Following the death of Charles Stewart Caine shortly after finishing the 1933 edition (the second editor in nine years to die in harness) Sydney Southerton stepped into the breach. It was a difficult volume, dealing with the Bodyline series some 16 months after the series, but by the time of publication the issue was a distant memory and the editor downplayed it, explaining he did not wish to "flog a dead horse". The summer of 1933 was wonderfully sunny, and an upbeat Almanack reflected that. Southerton did find time to dwell on a favourite subject - flat wickets. "No remark is so fatuous," he wrote, "as the comment that a wicket will be 'good enough to last a fortnight' ... who wants a wicket that lasts a fortnight?"
Editor Sydney Southerton
Pages 1059
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Death of Mr C. Stewart Caine, Editor, 1934

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The M. C. C. team in Australia and New Zealand, 1932-33

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The West Indies team in England 1933

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