Come IPL time, several of India's major cities get a concentrated dose of cricket, glamour and entertainment. From Kolkata to Jaipur, while the game remains the same, the backdrop changes like a kaleidoscope. Outside of cricket, palaces, forts, street food, beaches, Bollywood, bad traffic, hill stations and cricket maidans wait to be explored
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  • Pan-Asian

    Pan-Asian at the ITC Sonar has the city's best line-up of Asian dishes.

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    Arsalan is a tiny hole in the wall serving some of the best biryani in Kolkata.

    Eau Chew

    Eau Chew (Tel 91-33-22378260) is a New York Times-reviewed restaurant serving superb Chinese food out of a home.

    Bijoli Grill Food

    Bijoli Grill Food World is a true son of the soil, serving fresh, hot fast food.



    Mocambo, off Park Street (Tel 91-33-22172934) is a culinary throwback to the 1960s, with prawn cocktails and sizzlers on the menu.

    Oh! Calcutta

    Oh! Calcutta at Forum Mall has a choice of Anglo-Indian and Bengali food.


    Visit Kewpie's, at 2, Elgin Lane (Tel 91-33-24759880), for authentic home-style Bengali food.


    La Terrasse

    The Sunday brunch buffet at La Terrasse, the Oberoi Grand, is to die for.


    Pan-Asian at the ITC Sonar has the city's best line-up of Asian dishes.


    At standalone Zaranj, you can sample excellent north Indian cuisine.


    Best Inn

    Try Best Inn, a Bed&Breakfast on the Metro route.

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    34, Allenby Road

    Try the Bed&Breakfast 34, Allenby Road (; Tel 91-33-24861854/91-9830041781; Rs 2400), which offers air-conditioned rooms and breakfast.

    Best Inn

    Try Best Inn, a Bed&Breakfast on the Metro route.

    Sunflower Guest House

    The Sunflower Guest House (Rs 1000), which offers a convenient location and decent rooms.

    Hotel Rose Valley

    Try Hotel Rose Valley (from Rs 2800), which offers air-conditioned rooms and breakfast.

    Hotel Aston

    Hotel Aston is a good bet for business travellers (from Rs 1600).



    The three-star Astor (from Rs 6000) boasts one of the best kebab restaurants in town in Kebab-e-que.

    The Floatel

    The Floatel (Rs 4200) is a unique floating hotel on the Hooghly, stationed very close to Eden Gardens, with great discounts for internet bookings.

    Peerless Inn

    Peerless Inn (from Rs 6300) is also excellently located for the stadium.


    Oberoi Grand

    The centrally located Oberoi Grand (from Rs 9600), housed in a magnificent colonial structure.

    Park Hotel

    The Park Hotel (from Rs 7000) is a boutique five-star hotel on Park Street, the nightlife headquarters.

    ITC Sonar

    The teams will be housed in the ITC Sonar, rather far away, especially when you don't have a police escort clearing your way through traffic.

    Taj Bengal

    The Taj Bengal (from Rs 10,800) is a modern luxury hotel with all the trappings


    Roxy and Tantra

    Roxy and Tantra, both at the Park Hotel, are the city's glitziest party places.

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    Park Street bars

    Most of the many bars dotting Park Street will offer you a tipple and a snack at prices that will not pinch.



    Sheesha, located atop a shopping mall on Camac Street, is a bar, lounge and outdoor deck rolled into one.


    Roxy and Tantra

    Roxy and Tantra, both at the Park Hotel, are the city's glitziest party places.


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    MustDo Kolkata

    Café Mondegar

    Mondegar's nightly traveller-based crowd is as 'colourful' as the wall caricatures by a famous Goan artist, but that could be our beer-goggle glasses talking. Expect to shout your draught beer (around Rs85) orders over the popular, non-stop CD jukebox.

    Indulge in some street food

    An Indian man of ethnic Chinese descent sells momos at a roadside breakfast stall in Territi Bazaar, Kolkata, July 26, 2010 Calcutta is famous for its amazing food: tandoori, continental, Indian, all of it, but its speciality is the street food: Puchka, the Bengali version of Bombay's pani puri and Delhi's gol gappa, is a fried hollow cupcake filled with potato, grams, and spicy tamarind water. You can't miss it when ...More details

    Take a boat ride

    Visit Shantiniketan

    Visit the north-east

    Check out the night clubs

    Getting around Kolkata

    With multiple levels of bus services, trams, a Metro (India's first), yellow cabs, radio taxis, rickshaws and auto-rickshaws - Kolkata is well provided for public transport. But buses, trams and the Metro can get very crowded during rush hours and ...

    Weather in Kolkata

    Haze 31 °C | Haze

    April and May are the hottest months in Kolkata (average temperatures between 32-42° C). Wear cottons. It's a conservative but casual city: Shorts won't raise eyebrows but singlets will. No ties, but most restaurants will demand full trousers and t-shirts/shirts.

    Tips for Travellers
    Chennai - The underrated MRTS overhead trains are extremely useful, especially for getting to the Chepauk stadium. The station is right next to the stadium.
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