Take sides on the hot topics of the day


The drought in the state is at emergency levels, and everything that can be done to alleviate the problem should be done


Shifting the matches won't change the situation much since water consumption due to IPL matches is a tiny fraction of overall use


It was only lunch on the second day, Voges was scoring at a rapid rate, and a Test triple-century is not something that comes along often


Australia felt they had already scored enough, which is a valid reason to declare. Also, cricket is a game in which team goals outweigh personal milestones

Yes He was out of the crease, and the throw from Mitchell Starc would've mostly hit the stumps had his glove not stopped it

No It's evident that he was trying to evade Mitchell Starc's throw, and he stuck out his left glove as a reflex action

Yes When play was possible, ninth-ranked Bangladesh put up a solid performance against world No. 1 South Africa

No Six days out of a possible 10 were washed out. That is too little cricket to judge the two teams

Yes Teams often didn't opt for it before the 36th over, as a result of which it became an extension to the slog overs. It became meaningless after the earlier rule change allowed only four fielders on the boundary in non-Powerplay overs, and made the game very much in favour of batsmen.

No It added a strategic element for a team's think-tank to ponder on, and it often changed the momentum in an innings. And with the new changes allowing five fielders instead of four in the final ten overs, a Powerplay available to the batting team with three fielders out before the final ten would be interesting.

Yes It was great to see England play such vibrant one-day cricket. Besides, several matches were thrillers, topped off by a back-from-the-dead chase in the decider

No Cricket, even limited-overs cricket, should be a battle between bat and ball. The bat was far too dominant in this series

Yes It gives the fans a chance to say goodbye to the stars they have cheered for years.

No The best XI should always be picked. This is international cricket.

Yes It is inappropriate to make a negative public comment on an umpire's decision, as it sets a bad example and is a clear breach of the Code of Conduct.

No The Smith lbw decision was clearly a howler in an important game. Players should be allowed to express their displeasure.

Yes It is too skewed towards the IPL teams, and there are enough domestic T20 tournaments anyway.

No It provides low-profile players a chance to shine on the big stage, and a financial boost for domestic sides outside the IPL.

Yes Maxwell had a terrific World Cup, and is one of the most explosive batsmen around. He's a match-winner, and a crowd puller

No Marsh has been one of the most consistent performers across eight seasons of the IPL. He deserves a long run in the XI

Yes There was nothing malicious in it, nor was there any foul language. These are the sort of moments fans remember

No He had already got the big wicket. There was no need for any antics

Yes Goading a player or clapping provocatively in his face after almost every delivery is not acceptable

No This was one of the most memorable passages of the World Cup. As Wahab said, "it was just a part of the game and when the game is finished you are friends outside."

Yes There has been a good mix of upsets, wow moments, individual brilliance and emotion

No The number of one-sided games was too high

Yes On-field spats are becoming too common, and player behaviour needs to be reined in. Kids shouldn't be led into thinking ugly incidents are normal

No The umpires in the middle are there to control the situation. Also, some aggression between the two teams adds to the drama

Yes He is vastly experienced and has delivered consistently in the past

No Fitness comes first, and Pakistan have in-form substitutes

Yes Just because the Australians tend to play the game this way, it doesn't mean everyone has to accept it.

No He sounds immature as several times he has also indulged in verbals on the field.


He has been out of form for too long, and was keeping out a better ODI batsman


The World Cup is only eight weeks away. Too close to make such a major change.


It brings out the intensity of the game. Sport without the emotion is robotic and will detract from its value, and also offer a poorer viewing experience.


These players are supposed to be role models, and this is supposed to be the gentleman's game.


At the World Cup, experience counts for a lot. These guys have delivered when it matters


Even in their absence, India has been doing well in ODIs in recent years


It is fairer than the lottery of a Super Over, and more satisfactory than falling back on net run-rates .


It will be anti-climactic to have two world champions for four years, at the end of a tournament which is held to identify a world champion.




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