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Test Championship on ICC's agenda

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The ICC Executive Board will meet in Dubai on Monday to discuss the format of the ICC event in 2013, domestic anti-corruption codes and the findings of the Independent Governance Review that was commissioned in June, among other things.

Currently, the Champions Trophy is scheduled for June 2013 in England, but there is a possibility that this event could be scrapped in favour of a Test Championship. The board will seek to finalise a decision on this. "Player and public interest in Test match cricket is at an all-time high," Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive officer, said ahead of the meet. "It would be fitting to stage a Test Championship play-off for the top four teams."

Last week, Ronnie Flanagan, the chairman of the ICC's anti-corruption and security unit, said there was a fear that domestic matches could be affected by corruption, given the increased scrutiny of international fixtures. In November 2010, the executive board had directed all Full Members to implement a domestic anti-corruption code by April 1, 2011.

At the meeting, the ICC will receive an update on the implementation of domestic anti-corruption processes. "The ICC and [Full] Members are well aware of the need to enhance education and preventative measures in this crucial area," Lorgat said. "We know that we can never become complacent."

The Independent Governance Review panel is supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers and chaired by Harry Woolf, a former Chief Justice of England and Wales, who will present a progress report at the meeting. It is one of the ICC's initiatives in the new Strategic Plan 2011-2015 that was adopted in April 2011 and comprises an evaluation of the ICC's presidential nomination and election process.

Lorgat said he hoped the review will help mould the ICC's governance framework going forward. "It is our clear ambition to be a well-managed and leading global governing body," he said. "I am hopeful that the review will lead us to set up a governance model that is relevant for our new world."

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  • Jay on October 10, 2011, 17:49 GMT

    I think the ICC Is FORCING the public to "embrace" a long and boring format of the game. Make no mistake guys, I too "enjoy" test cricket occasionally BUT only if there is a battle on. The recent India vs England series was NO-NO for test cricket. If we have many more hopeless series like that then believe me, the Ashes will be the only test series left. Already SA vs Aus encounters have been reduced to 2 match fixtures. India won't play teams like WI and Bangladesh for at least 2 more years PLUS back to back Ashes campaigns all will SURELY add to the quick demise of test cricket. I want test cricket to pass away peacefully. I don't want test cricket to get a stroke and die an untimely death. Cause the ICC are gonna make sure that happens with their meaningless FTP.

  • Dummy4 on October 10, 2011, 16:21 GMT

    A draw in test cricket is a perfectly valid outcome, not one to be removed in order to fit a pre-determined competition format. Cardiff 2009 was one of the most thrilling matches I've seen live and without the concept of a draw it would have been utterly dull. This makes a league (rather than a knock-out) format more suitable for a test world cup. I propose a 6-nations style league-format tournament for the top 6 teams, along the lines of rugby's 6 nations. Each team plays each other team in 1 test, all in one country. With 3 tests on at the same time, 3 days between tests, and 5 tests per team, the tournament would last just over 5 weeks (shorter than the last world cup). Below that, I'd have a second league with promotion and relegation between the two leagues. Imagine the drama of the last three tests being played out where some teams are playing for the title and others fighting for survival. The last day of the English premier league is the most exciting for that reason.

  • Rob on October 10, 2011, 15:06 GMT

    Couldn't we just have an annual test championship of two divisions of five teams, with each country playing the other in it's division once in the year home and away. Their would be a first and second division with one team annually relegated and one promoted. This would then give each nation eight test matches - four home and four away - and provide a straightforward league winner and one team going up and one going down. Old fashioned long tours could then be dispensed with and surely public interest would be reinigorated with such a simple league system. Without a very significant shake up of test cricket into a coherent championship it will undoubtably wither and die. But will the ICC actually do anything - don't hold your breath....

