West Indies v Pakistan, 5th ODI, St Lucia July 25, 2013

'Few key decisions went against us' - Bravo

ESPNcricinfo staff

West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo and fast bowler Tino Best have said the outcome of the fifth ODI in St Lucia, and of the series, may have been different if some 'key' umpiring decisions had gone in favour of the hosts.

"The matches could have gone either way. Even today a few key decisions went against us," Dwayne Bravo said, after Pakistan beat the West Indies by four wickets in the final ODI. "We can't fault the effort of the players. The series could have gone our way if some key decisions had gone our way."

Best, too, shared a similar opinion in a post-match interview with WICB Media, where he said that the third umpire's decision in favour of Misbah-ul-Haq could have changed the game. In the 43rd over, West Indies appealed after Misbah appeared to have gloved a Best bouncer going down the leg side. Misbah was on 49 at the time and Pakistan would have needed 53 off 46 if he had been given out. West Indies referred the decision after the on-field umpire turned down the appeal, a decision backed by the third umpire who had to rely on video and sound replays. Earlier in the match, Darren Bravo was given out after a similar appeal.

"We had a plan for Misbah-ul-Haq. Unfortunately, the decision didn't go our way, otherwise it would have changed the game," Best said.

For Pakistan, the victory was their third successive bilateral series win against West Indies in the Caribbean. Misbah-ul-Haq, who scored his fourth fifty in five matches to set up the 3-1 triumph, praised his bowlers for responding to the challenge of bowling first under pressure.

"A win is always good, especially after the losses in [the] South Africa series and Champions Trophy," Misbah said. "I knew this pitch was really good to bat on, and if we kept batting till the end, nothing was impossible. The bowling has obviously been our strength. Everybody bowled really well, which was the key in this win. Always tough to bowl first, especially in pressure games like this, but everybody was really positive that we were going to chase well."

Bravo praised his team for their performance in a closely fought series, while admitting that he was still adapting to the role of a leader. "If you bowl well, 242 was going to be a challenging total," Bravo said. "I liked how we believed right until the end. Those key decisions at crucial times cost us. A learning process to me, a new role for me. With the talent we have, I enjoy leading the team. We can't turn things around overnight, but with the talent we have we can become a very dangerous team."

Best, who finished with figures of 3 for 48 was happy with the manner in which he dismissed the Pakistan batsmen. "With [Ahmed] Shehzad, I just tried to hit the deck. He plays the hook and pull shots well. But I backed myself. Bravo took a brilliant catch and that gave me a lot of confidence and impetus to run in even harder. Haris Sohail was always going to be beaten for pace, so that was a good nick as well and Umar Akmal at the end, I think I bowled one bad ball which he hit for six, which swung things their way, but I came back and got his wicket. I feel good about those wickets because they are very good players."

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  • Dummy4 on July 26, 2013, 10:00 GMT

    Lame excuse by bravo...There were so many leg side wides and overhead wides were not given...Poor umpiring to be honest...Did Pakistan complain about that?..One run was cut short..that made the difference but pakistan doesnt complain...Otherwise it would have been 4-1..

  • Carl on July 25, 2013, 21:31 GMT

    I'd rather have Tino taking 3-50 than Rampaul taking 1-40. PAAAAAACE MAN, PAAAAAACE!!! Forget these medium pacers, give Delorn Johnson, Miguel Cummins, Ronsford Beaton and such a go - we have to get some life back into our cricket - and our pitches!

  • Jack on July 25, 2013, 20:48 GMT

    For Dwayne Bravo and the hapless WI selectors and coach, here are 3 key lessons from the series: 1. Pace matters - without Best wickets WI would have lost in 45 overs; 2. Big shots don't win games - batting is about timing the ball. Misbah covr drive off Samuels and straight drive off Best were the most memorable shots of the game. Only Samuels on the WI team tries to time the ball. 3. Naming Bravo as captain was a tragic error which will continue as well as the non-rotation of players (too big to drop). Would you pick Bravo primarily as a bowler or batsman? The Pak commentator said captain. I repeat Fire the Selectors and the Coach now!!

