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Forest essential

Mumbai's concrete sprawl hides some remarkable - and invaluable - green spaces

Pune's batman

Rohan Pate, a former club cricketer with a passion for the game, has put together an impressive collection of cricket memorabilia

No second chances in Mumbai

Cricketers in the city have to negotiate insanely crowded trains and epic traffic on their way to practice or games. No wonder they're not the sort who give up easily

Going native

From kachcha limbu to scooter, street cricket in India has evolved its own hyperlocal lexicon

Days in Eden

In Kolkata everyone's a cricket watcher, and what better place to watch it than at the stadium that has come to be an emblem of the city?

Get out: Weekend trips from Bengaluru

When you tire of the city, step outside and climb some rocks, catch some waves or just get a coffee

The heat is on

Be it cricket, puchkas or mangoes, there are ways of defining and defying the Indian summer

Run to the hills

Take advantage of Chandigarh's location near of some of the most magnificent mountains of the world, and head out

VVS Laxman's Hyderabad

They called it old-fashioned, though today it is cosmopolitan. Either way, it's a charming city to live in

An onslaught on the senses

Take a boat ride, walk between dusty, old books, or hop on a tram to find the true Kolkata

India's pace-setting venue

Mohali has long provided the standard other Indian grounds have aspired to