Come IPL time, several of India's major cities get a concentrated dose of cricket, glamour and entertainment. From Kolkata to Jaipur, while the game remains the same, the backdrop changes like a kaleidoscope. Outside of cricket, palaces, forts, street food, beaches, Bollywood, bad traffic, hill stations and cricket maidans wait to be explored
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  • Lodhi

    If you're in the mood for some Spanish, you won't go wrong with Lodhi at Aman Resorts.

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    Nirula's is a Delhi institution, the first place to offer fast food in the city. Their hot-chocolate fudge is recommended for anyone with a sweet tooth.


    Wenger's is great for lunches and desserts on the go: their shammi kebabs are a must-have.

    Saravana Bhavan

    Saravana Bhavan offers excellent South Indian staples and thalis.


    United Coffee House

    If in Connaught Place, United Coffee House is recommended for basic Indian fare in a retro environment.

    Khan Market cafes and restaurants

    Be prepared to be spoilt for choice at Khan Market, an upmarket assemblage of boutique restaurants and shops. Try Amici, Latitude, Mamagoto, Blanco, Market Café, Big Chill.



    If you're in the mood for some Spanish, you won't go wrong with Lodhi at Aman Resorts.


    Varq (at the Hotel Taj Mansingh) does excellent kebabs and breads, often with a nouvelle-cuisine twist.


    Bukhara at the Hotel Maurya is where presidents and popstars go to dine. Totally worth the hype, especially the restaurant's special kaali dal.


    The Park

    The Park (from Rs 9000) is excellently located, close to the city centre.

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    Paharganj hotels

    Backpacker haven Paharganj near the New Delhi railway station has some fairly decent accommodation: try Hotel Grand Godwin (Rs 2700) and Prince Polonia (Rs 1500).


    Ginger (from Rs 2700) is an excellent no-frills option close to the stadium.


    Jukaso Inn

    Some 8km straight down the road from the stadium, in Sunder Nagar, Jukaso Inn (Rs 4200) is highly recommended.

    27 Jorbagh

    In Jorbagh, in the heart of New Delhi, 27 Jorbagh (from Rs 5100) is a small, exclusive guest house.

    Hotel Broadway

    Hotel Broadway (from Rs 4000) is in a not-so-fashionable part of Delhi, but is very close to the stadium and offers excellent value for money.


    The Park

    The Park (from Rs 9000) is excellently located, close to the city centre.

    Le Meridien

    Le Meridien (from Rs 9400) is the hotel closest to the cricket ground. Located in the city centre, it has all the trappings of its category.

    The Oberoi

    The Oberoi (from Rs 11,100) is further away, but presses all the decadence buttons.


    Smoke House Grill

    Smoke House Grill has super food and a super party atmosphere.

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    Urban Pind in Greater Kailash I has a lounge with a sky roof, and a restaurant that serves Indian food.

    Turquoise Cottage

    One of the funkiest places in town is Turquoise Cottage, offering great music, good drinks and a young crowd.


    Smoke House Grill

    Smoke House Grill has super food and a super party atmosphere.


    Shalom, with two locations in South Delhi is a highly rated lounge bar plus Mediterranean restaurant.


    @Live, in Connaught Place, has live music every night, and a great vibe.



    Lure (Tel: 011-29523333) is tucked away in a southern corner of the city, but promises some of the best live music around.


    Agni has celeb DJs and a young, happening crowd.


    Lap at Hotel Samrat, a cross between a nightclub and a lounge bar, attracts the city's hippest.


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    MustDo Delhi

    Café Mondegar

    Mondegar's nightly traveller-based crowd is as 'colourful' as the wall caricatures by a famous Goan artist, but that could be our beer-goggle glasses talking. Expect to shout your draught beer (around Rs85) orders over the popular, non-stop CD jukebox.

    Visit the Akshardham temple

    The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is reflected in a pool of water during its inauguration ceremony, Delhi, November 6, 2005 I frequent temples way too often and it's only apt that one of India's best is on the top of my must-dos list. Built on the banks of the Yamuna, the Akshardham temple epitomises Hindu culture in all its grandeur and beauty. There's a brilliant light-and-sound presentation, a fascinating boat ...More details

    Shop at Dilli Haat

    Go to Chandni Chowk

    Have tea at the Cha Bar at Oxford Bookstore

    Shop at Khan Market

    Getting around Delhi

    There are plenty of public-transport options: buses, the Metro, auto-rickshaws and taxis. Scores of buses from all over the city ply by the Feroz Shah Kotla. Tell the conductor where you need to hop off, and he'll warn you as ...

    Weather in Delhi

    Fog 26 °C | Fog

    Summer hits Delhi towards end of March. In the first week of April temperatures can be around 30°C and rise to 40 by May temperatures. Cotton clothes are your best bet, and if you are travelling in the day, cover your head, apply sunscreen and carry a bottle of water with you. Delhi is increasingly liberal with attire, but if you plan to go street-shopping, steer clear of anything too revealing.

    Tips for Travellers
    Kolkata - Don't spend on expensive hotels, try lodging or paying-guest accommodations in Salt Lake, one of the cleanest and most peaceful areas of the city. It'll cost you about Rs 150 ...
    Submitted by Sumit Kumar
    Kolkata - The taxi fare is calculated as two times the amount on the meter, plus Rs 2.
    Submitted by Ronodeb Ray
    Kolkata - You can find cheap lodging on Sudder Street.
    Submitted by Ronodeb Ray

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