October 8, 2001

India, Sharjah tours still on despite US military action


England's tour to India is set to go ahead as planned, despite security fears in the region following the American and British military action in Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board, Tim Lamb, said plans for the trip remain in place despite Sunday's bombings, although he indicated the tour could still be cancelled later on if the situation gets worse.

"There has been a significant new development in the form of military strikes," Lamb said.

"I have had no discussions with the Indian board about the tour. It is definitely on and the itinerary is agreed. We are monitoring the situation closely - most of the world is monitoring the situation closely - but it is far too premature to say the tour is at risk.

"We would never knowingly send our players to parts of the world where their safety was at risk. In the future, if we get specific advice that our players were at risk we would think again.

"But as things stand at the moment, the tour is on and we are looking forward to it. Clearly if we feel the need to discuss matters with our Indian counterparts we will do that but at the moment there have been no discussions and the tour is definitely on."

Meanwhile Zimbabwe team's tour of the United Arab Emirates for the Sharjah triangular series against Pakistan and Sri Lanka is also still on.

Zimbabwe Cricket Union managing director Dave Ellman-Brown said that they have not heard anything from the tournament organizers concerning security fears.

"Whatever decision we are going to make will be guided by the tournament organizers. At the moment we have not received any correspondence from the tournament organizers," he said.

"We will be looking at the situation daily before we decide anything. So at the moment the tour is still on."

"We will only cancel the tour when there is evidence that the safety of our players will be at risk as a result of the US-led military action In Afghanistan." The tournament is scheduled for the end of this month.