West Indies v Zimbabwe, 1st ODI, Providence March 5, 2010

Gayle hauls up batting trio

Cricinfo staff

West Indies' two-run defeat to Zimbabwe in the one-day series opener, after the tourists won the one-off Twenty20, has left the captain Chris Gayle shaking his head at the dismissals of three key batsmen. West Indies, chasing 255, came up short by two runs after they lost Kieron Pollard and Dinesh Ramdin to loose shots and then Dwayne Smith in a double-wicket final over, and that left Gayle a frustrated leader.

"In the Australia series, I saw improvements in the likes of [Kieron] Pollard and Smith. To come here ... and the way they went about it, I must say I am very disappointed in those two guys and Ramdin,' Gayle said after the match. "Those guys were key for us and the way they went about it was a terrible display. It is very disappointing and sad to see how they went about it."

Smith was bowled by the debutant Shingirai Masakadza with four runs needed off the last three balls, while Pollard and Denesh Ramdin had succumbed to loose shots as Zimbabwe turned up the heat on West Indies. "When you do crap, it's definitely crap and there is no excuse," said Gayle. "Guys have to take responsibility out there in the middle. It is just sad and disappointing."

Gayle handed credit where it was due, aware that rankings - Zimbabwe sit below West Indies on the ICC's table - mattered little. "Zimbabwe are here to win. There is no way we can under estimate them. We saw what they have to offer in the Twenty20," he said. "Zimbabwe have beaten Australia. It is not a team that we are taking for granted. They are here to win just like us and credit must go to them. The way they pushed and ran hard between the wickets showed how hungry and determined they are."

Prosper Utseya, the Zimbabwe captain, was delighted with the result, but hoped that his side could sustain the form for the rest of the tour. "I'm very proud of the guys. It was a very good team effort, and it was important that we keep the momentum going.

"I said after we won the toss it was the average score when West Indies played here last year against England, so we just believed in ourselves that we could get 250, and with the way we're bowling at the moment it would be enough," Utseya said.

Despite inflicting two shock defeats on the hosts, Utseya was guarded against complacency. "West Indies are still a good side. We still respect them. For us to beat them, we need to make sure that we play hard, remain focussed, pay attention to the small things, and remain disciplined."

Zimbabwe found an unlikely hero in debutant Shingirai Masakadza who came back after going for ten runs off the first two balls of the final over to finish off in style, striking twice and conceding just one off the last three. Utseya was all praise for the youngster's composure in the tight finish.

"He managed to remain calm under pressure, and that was key, so he can learn from that going into the next game. Of course, he will have many more moments like this in his career," Utseya said.

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  • Professor on March 7, 2010, 17:38 GMT

    Wake up call. This is what the Zim victory is all about. West Indies cricket continues to spiral downhill, with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel. There yet remain to be a structure in place to curb the talents and develop the many talented youngsters that lives in the Caribbean. WI is not short of talent...the under 19 team always doing well... but there is no structure to transfer these young men into consistent and mature international players.

    Is Brendan Nash ill? He is a much better player than Flecther and Ramdin. Who said he is a test specialist? How would we know his ODI abilities if we don't play him? Or is it a colour thing? And Darren Bravo..... I am sure he can atleast make more runs in one match than the entire aggregate posted by Fletcher in the last 8 games. We need to start thinking clearly, and put the right Team out there.

  • Sikandar on March 6, 2010, 10:16 GMT

    Trinity08: thanks for the note. