Second Test match

New Zealand v England 1932-33

Played at AUCKLAND, March 31, April 1, 2. Drawn. Drawn, like the other Test because of the weather, the second match against New Zealand was made memorable by the record score of Hammond, whose 336 not out surpassed Bradman's 334 obtained at Leeds in 1930. The great performance was the more remarkable as it came after a poor batting display by New Zealand. Dempster, at the wickets while all the home team's 158 runs were scored, alone showed real ability to cope with Bowes. The Yorkshire fast bowler beat Mills and Weir with consecutive balls without a run on the board and a notable feature of his work was that in dismissing six men for 34 runs he hit the stumps each time. Hammond went in when Sutcliffe left at 56 and got his runs out of 492 - a wonderful proportion. Hitting freely from the start Hammond completed 50 in seventy-two minutes, and his hundred came less than an hour later. His third fifty occupied only thirty-eight minutes and, after reaching 200 in four hours, he actually added a hundred in forty-seven minutes while when Wyatt declared he had been at the wickets no more than five hours and a quarter. Hammond when 134 gave the one real chance in his great innings, but Dempster was hurt in trying to make a catch that he found too hot to hold. Showing to the utmost advantage in driving, pulling and cutting Hammond placed strokes with astonishing accuracy no matter how the bowlers positioned their fieldsmen. Throughout he treated the moderate attack with unflagging freedom. By clever footwork he took the bowling at the length he desired and aroused the spectators to enthusiasm. Of ten sixes, three were off successive deliveries from Newman and he hit thirty-three 4's. New Zealand scored eight without loss before stumps were pulled up and as many more runs were added on a soaked pitch before a recurrence of rain caused the match to be abandoned.

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