  • Terry on October 10, 2011, 13:42 GMT

    Thanks everyone whom read my original comment. I wanted to clarify what I was proposing in more detail: 2011/12 - Team 11 (ICup winner) is determined from Intercontential Cup (associate four day competition) Early 2013 - 11 Teams (10 Test & ICup winner) selects 20 players for Test World Cup. *Day 0: Teams 8-11 arrive for qualifiers *Day 2-4: Teams 8-11 warm up match *Day 7-20: Teams8-11 play off (8v11,9v10=>WvW) & 3 days off *Day 8-20: Teams 1-7 two warm up matches & 4 days off *Day 25-50: Group Stage (three matches each) & 10 days off *Day 55-60: Semi Finals *Day 65-70: Finals

    THUS: World Cup has 8 teams each playing 3 to 5 tests altogether with one team potentially playing upto 7 tests in 9 week period (about 1 test every 9 days).

    This would not be a long tour for most teams as a 5 test series currently is done in around 7-8 week period. Teams will have warm up matches and a lot of extra players to cater for injuries.

  • Shuaib on October 10, 2011, 11:47 GMT

    Test Championship should be a League which will run over a Period of time and at the end of the period declare the League Leader as the Winner or play Finals. The League should consider of 5-6 Top teams playing each other Home-Away in a same no of matches(Minimum 2-3). The current way of A playing B 5 times, A Playing C 2 times, and B Playing C 3 times cannot work. The final doesn't make sense unless it is played Home and Away in a minimum of 3 Match Series. Thought of playing in a Neutral Venue cannot be considered as whole of Asia will be Neutral for Asian Countries and non-Asian will be preferred by others. In case of tie for the league positions or final a formula should be devised based on Wickets taken, Wickets lost, Runs Scored, Runs Given, Balls Faced and Balls Delivered. Similarly a Second League should be played and the top 2-3 teams from second league should play the last 2-3 teams from First League to decide who plays in which League.

  • Wayne on October 10, 2011, 11:23 GMT

    Who keeps saying no to ODI ??? I saw a packed out World Cup, and ODI is fills up a Stadium more then Tests! Some of you need to stop defending Tests so blindly and be honest with yourselves. Its an old Elitist Antiquated game that needs to be finish, the ICC and the *Powers That Be* refuse to open that Format up to the WORLD. So be done with it, Cricket has fallen behind every sport, even BASEBALL has had more global expansion and makes tons of more money then Cricket!

  • Alex on October 10, 2011, 11:13 GMT

    Its time for the Demote , Promote system in Test Cricket .

  • Raheel on October 10, 2011, 10:15 GMT

    Well people who are saying that Test Championship is useless as they are confused bcs who will be the best whether no.1 ranked team or the test championship winner... The ans is simple, if u c football there we have no.1 ranked team Holland and u know the champion Spain, so same goes here, rankings will serve as a basis for the qualification for the tournament while the test championship winner will be the true champion as it has been earned when it matter the most... It is exciting to have a test championship but the format must be just, in my view top 4 teams is all right but they should play in round robin format twice with one another, at home and away, while the top 2 teams will play one of Final at Lords. In order to get the result of each test match, pitches should be made like the ones which produce results and also extend the period of test to 6 days if any one of the playing teams demand so that a result could be affected.

  • John on October 10, 2011, 8:00 GMT

    @D.Sharma If you can win a match on run rates, first innings lead etc, then it means the defining feature of test cricket, the obligation to take 20 wickets, is undermined and we have a different game altogether.

  • Jason on October 10, 2011, 7:37 GMT

    I, like a number of others, am not convinced that this is a good thing. If it is to happen then I would suggest that the current Test Championship is scrapped and a more formal league structure is put in place. With series being a minimum of 3 tests, the last test in a series being 'timeless' if a series winner needs to decided. The winner of the league is the one at the top at the end of the cycle. All boards should be forced to host every other board at home in that cycle, I'm still amazed that the BCCI have not invited Bangladesh to play in India. The Assiociates becme a League 2, and play the bottom 2 teams at the end of a cycle to see if they get promoted/demoted for the next cycle.

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