Bangladesh v Australia, 3rd ODI, Mirpur April 13, 2011

You've got to stick with this team - Siddons


Jamie Siddons departed the Bangladesh coaching job by imploring his successors to persevere with the young team he has mentored for most of his four-year tenure. Having watched his side slide to a 3-0 series defeat against Australia, the world's No.1 limited-overs team, Siddons pointed to the progress made on his watch, exemplified in the final match when Bangladesh scored 295 for 6. This was by a distance the home side's highest total against Australia, beating the 250 for 5 in the only Bangladesh defeat of Australia, in Cardiff in 2005.

"When we passed the highest score against Australia that we've ever had, I was a bit emotional then, because I thought that just shows me how much the boys are improving and they're continuing to improve," Siddons said. "And I think it's been a tough series but I think the criticism of our batting has worried me a bit: 210, 229, 295 against Australia, we rarely make those scores against the big teams and now we're doing it quite often.

"We need to bowl better and keep the scores down so that we can get those scores. It was a tough series, world No.1 versus world No.9, but we competed."

While he would have liked to see out the process himself, Siddons said whoever replaced him needed to be willing to persist with a young team, led by the 24-year-old captain Shakib Al Hasan. "If these boys are allowed to grow together for another four years to the next World Cup, you're going to have a lot of good fun and a lot of joy," Siddons said. "We've had a lot of joy with the New Zealand victories and World Cup victories against England and Ireland. We've smashed Zimbabwe the last four series, had a lot of success, and it's all these guys. They're the best 15.

"There might be one or two come in and out because of form or injury, but you've got to stick with them, and you've got to trust them and stop being negative when they fail - they're 23, 22 years old. There are no 33, 34, 36-year-old Ricky Pontings or Kumar Sangakkaras to hold them together yet, you've got to give them a chance to develop. You can't bring back Habibul Bashar and ask him to be Ricky Ponting because he's not. You've got to let them develop."

Siddons leaves Bangladesh with much good will behind him and will return to Australia before he decides where next to take his coaching career. There was plenty of emotion in his voice when he spoke of bidding farewell to Shakib and the rest of the team. "I love these boys, I've told them how much I loved working with them, and how much I think they've improved," Siddons said. "Each and every one of them told me how much they thought they'd improved, and that's why I coach, so I'll go away from here a very happy man.

"It's a shame I can't stay, but all good things come to an end. At least I know these boys have learned a lot and are on the way up, at least the group I've been working with."

Daniel Brettig is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Zahirul on April 16, 2011, 5:21 GMT

    I think it is better for both BD Cricket & JS. No doubt JS contributed largely in BD side for the last four years and he built up a squad which needs to be united for the next few years however he was not supportive enough to other assistants' i.e. assistant coach, bowling coach etc. He injected politics into the games which is not healthy for a grown up team like BD. Apart from this, he was a great batting coach but it's time to refine the skill and techniques more by someone who has international expose and great talents. I hope BCB makes a good decision this time as well by picking another good coach hopefully Ganguly or M. Waugh and allow them to work more in depth like in techniques with both National side as well as A side. A full coaching team also must be appointed for the long time and they must co-ordinate to each other. A spin coach is most needed now and hope BCB feels the necessity. Good luck for JS and I hope he will be a high profile coach pretty soon.

  • w on April 16, 2011, 1:16 GMT

    Agree with wenurakp. BD needs to stick with an aussie coach. You are going to kill BD cricket if you get someone from the subcontinent.

  • Dummy4 on April 15, 2011, 8:10 GMT

    Jamiiesiddons was a good coach ... he brought BD many milestone ...hope we don have to miss you .... By the way Ashraful n Alok Kapali ain't useless ... Ashraful ain't just given the chance to do what he does the best (slog without pressure) n alok seems to need more practice to get in form ... don't forhet the fact that Ashraful is one

  • anis on April 15, 2011, 1:12 GMT

    Thanks SIDDONS, u have done a great job in lst 4 years. I used to work in BCB and i know that very well with such a splendid effort from u , u can't stick on the team improvement until and unless someone changes the thick headed persons who controlled the BCB. Siddons welcome back to Australia.

  • Dummy4 on April 14, 2011, 21:09 GMT

    thanks siddons...we love u

  • Wenu on April 14, 2011, 20:56 GMT

    Being a non Bangladeshi, I believe I could provide a better perspective than a lot of Bangladeshis here. If I compare the current team to the team before I can definitely see a lot of improvement. There is more energy in the way Bangla batsmen approach their game. There is also more energy in the way Bangla fielders field in high pressure situations. Going forward, the most important aspect for a better Bangla team is the improvement in your bowling department. You guys got to find some good quality bowlers. It might be that you need fast wickets, or it could also be that you need to send more fast bowlers for training with academies like MRF. I'm pretty sure Jamie Siddons infused some Australian way of thinking to the Bangladeshi game at the highest level. Now it's up to the players and the administration to develop a Bangladeshi brand of cricket. Find a good bowling coach and stick with the Australian coaches for now. You will reap the benefits of a well planned strategy.

  • M Murshed on April 14, 2011, 19:40 GMT

    Many thanks to Siddons for his contribution towards improvement of Bangladesh Cricket. Now, we need to move on further with a new coach. I wish we could get Sourav Ganguly as our coach. He will understand our players & he can unify the BD team & make them real fighters. Ganguly: please join us. Let's make our BD team a real tiger.

  • Aminul on April 14, 2011, 19:27 GMT

    JS was the best thing ever happen to Bangladesh cricket.The day BCB decided not to reappoint JS should be marked as a Black Day in BD cricket history.I am also not sure how and why people are saying that Bangladesh played bad cricket in WC.They actually played awesome cricket and they promised us three wins they gave us three wins.I agree it was a bad day when we played WI but why should we be upset when they lost to SA.This team and this coach has given us so many sleepless nights of celebration.I don't recall any other BD team was successful like this one.Shakib is a great captain and I have never seen such an attacking captain in Bangladesh cricket team.This is a young team we need to stick with this team give some time for these kids to grow up and become a man.Just imagine if they can trouble all these great teams while they are just kids what impact they will have when they are facing them as a man.

  • Dummy4 on April 14, 2011, 18:32 GMT

    You have done a good job...

    Thanks Jamie, Hope to see you again. :)

  • Dummy4 on April 14, 2011, 18:09 GMT

    Time to move on..Good bye Siddons.. u were okay but side still didnt improve tht much..they scored 295 when the result is alrdy known and series is well decided..with no pressure, batsmen play well..and also keep in mind, AUS dnt hv world class bowlers now..esp in tht 3rd match..but JS did try to improve but i think he was biased...time for Junaed,rakibul to go off and we shud get few more new talents..JS also had attitude problem..but over all, he was okay..Coach cannot do everything..its our players who r not mentally strong..I dnt think BD cricket improved tht much..the way its going it will take at least 32 years to win a WC(at home ofcourse)...gud luck

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