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The Kolkata sports fan: a portrait

Knowledgeable, emotional, innately curious and always ready with a quip - no other city makes them quite like this

Classical Kolkata

As befits a city of thinkers and artists, the finest Test played there was a long, slow, examination of skill and character

In the shadow of Eden

For a sense of the place the park holds in Kolkata's imagination, take a walk in and around it on a non-match day


Party hearty

And other things you mustn't miss in Kolkata. As recommended by Deep Dasgupta

Cricket in the city of football

The beautiful game may be No. 1 here but the passion for cricket remains fierce, sometimes with unpleasant side-effects

Going native

From kachcha limbu to scooter, street cricket in India has evolved its own hyperlocal lexicon

Planet sports

The life and times of the Maidan Market - a Kolkata sport-goods bazaar like no other

On every street

The many faces of sport in India, through the eyes of its most keen street photographers

Days in Eden

In Kolkata everyone's a cricket watcher, and what better place to watch it than at the stadium that has come to be an emblem of the city?

An onslaught on the senses

Take a boat ride, walk between dusty, old books, or hop on a tram to find the true Kolkata

The uncommon green

In the heart of Kolkata, the Maidan is a great level playing field