Gujarat Lions v Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2016, Qualifier 2, Delhi May 27, 2016

Praveen Kumar is not amused

Plays of the day from the second Qualifier between Gujarat Lions and Sunrisers Hyderabad

Ravindra Jadeja faced only 15 balls, and didn't get to bowl, but left an indelible impression with a baseball-style sprint between the wickets © BCCI

Cutting's leap, parts 1 and 2

In the ninth over of the Gujarat Lions innings, Dinesh Karthik skipped down the pitch to Bipul Sharma and whipped him over the leg side. He hit it well, but within range of Ben Cutting, running to his left from deep midwicket. Cutting, however, slightly overran the ball, and the ball ended up brushing the outside of his right hand, as he leaped to catch it over his head, and landed beyond the boundary cushions.

Cutting was called into action, at the same station, in the 15th over, when Aaron Finch heaved Barinder Sran towards deep midwicket. This time the ball was carrying far enough for Cutting to have to leap over the rope in order to somehow put it back in play. He managed this with a dazzling piece of athleticism, catching the ball and flicking it back in one motion, while suspended mid-air.

Jadeja's baseball-style run

It was the final over and Lions were looking to scramble any extra run they could manage. When Dhawal Kulkarni drove a low full-toss from Bhuvneshwar Kumar hard down the ground, not far from long-on, he called Ravindra Jadeja back for what looked like a suicidal second. Jadeja was nowhere near the crease when the throw reached the bowler, but it had dragged him several yards wide of the stumps. Jadeja lost hold of his bat as he ran past the crease, and then, spotting the opportunity for a third, turned, called Kulkarni for a third run, and sprinted to the striker's end with his bat still lying at the other.

Bravo nutmegs Warner

David Warner was batting on 75 off 45 balls at the start of the 16th over of the Sunrisers Hyderabad innings, so you could say he had his eye in. But Dwayne Bravo's dipping slower ball can deceive even someone batting on 200, especially if it's dropping late, into the blockhole. Shaping to whip through the leg side, Warner was through his shot early, the force of it taking his feet off the ground. The ball only arrived when he landed, pitching and then deviating like an offbreak to sneak between Warner's legs.

PK is not amused

Praveen Kumar has got into trouble with his temper on a few occasions, and has spoken of how he now tries to avoid those episodes of "do minute ka gussa [two minutes of anger]". In the 17th over of the Sunrisers innings, he was just beginning to lose his calm; Bipul Sharma had hit him for a straight six, and had then failed to pick a slower ball, sending a leading edge looping agonisingly over his head and beyond his reach. With Warner now on strike, Praveen steamed in from around the wicket and delivered the perfect yorker, moving swiftly to his left to cut off a possible single. Then he spun around and shaped for a mock throw at the batsman's end.

It is unclear if Warner said something at this point, or if Praveen simply took exception to his facial expression, or if he was blowing off steam for what had occurred earlier in the over. He advanced towards Warner, eyes widening, repeating, at regular intervals, just one word. "What?" he asked Warner. A couple more steps up the pitch. "What?" Just as the distance between bowler and batsman was about to dwindle to nothingness, Dinesh Karthik stepped in, sprinting from his wicketkeeper's post to put himself between them and lead Praveen away with a calming hand on his shoulder.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo