shane Warne.

The nickname

He means Andrew Strauss. I'm sure it's affectionate.

But not everyone's enjoying the various soap operas surrounding the England team.

The hand-to-hand combat

An hour? Time for a drinks break before resuming.

The verb

Does drawing attention to his innovative use of English count as scandalling?

The treat

Golf. A perennial favourite with kids.

The change of policy
David Warner regularly complains about Nathan Lyon going AWOL when it's his turn to buy, but does he shy away from paying, or does just he just shy away from buying for Warner?

The self-regard
Does Kevin Pietersen see pretty much every event in terms of how it might relate to himself?

Pretty much.

Life with Kemar Roach

No time for miscellaneous activities.

But time for a quiet night.

What's your philosophy?
You already knew that Kemar Roach was a deep thinker. When he sees fit to share his wisdom, we owe it to him to listen.

The revelation

Alex Bowden blogs at King Cricket