Chairman of selectors reacts to 'out of context' report October 12, 2007

'Evil plans to discredit me' - Joubert Strydom

Cricinfo staff

Joubert Strydom, chairperson of South Africa's national selection panel, believes that someone in Cricket South Africa (CSA) is trying to discredit him after it was alleged that Strydom said that only 55% of the 14 players in the ODI squad against Pakistan were selected on merit.

"This is the third time in two months that blatant lies have been spread to put me in a bad light," Strydom told "I will do anything possible to bring that person to book. A confidential conversation between the chairman and me has been drawn out of context and conveyed to a journalist who reported the false story."

A newspaper reported that the South African players were angry over Strydom's alleged comments. Strydom said he had told Norman Arendse, the CSA president, that 57% of the players on the three A-team tours were black.

"I made it clear that the black players were distinguishing themselves and that it ensured a bright future," said Strydom. "The facts were pulled completely out of context. I see it as a serious attack on my character. I am convinced there are people behind this who are making evil plans to discredit me. It has happened too often lately to be a coincidence."