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Misty mountain stop

There's a Dharamsala for every kind of traveller

Tastes of Ranchi

Ishank Jaggi recommends things to do in Jharkhand's capital city

Pune's batman

Rohan Pate, a former club cricketer with a passion for the game, has put together an impressive collection of cricket memorabilia

The other side of Ranchi

Dhoni is only one of Jharkhand's capital's many jewels

The Bangalore brand

Bangalore seems to produce cricketers who are skilful, self-effacing, gentlemanly and confident


Dosa dare

Melinda Farrell takes on a challenge to turn out a perfect dosa in Bangalore

Pune's cricket heyday

Former Maharashtra batsman Shantanu Sugwekar talks about the successful teams of the '80s and '90s, and expresses his misgivings about developments since then

New-age ground, big ambitions

Pune hasn't hosted a lot of international cricket, but has finally entered Test cricket's map

The hills are alive

Covering cricket in picturesque Dharamsala is both business and leisure