Kolkata Knight Riders v Royal Challengers Bangalore, IPL 2017, Kolkata April 23, 2017

Kohli slams RCB's 'reckless batting'

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Agarkar: Disgraceful batting performance from RCB

Virat Kohli has been part of many historic feats, but all those have given him a lot of joy. The latest one, registered on Sunday evening, was one he said he wants to forget quickly. Four years to the day after registering the highest total in IPL history, Royal Challengers Bangalore embarrassed themselves by hitting the opposite end of the spectrum as they posted an IPL record low total, 49 all out against Kolkata Knight Riders.

"Our worst batting performance," Kohli said summing up the defeat. "It really hurts. After the kind of half that we had, we thought we could capitalise and chase it down. Reckless batting, I can't say anything at the moment. It was that bad. This is just not acceptable."

Nobody reached double-figures and there were three ducks recorded in the Royal Challengers' batting. One of them was Kohli, the first wicket to fall when he edged to second slip just three balls into the chase. Kohli was visibly disgruntled walking back as he gestured to show he had been distracted by some movement above the sight screen. "The sightscreen is very small here. One guy got up as the bowler was loading up, that distracted me. Still it wasn't a big deal. That was just one down. Nine guys could have done the job."

When asked if he would dwell on the nature of the defeat, Kohli said that the best thing for Royal Challengers is to focus on the next match rather than spend any significant time analysing how his side lost.

"There's nothing to review anything about the second half, it was that bad," Kohli said. "We need to forget it and move forward. We're a much better team. We got 200 plus in the last game. I'm sure everyone realizes what they've done wrong. You have to come out, show intent and back yourselves. I'm sure we won't bat like that again in the tournament."

This was Royal Challengers' fifth defeat as last year's runner-up slipped to the bottom of the points table with half their games complete. After losing to Rising Pune Supergiant at home on April 16, their third straight defeat, Kohli had said the franchise could not be expected to repeat last season's feat of winning their last four league matches to make the playoffs. However, they may require another hot run to end the season to have any chance of reaching the knockout stage based on the history of previous standings at the end of the league stage.

No team has reached the IPL playoffs with fewer than seven wins, though the fourth playoff spot in each of the past two seasons went to teams finishing on 16 points. With just four points from two victories, Kohli's team realistically needs to win at least five if not six of their remaining seven matches to make the playoffs this season but they haven't given up hope yet.

"We're going back home for a couple of games," Kohli said. "We've got back-to-back games, need to try and win those to get some momentum."

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  • candybedrocks on April 28, 2017, 12:10 GMT

    RCB continues to fail where they were most impressive last season. WHAT IS GOING WRONG FOR RCB? what is the reason for the slump? Super kohli isn't super this season, but its not what was expected but it happens, still its a team not kohli team and the rest of the team continues to fail if he doesn't perform, whether its batting, taking super catches and he has dropped a few in recent matches as well as bowling. Gayle and AB produce a good game a piece but they have also failed marginally even more. but for RCB the most DISAPPOINTING factor for the team is the BOWLERS. there is simply no strength in it, no depth what so ever and unless the team or KOHLI starts making the tough decisions, selecting a team based on the other opponents team they are facing when the time comes. its not to late for RCB to turn their form around, but its going to need a huge effort from those big guys that can grind out that win even if the odds are not in your favor. TBC

  • Sheela on April 26, 2017, 13:36 GMT

    The pathetic performance was started by Kohli chasing a first ball which was almost a wide. So such comments should stop.

  • Cricinfouser on April 26, 2017, 7:06 GMT

    ICEGREEN89 ON APRIL 25, 2017, 7:29 GMT

    If in an India match the openers got out cheaply and then Virat came and got out in the manner he got out first ball against quality KKR pacer, I would consider it reckless.

    The way he got out was reckless and the way he behaved after he got out, trying to blame the sightscreen was silly and childish.

    Reminds me of the useless temper tantrum Rohit gave after the umpire correctly judged the ball 'not-wide'.

  •   David Schier on April 25, 2017, 23:42 GMT

    There is always an I in a Kohli team as well as a ready made excuse when he fails

  • icegreen89 on April 25, 2017, 7:29 GMT

    For the people criticising Virat here I have a question: If in an India match the openers got out cheaply would you expect Virat who comes in at 4 to steady the ship or hit out? If he got out with very few runs while hitting out, would you consider it brave or reckless?

  • Cricinfouser on April 25, 2017, 4:30 GMT

    RCB is the most vulnerable team with lowest team morale atm after the utter humiliation faced against KKR.

    SRH is lucky to be up against RCB when they are in such a mentally shattered state.

    SRH should easily win and then Warner can thank KKR in the presentation ceremony!!

  • FrostD on April 24, 2017, 19:20 GMT

    @CRICFAN37269878: I'm not sure what cup are you talking about? If it is the IPL trophy, are you talking about next year?

  • anshu.s on April 24, 2017, 16:01 GMT

    @PITCH_CURATOR : Sarfaraz Khan has lost 8 to 10 kilos of weight and is looking noticeably leaner infact as fit as Kohli but look at the irony all this extra fitness work did not prevent Sarfaraz Khan from banging his knee against the boundary hoardings in a practice match for RCB thus ruling him out of the IPL .

  • entryholedia on April 24, 2017, 14:57 GMT

    Kohli says reckless batting but fact is all the "talented "batsmen of the new gen india

  • cooljack_143 on April 24, 2017, 14:52 GMT

    I suggest VK to drop down from T20 captaincy . He's good but there's no luck on his side in the shortest format. Let Rohit or Raina captain the side.VK is great for tests & may be ODIs .End of road for RCB .it had inform players coming into tournament last year , but this year superstars are carrying niggles or coming out from injuries . Will take some time to get going . However they can use this as platform for CT to atleast perform for their resp countries.

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