India captain MS Dhoni remained unforthcoming when asked about the corruption issues in the IPL at his first press conference in England, ahead of the Champions Trophy, saying he would speak on the subject when the time was right. Dhoni, who had not been allowed to answer such questions before leaving Mumbai, only said that the reputation of Indian cricket had not "gone" and that some individuals had been more mentally weak than others.
"If I have not answered Indian journalists, there is no reason why I should answer you ... at the right time (I will speak)," he said in response to the first question on corruption in Birmingham.
Dhoni said he did not want to speak on the issue at the moment because he wanted to "keep our side away from everything as of now."
When asked if the image of Indian cricket had taken a hit, Dhoni said: "It is not that the reputation has gone. If I go ahead to explain that I would rather answer his question also. When the right time comes, I will answer it.
"As of now, I don't think we have lost the opportunity because whatever the set up is throughout the world or any sport, still you have some people who would be slightly mentally weak as compared to some of the others. I would have loved to elaborate but at the right time I will do it."