West Indies domestic news October 24, 2012

Caribbean T20 undergoes format change

ESPNcricinfo staff

The format of the Caribbean T20 has been altered to increase the number of preliminary matches each team plays from four to six. As per the new format, the seven regional teams will play each other once and the team with most points at the end of the league stage will automatically qualify for the final. The other finalist will be decided after a playoff between the second and the third-placed teams. The winner of the tournament will also qualify for next year's Champions League T20. The tournament will kick off on January 6 with a match between Trinidad & Tobago, the current champions, and Jamaica at the Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain and the final will be played on January 20 in St. Lucia.

"This format will allow the regional teams to increase the number of matches in a form of the game that has become very popular around the world, and of which we are now world champions," Roland Holder, the WICB cricket operations manager, said.

Previously, the seven regional sides used to compete with three international teams in a ten-team tournament. The teams were divided into two groups, with each team playing four games before the knockouts.

The schedule of the one-day regional tournament was also changed. The one-day matches will be spread throughout the season to reduce the possibility of the tournament getting affected by the hurricane season and will be played alongside the first-class matches.

Next year's Regional Super50 is set to begin on February 7 with the Regional 4-Day competition set to follow a couple of days later. Last season's 50-over competition was held between October 19 and 29, but had three matches washed out and three others with overs reduced. The first-class competition ran from February to April without too much trouble from the weather.

"In the last two or three seasons, by virtue of us playing the Regional Super50 in October/November, we have had several matches rained out," Holder said. "We were in an unwelcome situation where a team made it into the semi-finals having played one match, which severely affected the competitiveness of the tournament."

Provisions have also been made to allow teams to change their squads between the four-day and 50-over competitions.

12:30pm, October 25: This story has been updated.

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  • Nazam on October 27, 2012, 21:36 GMT

    I do not agree with the WICBC of not inviting teams outside of the WI. As we know the WICB is responsible for promoting CRICKET in the AMERICAS (north, central and south), therefore I believe this will be an opportunity for WICB to promote the game by including Canada and USA in the tournament. It may be late to have teams from Central and South America but they should think of including in future. We need to promote T20. USA have very good facilities in Florida and Canada in Toronto. Come you directors and management of cricket in the Western Hemisphere - lets get the promotion going.

  • Derek on October 26, 2012, 16:59 GMT

    Do we need more poor of the benefit of the international exposure of the T20 game? The domestic T20 is dominated by TRINIDAD, most of our international Team and the most marketable international T20 players are from TRINIDAD.. this is because Trinidad has now been involved the the T20 CL since its inception. While the likes of Pollard, Narine, Bravo Senior go off to play for their IPL franchise, it gives them the opportunity to showcase other talent.

  • Douglas on October 26, 2012, 13:10 GMT

    Disappointed that international teams will no longer be invited. We seem happy to play with ourselves. No doubt, one of the major contributors to our Windies performance in the WC 20/20 was the fact that our senior players were exposed to more than local competition.

  • Rodney on October 26, 2012, 2:37 GMT

    4games 6games may b even12 who cud beat these 1 SIMMO 2 BARATH 3 DARREN BR 4 BIG BRO 5 POLLY 6 YES DARREN GANGA (CAPT)7 COOPER 8 RAMDIN 9 RAMPAUL 10 NARINE 11 BADREE cant wait nice change may b they cud allow probably 2 foreign players per team dont think we would need any doh

  • joel on October 25, 2012, 19:16 GMT

    Well done WICB in dropping the foreign teams. However they need to market the T20 competition globally. I believe that the goodwill generated by the WI team's win and the manner in which they played will both attract an international audience, especially as a lead up to those stars' inevitable appearances in leagues across the world. I mean think about it-----in the opening game you have Gayle, Samuels, Russell, etc against Narine, Badree, Bravo, Bravo Sr., Pollard etc.

  • Kerrie on October 25, 2012, 0:22 GMT

    Kudos to the WICB for at least trying to have the teams play more matches, but I am of the opinion that the 4-day, Super50 and CT20 should be played on a home and away basis, meaning that all the teams would have played 12 matches. The Super 50 should have been moved a long time ago, thus having a proper and more structured "Regional season". Our cricket competitions are far too short. As for outside teams participating in the tournaments, we have had England and India A squads, Netherlands (minus Cooper and ten Doeschate), Bangladesh, Kenya, Hampshire, Canada, Somerset and Sussex. Of all these teams, the only one to pose a threat was England A, Having reached what at the time was the Regional Busta International Shield semi finals in 2001. In the CT20, none of the visiting teams made it past the group stage. What we need to do down here is start to really look at cricket as a business and lift the standard from semi professional to professional.

  • Dummy4 on October 24, 2012, 23:46 GMT

    We keep going backwards . The addition of three outside teams gauges and helps improve our standard. Poor decision this new format

  • Derek on October 24, 2012, 21:12 GMT

    @Boxilla have you ever heard of revenue generation? If other players are involved its likely the countries which they are from will broadcast the competition more advertising revenue can be generated and more income to fund cricket DEVELOPMENT in the region!!! Get the big picture???

  • Dummy4 on October 24, 2012, 17:10 GMT

    Not bad for a start but I would think that inviting the USA, Canada and Bermuda to the six regional teams and the Combined universities giving a competition with ten teams would be a better proposition. While I don't think that either of the invited countries could win at least they will be further exposed and will gain some experience just as the Combined universities team is benefitting at present. Play two groups at two rounds so that each team gets in eight games and then the winner of each group play of for the championship game. Hopefully West Indies will get two places in the qualifiers for the Indian Champions League based on winning the World T20. The WICB also need to gert the ICC involved in players roles for their native countries aqgainst the club for which they ply their trade. If a player cannot represent his native land in the same competition as the club he's playing for then the club should pay to the country thed full amount of the players fees as buy out.

  • Dummy4 on October 24, 2012, 15:48 GMT

    I definitely think non-West Indian teams or players should be included in the tournament. Let's face it. Our level of cricket isn't of the highest level. Exposure to other teams and players would only auger well for our players.

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