Chandigarh, as umpteen visitors to the City Beautiful have said, is the most un-Indian city in the subcontinent. The country's first "planned" city - it was designed by master urbanist-architect Le Corbusier in the first flush of post-Independence idealism in the 1950s - it is spacious, green, geometric. And paradoxically, it continues to fuel debates on organic cities versus planned ones. While that discussion rages, travellers could well be excused... MORE | City cricket profile

  • The Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore

    The Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore © Getty Images

    A street-food seller cuts onions on his cart at the Sector-22 market

    A street-food seller cuts onions on his cart at the Sector-22 market © Getty Images

    A tourist walks along a bridge in the Rock Garden

    A tourist walks along a bridge in the Rock Garden © AFP


    Swagath (Tel 91-172-3045678) is a chain restaurant serving Mughlai and South Indian dishes.

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    Try Noor at Hotel Pankaj (Tel 91-172-2709891) for a reliable multi-cuisine spread.

    Sagar Ratna

    Sagar Ratna (Tel 91-172-2707710), part of the Swagath family, offers great South Indian dishes at bargain prices in a clean environment.


    Copper Chimney

    Try Copper Chimney (Tel 91-172-5087373) for great Indian food.


    Hotel Pankaj

    Hotel Pankaj (from Rs 1090) is centrally located and offers decent accommodation.

    Carrying items into the stadium

    Due to security concerns, spectators in India are allowed to take practically nothing into the stadium. Even water bottles are discouraged. So are cameras. A friend was once told in Mohali that he couldn't carry a pen inside! So be prepared.



    Hotel Mountview (from Rs Rs 8300), run by the Chandigarh Administration, has elegant rooms and pleasant views, as well as what they claim is the best bar in the region.

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    Parkview (from Rs 1900), run by the Chandigarh Administration, has a few rooms in this category.

    Hotel White Palace

    Hotel White Palace (from Rs 1700) promises all the basic facilities and is not too far away from the stadium.



    The other government-run hotel, Shivalikview (from Rs 5500), promises good facilities and a location in the heart of the city.


    Hometel (from Rs 3500) is a new hotel with good rooms and excellent dining options, about 8km from the stadium.


    Taj Chandigarh

    The best hotel here is undoubtedly the Taj Chandigarh (from Rs Rs 8400), and highly recommended despite being some distance away from the stadium.


    Wild West Pub

    While they could certainly do with more women customers, Wild West Pub (Tel 91-9815159686) at Khyber restaurant in Sector 35 has enough character to guarantee a good time.

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    Chandigarh's oldest dance club, Aerizzona (Tel 91-172-2740622), is still going strong in Sector 17.

    Wild West Pub

    While they could certainly do with more women customers, Wild West Pub (Tel 91-9815159686) at Khyber restaurant in Sector 35 has enough character to guarantee a good time.



    Zinc (Tel 91-9914449022), with its subdued lighting and retro/lounge/trance music, is a great place to put your feet up.



    Among dhabas, you won't go wrong with Pal Dhaba or Sher-e-Punjab dhaba (Tel 91-172-2660222).

    Orchid Lounge

    The Orchid Lounge (Tel 91-172-2624990) has live entertainment in a superb atmosphere.


    Ghazal (Tel 91-172-2704448), in the shopping and entertainment hub of Sector 17, is a long-standing favourite for its dal makhni.


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    MustDo Chandigarh

    Caf� Mondegar

    Mondegar's nightly traveller-based crowd is as 'colourful' as the wall caricatures by a famous Goan artist, but that could be our beer-goggle glasses talking. Expect to shout your draught beer (around Rs85) orders over the popular, non-stop CD jukebox.

    Drive around

    Local men drive tractor along a road, Chandigarh, March 23, 2010 The first thing I would recommend to everyone is to get a feel of the city. Drive around. The roads are wide and the traffic is mostly not crazy. It gives me a sense of being at home again. You can rent anything: a bicycle, a scooter, a motorcycle or ...More details

    Eat chaat

    Take in Tank

    Visit the Rock Garden

    Get away to the hills

    Getting around

    Chandigarh is a fairly prosperous city, where every resident family has at least a couple of vehicles, so public transport isn't a strong point here. Cabs are your best bet for getting around. Call EasyCabs (Tel 91-172-43434343), preferably an hour ...


    Mostly Cloudy 32 °C | Mostly Cloudy

    Just like the rest of the country, in Chandigarh too temperatures are at a high during the summer months of April and May. During the day it's between 32 and 37°C, while evenings range between 28 and 30°C. Cottons are the way to go during this season in India's north.

    Tips for Travellers
    Langar is the food served in a gurudwara. It is free of cost and very tasty. You must try it, and maybe even offer to serve food to others, as ...
    Submitted by Aarohi Bhatt
    Winter is in its tail-end during February and March but sometimes it can last longer, or unleash a cold wave before bowing out. So carry a warm jacket, a cap ...
    Submitted by Rinkiee
    Since public transport isn't up to the mark in Chandigarh, try to rent a car for your stay. Driving is enjoyable and you'll find it easy to get back to ...
    Submitted by Akash Sethi

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