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Cricket in the people's park

Cricket in Christchurch finds a new home in the Hagley Oval

Playing in the park

The pros make a match of it at the SCG, but all-round entertainment is available elsewhere in Sydney


A taste of Tassie

Art, oysters, wine and whales - you'll have a smashing time in Hobart, says Ed Cowan

Freewheeling on flat land

Cycling through the scenic countryside around Nelson is the best way to experience the New Zealand way of life

The western frontier

In the most dislocated city on the planet, The Whacker is the stuff of legend. By Andrew Miller

Here, there and everywhere

There's a whole world beyond Eden Park for the cricket fan in Auckland. By Paul Ford

In the footsteps of the master

Sharda Ugra on the Bradman Museum and the International Cricket Hall of Fame in Bowral

Runs inside, fun outside

The area outside Eden Park, Auckland, is heaven for those gearing up for - or recovering from - game day

Risen from the rubble

An all-new Christchurch provides opportunities for unique forays into the countryside

An Englishwoman in South Australia

Following the heart translates into migrating from London to Adelaide - and no regrets. By Jenny Thompson


Surfing mecca, and Olympic heroes

Beaches, world-famous movie sets, award-winning gardens - Scott Styris guarantees a visit to Hamilton will keep you busy and amazed

The G at the end of the line

Jarrod Kimber: Go to Melbourne and the MCG will suck you in. It's not part of Melbourne, it is Melbourne

Beer with me in wine country

Tucked away among the renowned Margaret River vineyards in Perth are some spectacular breweries


Quintessential Australia

Everything you've heard about the country-continent is true in Sydney

Tranquil at world's end

Andrew Miller on visiting Dunedin, a venue that is good for the game's soul

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    1st Match, Pool A




  • Feb
    2nd Match, Pool A