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East-coast explorations

Weekend trips out of Brisbane will take you to surfing paradises and shipwrecks. And watch out for hippies

Off to market

The joys of Salamanca in Hobart, as narrated by Rishad Saam Mehta

Hallelujah Hamilton

Underground caves, surfing, skydiving, hot pools, beaches - you'll sure to find them all in and around this North Island city

Footing it to the MCG

The best way to understand cricket in Melbourne is to walk to and through its most storied cricket ground

Cricket in rugby country

Paul Ford: Unlike in the subcontinent, where cricket rules hearts and minds, in New Zealand everything starts and ends with rugby

How to do Australia like a pro

Know your slang, your dress code, and when in doubt, turn the conversation to sport and you'll be fine

Not just a spectator sport

Brisbane offers the fan boy a chance to get down and dirty in the field. By Michael Jeh

Mind games in Melbourne

Stadiums equate to their cities in the casual cricket watcher's imagination. Melbourne does too, but repeat visits amplify its charms

Chasing the sun

Brisbane is a city that makes room for all comers, offers plenty of bright light, and a variety of paths to jog down - if that's your thing. By Firdose Moonda

The wind beneath Kiwi wings

Andrew McGlashan finds out that Wellington can blow you away in more ways than one

On a whale trail

In Kaikoura, the crayfish capital of the world, there are bigger fish to spy offshore

A cricket fan's New Zealand survival guide

Paul Ford has a cheat sheet to help you understand the idiosyncrasies of the NZ sports fan in his natural environment