United Arab Emirates offspinner Nasir Aziz has been reported for a suspected illegal bowling action during the final of the World Cricket League Division Two tournament against Namibia, which was played on Friday.

Aziz, 24, was reported after the end of the game by on-field umpires Sarika Prasad and Buddhi Pradhan, along with third umpire Gary Baxter. ICC Tournament Referee Graeme La Brooy handed over the copy of the report to UAE team manager Mazhar Khan on Saturday morning.

Where a bowler is reported by the umpires due to a suspected illegal action in a WCL match, the policy requires the relevant member board - in this case the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) - to instigate an assessment. In the meantime, the player is still free to take part in international cricket.

The ICC has asked the ECB to make arrangements for the assessment of Aziz's bowling action within 21 days from today, April 17. As soon as the assessment has been completed, the ECB must formally report back to the ICC as to what the results of the tests were and what action has been taken.