Australia news September 9, 2011

Hauritz struck in face at nightclub

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nathan Hauritz, the Australia offspinner, was struck in the face during an altercation at a nightclub and required facial surgery. The incident was investigated by police but Cricket Australia's general manager of cricket operations, Michael Brown, said Hauritz decided against pressing charges.

Hauritz, who is recovering from a dislocated shoulder he suffered during the home one-dayers against England in January, has been sanctioned but CA refused to release any details of the penalty.

The incident took place in Hervey Bay, Queensland, a fortnight ago but the matter was not resolved by CA until September 8. "By his own admission Nathan said he was immature and silly," Brown told the Herald Sun. "He had a few drinks, the incident occurred, Nathan was struck by a patron. Nathan has chosen not to lay any charges, which is his right. We've investigated the matter and it has been resolved internally.

"I have great sympathy for what Nathan has been through. No person deserves to get whacked in the face. All parties are happy with the outcome and we move on. He's a bit sheepish and he's learnt a valuable lesson."

Hauritz has received medical clearance to play for New South Wales in the Champions League Twenty20 in India starting on September 23.

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  • Christopher on September 11, 2011, 10:59 GMT

    Didnt Punter find himself on the wrong end of a punch before becoming captain? Maybe Hauritz is trying for the captaincy. Either way, the first thing they should teach players when they join the Australian Test team, IS TO DUCK! Jeff Fenech for the Australian coaching job?

  • Glenn on September 11, 2011, 2:07 GMT

    Why would anyone go to a nightclub? Bunch of tossers getting drunk, hitting other yobbo's. Stay at home, watch a good movie or sport, read a good book, listen to music, enjoy a nice cuppa. Save money. Hang out with family and friends, not binge drinkers. Stay safe.

  • Warrick on September 11, 2011, 1:34 GMT

    I reckon this bloke was a disgruntled customer from Hauritz garage sale last year. Now that the Argus review & changes have happened, Nathan went looking for his old test match sweaters thinking he might need them again. Obviously this guy didn't want to part them! BTW @andyzaltmannshair- wozzawozzaland is wonderful place!

  • Jack on September 11, 2011, 0:40 GMT

    i feel sorry for u haritz

  • Dummy4 on September 10, 2011, 13:02 GMT

    Was the other bloke Andrew Symonds?

  • S on September 10, 2011, 10:31 GMT

    Struck down in a bar and now time to get hammered in cricket...

  • Richard on September 10, 2011, 1:38 GMT

    @AndyZaltzmannsHair-That's absolutely hilarious mate. In response I can only say you're almost 'speaking the lingo like a true blue digger'.

  • Terry on September 9, 2011, 20:57 GMT

    The other fellow wasnt a little bloke out celebrating a recent child was it?

  • A on September 9, 2011, 20:53 GMT

    glad to see Hauritz got the obligatory "Aussie player bar fight" out of the way. Now he can concentrate on just being a good player. For reference see Ian Chappell, Ricky Ponting, Andrew Symonds, etc.

  • Andrew on September 9, 2011, 20:46 GMT

    @AndyZaltzmannsHair - I understood what you said - LOL!!!!!!!!

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