June 6, 2008

Indian Premier League

The language of cricket

Harsha Bhogle, in his column in the Indian Express, looks at the reasons behind Rajashtan's IPL success story

The key to team spirit is communication and this would have been Warne’s greatest challenge. The only language that his think tank spoke was also the language that a lot of players in the team would have been uncomfortable with. But by gelling so wonderfully, and it was great to see, Warne showed that the language of cricket and the intent to communicate can over-ride strange nouns and verbs. It is a huge learning, one that enemies of foreign coaches would do well to reflect over. Language and culture can be a barrier for those who choose to look upon it as a barrier.

And yet, having been lucky to have had a ringside view of a lot of the action, if there was one reason I would ascribe to Rajasthan’s success, it was that everyone in the team seemed empowered to win.

In the Hindustan Times, Gulu Ezekiel says the IPL has exposed the world's top cricketers as "hypocrites" considering the lack of complaints about burn-out.


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