The ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2012 will be contested by 16 teams which have been seeded and divided into two groups:

Group A Group B
Afghanistan (1) Ireland (2)
Netherlands (3) Kenya (4)
Canada (6) Scotland (5)
PNG (8) Namibia (7)
Hong Kong (9) Uganda (10)
Bermuda (11) Oman (12)
Denmark (14) Italy (13)
Nepal (16) USA (15)

21.9.2 The first round of the competition will be the Group stage.

21.9.3 Each team will play every other team in its group. Points will be allocated for each match in accordance with the system described in clause 21.10 of these playing conditions.

21.9.4 Following the Group Stage the top 3 teams in each group will progress to the Qualifying Stage where teams will have the opportunity to qualify for WT20 2012. The remaining 5 teams from each group will play in rankings tournament matches.

21.9.5 Qualifying Stage

A2 v B3
A3 v B2
First Qualifying Final - A1 v B1 - the winner of this match will qualify for the WT20 2012
Preliminary Final - Winner A2 v B3 v Winner A3 v B2
Loser A2 v B3 v Loser A3 v B2
Second Qualifying final - Winner Preliminary Final v Loser First Qualifying Final - the winner of this match will qualify for the WT20 2012
Final - Winner First Qualifying Final v Winner Second Qualifying Final

21.9.8 Tournament Rankings Matches

a) First round
A5 v B4
B4 v A5
A8 v B8
A6 v B7
A7 v B6

b) Second Round
Winner A5 v B4 v Winner A4 v B5
Loser A4 v B5 v Loser A5 v B4
Winner A6 v B7 v Winner A7 v B6
Loser A6 v B7 v Loser A7 v B6