Damian Mills dies, aged 24

Canada loses a champion cricketer


On behalf of the CCA and the entire Cricketing community, we wish to extend our condolences to Dr. and Mrs. Barry Mills of Winnipeg, Manitoba on the sudden loss of their beloved son, Damian At 24, he passed away in his sleep last evening.

We are shocked to learn of the untimely death of Damian Mills, one of the members of the Canadian HP players, who was actively training for CCA High Performance Events in 2004.

Karran Bayney, CCA 2nd Vice President, knew Damian well and expresses the horror felt by all who have known Damian. Damian was the Captain and opening batsman of the Winnipeg Juniors cricket team of Manitoba.

He was a pleasant outgoing chap who loved the game of cricket more than life. He was often seen at the park earlier than most and stayed longer than the rest. He was the most exciting player that Manitoba has seen for a long time. He was their best player in 2003, scoring over 1100 runs and winning batting honours in several provinces this year. He even travelled to Ontario to play with the CCA U23 and Overseas teams when he could find time in his busy schedule.

He always encouraged less gifted players and always generous with his advice. He was an ardent student of the game. He was always modest despite huge accomplishments and positive about any perceived shortcomings. He trained constantly and was a willing student of the gamein fact a coach's dream.

Damian, Canadian born, learned the game of Cricket in Manitoba. He has represented Canada both at the junior and senior team levels. As a junior, he shares a record opening pair stand.

Damian worked for the Manitoba Telecomm System when he was not attending university. He was scheduled to graduate from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Management with a Major in Marketing in the spring of 2004.

The Manitoba and Canadian Cricket Associations and the entire cricketing community will miss this very talented and generous young man. He offered so much and asked for so little. Cricket in Manitoba and in Canada will search long and hard to find another Damien.

"In the midst of life, we are in death." "Those whom the Gods love, die young."

Rest in peace Damian!