Come IPL time, several of India's major cities get a concentrated dose of cricket, glamour and entertainment. From Kolkata to Jaipur, while the game remains the same, the backdrop changes like a kaleidoscope. Outside of cricket, palaces, forts, street food, beaches, Bollywood, bad traffic, hill stations and cricket maidans wait to be explored
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  • Swagath

    Swagath (Tel 91-172-3045678) is a chain restaurant serving Mughlai and South Indian dishes.

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    Try Noor at Hotel Pankaj (Tel 91-172-2709891) for a reliable multi-cuisine spread.

    Sagar Ratna

    Sagar Ratna (Tel 91-172-2707710), part of the Swagath family, offers great South Indian dishes at bargain prices in a clean environment.


    Copper Chimney

    Try Copper Chimney (Tel 91-172-5087373) for great Indian food.


    Hotel Pankaj

    Hotel Pankaj (from Rs 1090) is centrally located and offers decent accommodation.

    Carrying items into the stadium

    Due to security concerns, spectators in India are allowed to take practically nothing into the stadium. Even water bottles are discouraged. So are cameras. A friend was once told in Mohali that he couldn't carry a pen inside! So be prepared.



    Parkview (from Rs 1900), run by the Chandigarh Administration, has a few rooms in this category.

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    Parkview (from Rs 1900), run by the Chandigarh Administration, has a few rooms in this category.

    Hotel White Palace

    Hotel White Palace (from Rs 1700) promises all the basic facilities and is not too far away from the stadium.



    The other government-run hotel, Shivalikview (from Rs 5500), promises good facilities and a location in the heart of the city.


    Hometel (from Rs 3500) is a new hotel with good rooms and excellent dining options, about 8km from the stadium.


    Taj Chandigarh

    The best hotel here is undoubtedly the Taj Chandigarh (from Rs Rs 8400), and highly recommended despite being some distance away from the stadium.


    S Lounge

    The S Lounge (Tel 91-172-5000444) has a great collection of single malts and a cosmopolitan look.

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    Chandigarh's oldest dance club, Aerizzona (Tel 91-172-2740622), is still going strong in Sector 17.

    Wild West Pub

    While they could certainly do with more women customers, Wild West Pub (Tel 91-9815159686) at Khyber restaurant in Sector 35 has enough character to guarantee a good time.



    Zinc (Tel 91-9914449022), with its subdued lighting and retro/lounge/trance music, is a great place to put your feet up.



    Among dhabas, you won't go wrong with Pal Dhaba or Sher-e-Punjab dhaba (Tel 91-172-2660222).

    Orchid Lounge

    The Orchid Lounge (Tel 91-172-2624990) has live entertainment in a superb atmosphere.


    Ghazal (Tel 91-172-2704448), in the shopping and entertainment hub of Sector 17, is a long-standing favourite for its dal makhni.


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    MustDo Hyderabad

    Café Mondegar

    Mondegar's nightly traveller-based crowd is as 'colourful' as the wall caricatures by a famous Goan artist, but that could be our beer-goggle glasses talking. Expect to shout your draught beer (around Rs85) orders over the popular, non-stop CD jukebox.

    Ramoji Film City

    The Telugu movie industry is probably the second largest in India, after Bollywood. This film city is located about 35km outside the city, on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway. It is a well-equipped mini city by itself, with a couple of five-star hotels and a shopping plaza. You could probably stay there ...More details

    Walk by Tank Bund

    Parade Grounds

    Andhra food

    Paradise restaurant

    Getting around Hyderabad

    It is easier to hit Dale Steyn for a six than find a Hyderabadi tuk-tuk driver who agrees to go by the meter. The usual fare is Rs 16 for the first 1.6 kilometres and Rs 8 for every successive ...

    Weather in Hyderabad

    Haze 23 °C | Haze

    Hyderabad is usually very hot for most parts of the year, except the winter months. The best time to visit is between October and March. In April and May temperatures can go up to 45°C during the day, so it's best to wear a cap or a floppy hat, dress in cottons and carry water while travelling around the city. Autos, buses, cabs all ply to and fro the stadium, so reaching the ground will not be a problem. However, keeping in mind the city's obsession with the game, leave for the stadium a few hours in advance as traffic jams are commonplace a couple of hours before the game begins.

    Tips for Travellers
    Delhi - Reach the ground much earlier than you normally would in your country, i.e., if India is playing, it doesn't matter if you have a ticket - if you want a ...
    Submitted by Rahul Bhasin
    Delhi - Delhi is the city where the art of bargaining was formulated. And places like Palika Bazaar, near Connaught Place, are where bargaining is an art. Once you know your way ...
    Submitted by Hari Kumar
    Delhi - If the match starts at 9 am, try to reach the venue between 7 am to 7.30 am. Because of the security checking and the large number of spectators, you ...
    Submitted by Sameem Rafiqi

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