Let us take a whirlwind tour of the city, stare at that iconic Charminar, peek into the houses of the Nizams, stroll through those heavenly food streets in the old city, try on a pathani suit in Sultan Bazaar, paddle in the Hussain Sagar Lake and look deep into its water. For somewhere, we must find the Grand Hyderabadi Secret... MORE | City cricket profile

  • Via Milano

    For good Italian food, go to Via Milano (Italian) in Jubilee Hills.

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    Pragati Gully

    For breakfast, head to Pragati Gully in the alleys of Sultan Bazaar (Koti area).

    Madina Hotel

    For a perfect Nizam-style biryani lunch, try Madina Hotel (in Patterghatti).


    Have the biryani at Bawarchi (near RTC crossroads)



    Designed like a dhaba Angeethi (Banjara Hills), also has a paan (betel leaf with spices) shop, a well, and a "quack" selling herbal remedies for "marital problems". Give the medicines a pass and try the Indian food instead.

    Ohri’s Serengeti

    The interiors of Ohri's Serengeti (Banjara Hills) have been designed to resemble a jungle but the food is not African. They serve Peshawari and Lucknowi cuisine, and have a good wine list as well.


    Malgudi (Begumpet) serves food from the four south Indian states, including some dishes that can't be found in any other restaurant.


    Khaan Saab

    Khaan Saab serves excellent Indian non-vegetarian food. Try their tundey kebabs and burani paratha.


    Peperoncino is an Italian restaurant with an open terrace and spacious inner seating.

    Zafraan Exotica

    Zafraan Exotica, serving Indian food, has great ambience, with woodwork, an artificial waterfall with pebbles, and candle-lit tables.

    Urban Asia

    Try Urban Asia (serving Thai and Chinese cuisines) in Jubilee Hills.

    Via Milano

    For good Italian food, go to Via Milano (Italian) in Jubilee Hills.


    So, in Jubilee Hills, is a pretty restaurant with open rooftop terrace seating - perfect for a romantic dinner.


    Katriya Hotels and Towers Hotel

    Katriya Hotel and Towers (Rs 2300, 15km) is a value-for-money hotel.

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    Justa The Residence Hotel

    The Justa The Residence Hotel (Rs 2600 approx, 15km from the stadium) is located close to the Hussain Sagar Lake. Its rooftop restaurant offers an expansive view of the water.

    Ohris Banjara Hotel

    The Ohris Banjara Hotel (Rs 3350, 15km) is in the centre of the city, has clean rooms, good service, and highly recommended food.

    Katriya Hotels and Towers Hotel

    Katriya Hotel and Towers (Rs 2300, 15km) is a value-for-money hotel.

    Re:gen:ta One Hyderabad Hotel

    Re:gen:ta One Hyderabad Hotel (Rs 4200, 29km) is far from the stadium but has spacious rooms and a nice bar called Salsa.


    Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel

    The Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel (Rs 6050, 10km), as the name suggests, is fairly close to the airport, so if you want to stay far from the madding crowd, this is probably the best option.

    Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

    The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace Hotel (Rs 8400, 25km) is a fabulous hotel in the business district, has spacious walkways, manicured lawns, a well-equipped gym and spa, and one of the best pool bars in the city.

    Leonia Holistic Destination Hotel

    The Leonia Holistic Destination Hotel (Rs 6000, 14.5km), situated very close to the Hussain Sagar Lake, has pools, playing courts, auditoriums, and is almost like a city in itself.


    Taj Faluknama Palace

    There is no better hotel in Hyderabad than the Taj Faluknama Palace (Rs 21,000, 15km from the stadium). If you want to experience how Mughal royalty lived, this is a good place to start.

    Park Hyatt

    The Park Hyatt (Rs 10,500, 17km) has lavish buffets and a good selection of wine.

    ITC Kakatiya

    The ITC Kakatiya (Rs 9500, 14.5km) is centrally located, and is a great property with a spa. Their biryanis and kebabs have been voted among the best in the country.



    If you are a house music lover, head for Banjara Hills' Rain on the seventh floor of Shangri La Towers.

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    Sparks, Torque, H20, Fashion and Hydrate

    There are a number of bars and pubs in Hyderabad that won't burn a hole in your pocket. The better ones among these are Sparks and Torque in Begumpet, H20 in Amrutha Castle Hotel, Fashion - a hip lounge bar in Banjara Hills, and Hydrate - a chic bar in Hampshire Plaza.


    Xtreme Sports Bar

    Xtreme Sports Bar is the undoubtedly the best of its kind in Hyderabad, with outlets in Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills. They have large screens to watch the match on, and on match days the bar is packed. Try the flavoured martinis, the Elvis Lamb, the Xtreme Chilli Corn Pepper and the Buffalo Wings while you are there. For beer lovers, a pint here costs only Rs 99.

    Mix Pub

    Mix Pub (Himayat Nagar) has neon lighting, discs suspended from the ceiling, and snazzy interiors - all giving it a futuristic spaceship look.

    Rush Sports Cafe and Bar

    Rush Sports Cafe and Bar (Hitech City) has a bowling alley, X Box consoles and pool tables, and good music.


    Bottles and Chimney

    Bottles and Chimney, in Begumpet, is one of the oldest pubs in the city and one of the most popular. What stands out here is the outstanding food and the huge space, especially at the bar.


    If you are a house music lover, head for Banjara Hills' Rain on the seventh floor of Shangri La Towers.


    Park Hotel's Kismet is arguably the most happening club in the city. Centrally located, it has a colourful entrance and foot-tapping music. The alcohol is moderately priced (Rs 185 for a pint of beer), so it is not surprising that the place is always bustling with people.


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    MustDo Hyderabad

    Caf� Mondegar

    Mondegar's nightly traveller-based crowd is as 'colourful' as the wall caricatures by a famous Goan artist, but that could be our beer-goggle glasses talking. Expect to shout your draught beer (around Rs85) orders over the popular, non-stop CD jukebox.

    Ramoji Film City

    The Telugu movie industry is probably the second largest in India, after Bollywood. This film city is located about 35km outside the city, on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway. It is a well-equipped mini city by itself, with a couple of five-star hotels and a shopping plaza. You could probably stay there ...More details

    Walk by Tank Bund

    Parade Grounds

    Andhra food

    Paradise restaurant

    Getting around

    It is easier to hit Dale Steyn for a six than find a Hyderabadi tuk-tuk driver who agrees to go by the meter. The usual fare is Rs 16 for the first 1.6 kilometres and Rs 8 for every successive ...


    Haze 29 °C | Haze

    Hyderabad is usually very hot for most parts of the year, except the winter months. The best time to visit is between October and March. In April and May temperatures can go up to 45°C during the day, so it's best to wear a cap or a floppy hat, dress in cottons and carry water while travelling around the city. Autos, buses, cabs all ply to and fro the stadium, so reaching the ground will not be a problem. However, keeping in mind the city's obsession with the game, leave for the stadium a few hours in advance as traffic jams are commonplace a couple of hours before the game begins.

    Tips for Travellers
    Take the airport bus to the city after you land. It's cheaper than hiring a taxi, and environment-friendly too.
    Submitted by Vani S
    Other than biryani, try the bagara baigan, a spicy aubergine curry, which is a Hyderabadi specialty
    Submitted by PS Ramanathan
    Hyderabad is famous for its pearl jewellery, but if you're going to shop for them, it's best to go with a local who knows the reliable shops.
    Submitted by Vani S

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