Death of Mr C. Stewart Caine, Editor, 1934

Notes by the editor

Cricket Reporting Agency, Byron House, 85, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.

The death in April last of Mr. C. Stewart Caine, my distinguished colleague and senior partner in business, severed a connection with Wisden's Almanack that had existed for nearly fifty years, the last eight of which saw him as Editor.

Messrs. John Wisden & Co. appointing me his successor, I trust, in presenting the 71st. Edition to its numerous readers, that as a book of reference it will be found as useful and accurate as in the past, and still popular among those to whom it appeals.

In the following pages will be found, in addition to the notices of the counties, reviews of the tours of the West Indies Team in England and that of the M.C.C. in Australasia; a summary of Percy Holmes's performances, and the text of the cables on the bowling controversy between the M.C.C. and the Australian Board of Control.

Sir Stanley Jackson, his captain at Cambridge in 1893, has been good enough to write an appreciation of Ranjitsinhji. In securing Sir Stanley's ready acquiescence I have to thank the good offices of Lord Hawke.

For the Five Cricketers of the Year the choice has fallen upon A. H. Bakewell, Mr. C. F. Walters, G. A. Headley, the famous West Indies batsman, L. F. Townsend, the Derbyshire all-rounder, and M. S. Nichols of Essex.

Public Schools Cricket--always an important feature of the Almanack--has again been dealt with exhaustively by Mr. A. Podmore,

Mr. F. J. C. Gustard, Mr. George B. Routledge, Mr. F. Fitzmaurice Kelly, Mr. A. W. Shelton--a very old friend--and Mr. J. E. Hercey have, among others, been kind enough to help with valuable information, while in the more active preparation of the Almanack my esteemed friend, Mr. J. A. H. Catton, has been responsible for the cricket records. He has worked long and untiringly in his efforts to secure accuracy, and I take this opportunity of offering him sincere thanks.

Among the members of my Staff who, amidst other duties, have assisted me I would mention Mr. E. Eden, Mr. D. Richmond, Mr. Norman Preston, Mr. H. Gee, and especially Mr. Wilfrid H. Brookes. To my partner, Mr. Hubert Preston, so long a prolific contributor to the Almanack, I owe a very deep debt of gratitude. Without his invaluable aid I doubt if the book could have been got ready so soon.

January, 1934.


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