Come IPL time, several of India's major cities get a concentrated dose of cricket, glamour and entertainment. From Kolkata to Jaipur, while the game remains the same, the backdrop changes like a kaleidoscope. Outside of cricket, palaces, forts, street food, beaches, Bollywood, bad traffic, hill stations and cricket maidans wait to be explored
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  • Green Villa

    The popular Green Villa is Arabic-themed and serves Lebanese and Mughlai food.

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    Goodluck Cafe

    Goodluck Café is one of the oldest, most loved restaurants in Pune. It serves Iranian and Punjabi dishes but has become more famous for its tea and buttered bread (maska pav). Any time you visit, you'll see college students chattering away inside.

    Ande Ka Funda

    Eggetarians, go on a rampage at Ande Ka Funda, where they serve 26 different dishes featuring egg.

    Steamy Affair

    South Indian food lovers, try out Steamy Affair, which serves several different types of idlis.

    Top in Town, Wadeshwar and Vaishali

    Among the good budget restaurants in Pune are Top in Town, Wadeshwar and Vaishali.


    Janaseva Bhojanalay

    If you want traditional Maharashtrian vegetarian food, head to Janaseva Bhojanalay, famous for its thalis.


    Vohuman, an Iranian restaurant next to Jehangir hospital, serves yummy omelettes.

    Green Villa

    The popular Green Villa is Arabic-themed and serves Lebanese and Mughlai food.

    Delhi Kitchen

    This restaurant is a good bet for north Indian food.

    Satguru Punjabi Rasoi

    Satguru Punjabi Rasoi serves north Indian food.



    Flambos on Bund Garden Road serves Italian, Mexican and French cuisine, but what stands out is their Brazilian food. They also have a brewery that has arguably the best wheat beer in town.

    Seasonal Tastes

    Seasonal Tastes, at the Westin, has the most lavish buffet in town.


    If you want some good north Indian food, try Sigree, which has cozy outdoor seating and a great buffet

    Tim Luck Luck

    On entering Tim Luck Luck, you will feel like you're at a dhaba on a highway near Chandigarh. The food, like all good dhaba food, is rich, spicy, and served piping hot.



    Ginger (Rs 2900) is 15km from the stadium.

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    Noorya Hometel

    Noorya Hometel (Rs 2800), 13 km from the stadium, in Chinchwad, is a new hotel with smart interiors.


    Ginger (Rs 2900) is 15km from the stadium.

    Sadanand Regency, Hotel Parichay and Fortune Inn Jukaso

    Other good budget hotels in Pune are Sadanand Regency (Rs 2100), Hotel Parichay (Rs 2300) and the pretty Fortune Inn Jukaso (Rs 2900).


    Royal Orchid Golden Suites

    The Royal Orchid Golden Suites in Koregaon Park has a great swimming pool.

    Lemon Tree Hotel and Holiday Inn

    Closer to the stadium, in Hinjewadi, are Lemon Tree Hotel (Rs 3900), which has good buffet meals, and the Holiday Inn (Rs 4200), a business hotel.


    Ista (Rs 4500), on Nagar Road, is 30km from the stadium.


    Sun-N-Sand (Rs 4400) in Bund Garden Road is far from the stadium (about 30km) but its Kabab Hut restaurant is highly recommended.


    Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre

    Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre (Rs 6200), 12km from the stadium, is a classy hotel of international standard.

    Courtyard Pune

    Courtyard Pune (Rs 6000) is in the Hinjewadi district and is known for its excellent service and business facilities.

    Oakwood Premier, Westin Pune, and Taj Vivanta

    Oakwood Premier (Rs 8200), the Westin Pune (Rs 7600) and Taj Vivanta (Rs 6100), all in the posh Koregaon Park area, about 30km from the stadium.


    Kue Bar

    Kue Bar is a slick nightclub at the Westin Hotel, and hosts top DJs from the country and outside every week.

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    Toons - The Café Down Under

    Toons - The Café Down Under on MG Road is a good budget option for a night out.


    Shailaja on JM Road, serves north Indian, sea food, biryani, Chinese and desserts.

    Bamboo House

    Head to Bamboo House in Shivaji Nagar.

    April Rain

    You could also try April Rain in Aundh.


    1000 Oaks

    Try the "Barman's Pitcher" at 1000 Oaks.

    Penthouze Nightlife

    Enjoy the view of the city from Penthouze Nightlife, in the Onyx Tower.

    Radio Shack, Hard Rock Cafe and High Spirits

    In Koregaon Park try Radio Shack, Hard Rock Cafe and High Spirits.

    Malaka Spice

    If you want some Malaysian food, check out Malaka Spice.


    Kue Bar

    Kue Bar is a slick nightclub at the Westin Hotel, and hosts top DJs from the country and outside every week.

    Stone Water Grill

    Stone Water Grill, in Koregaon Park, serves European cuisine, has a very well-stocked bar with over 70 varieties of wines, and has a small dance floor.


    Mi-a-Mi, at the Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, is a popular club with good food, great ambience and a sizeable dance floor.


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    Getting around Chennai

    Public transport services are aplenty, with buses, autorickshaws, call taxis, suburban trains and the MRTS (Mass Rapid Transport System) plying till midnight. The suburban railway network is connected to 35 stations across the city, while the MRTS starts at the ...

    Weather in Chennai

    Mostly Cloudy 30 °C | Mostly Cloudy

    If one could find fault with Chennai, it has to be its weather. The summer months are probably the most oppressive as temperatures shoot up to the 40s. Humidity too is at an all-time high so drink lots of water. Chennai is a bit more conservative than Delhi and Mumbai, so for women, it is best to avoid wearing very revealing clothing.

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