  • anand on July 25, 2013, 20:13 GMT

    What a shame on the WI selectors and WI current captain, First of all WI selector and current need to be sack immediately if cricket is to be develop in the region. Bravo should not even make the final eleven. What did Sammy did wrong in order for him to not continue to be captain?????? The selectors need to realize that 20/20 and 50 overs are two totally DIFFERENT format of the game. Look at any successful one day team around the world and tell me what the have in common!!! u know what they have a specialist test batsman that can hold a side together. Chanderpaul is not being pick because of personal issues that the selector have against him and nothing else. I personally think that Guyana should not be apart of the Caribbean cricket because of their current behavior towards Guyanese players who are much better than some of the current WI players. If I was the head of cricket in Guyana then I would form a South America team and work with them to compete to the highest level.

  • yuvraj on July 25, 2013, 18:12 GMT

    WI should learn how to play proper cricket instead of complaining about Umpiring decision. Most of their matches are won by hit or miss slogging. Sometimes they score runs, sometimes they give their wickets away when using that technique. Had they played proper cricket, they would have easily scored 280 on that wicket.

  • Dennis on July 25, 2013, 17:07 GMT

    Continuing: A quality fast bowler shouldn't be leaking 4s and 6s in their opening spell. Best cleaned it up yesterday in his second, less expensive spell but the damage had already been done. Bravo needs to stop bowling at the death. Test Sammy as a death bowler or train him sommore to become a death bowler or bring in a second spinner that can bat like Deonarine. It was so annoying watching good starts get squandered away by wayward bowling because we were turning to people like Pollard to make up overs.

  • Dennis on July 25, 2013, 17:03 GMT

    All this bickering about decisions that went our way or pakistan's way is getting annoying. Who cares...the problems for West Indies is our batting AND bowling. Batting-wise, it's always a struggle for us to reach 100 runs without losing 3 or 4 wickets. Lack of consistency is also a huge issue as well as QUALITY batting..look how many failures from Pollard before he was dropped....and then we replace him with Devon Smith who is also doing nothing. Chris Gayle gets pushed down to 5 and he's making a few more runs but still not really contributing. Also our bowling, once our strike bowlers were switched off, there was no one to keep pressure alongside Sammy and Narine. Our senior fast bowlers NEED to be Rampaul (early wicket taker and most economical FAST bowler) OR Roach, backed up by Holder/Gabriel..no one else have been proven yet so i'm not adding any more names. Preferably I'd like to see Rampaul and Roach working in tandem. Best is fast but NOT ACCURATE...leaks too much runs

  • asad on July 25, 2013, 16:56 GMT

    I think WI need to make Dwayne leave captaincy ASAP. It doesn't take much for him to start blaming the conditions or umpire decisions for his loss. There were quite a few times WI batsmen were given not out or given out when they didn't deserve it and same goes for Pakistani batsmen. WI cant really say anymore that DL favours team batting second cuz SA batted second against SL and they lost cuz of a tough DL target. Overall umpiring in this series was horrible: wides not given, clear run outs or clear non-runouts always being reviewed by the umpire, outs not given, not-outs given out. But the thing is that these decisions were given to both teams and both suffered and gained from the decisions equally so there is no point of complaining. By saying something like this he ruined his great knock of 48 from 27. Definitely Dwayne doesn't fall in the list of good captains. By becoming captain he became over confident thinking he's a good death bowler. Sammy deserves captaincy back after this

  • Dummy4 on July 25, 2013, 16:50 GMT

    There was some decisions in an earlier game that didnt go for Pakistan (there was a caught behind of one of the openers in the 4th ODI when Irfan was bowling) either and there were some dodgy wide calls with the bouncers that Best was bowling. These things happen and for Bravo to use this as a crutch was trite and showed lack of leadership. As a Pakistani, I actually love the WI teams of the past and would like them to become a competitive team again. However, they need to evaluate themselves before pointing fingers....

  • A-Gunnie on July 25, 2013, 15:50 GMT

    If we had a batsman like Chanders to offset what Misbah did,we would have a way better chance to winning the series.Please don't forget D/L also played a part and needs to be tweak by ICC for the future.

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