January 16, 2012


Big room for Canadian improvement


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On Canadian website sportsnet, Nigel Reed is less than impressed with the way Canada have played so far in the Caribbean Twenty20. Despite bright starts in both their Group A games in Antigua, the momentum deserted them at crucial times resulting in heavy defeats to both the Windward and Leeward Islands.

Taking a chance is one thing. Poor choice of shot or execution is quite another. Sadly a fair few Canadian batsmen have fallen in the latter category. I lost count of the number of players who threw away their wickets because of bad shots rather than being beaten by the skill of a bowler.

It didn't have to be like this. Technically Canada does not rank among the best in the world but I would like to think there are enough decent players on duty to at least be competitive in the Caribbean. The fact is if you choose to bat and fail the game is virtually over as a contest before the run chase begins

Canada must improve or the ramifications could be costly. Ian Bishop, the former West Indies fast bowler, openly questioned Canada's participation following a second thumping defeat. At the same time Bishop recognizes Canada has to play better teams more frequently to get better. Is that a chicken or an egg I hear?


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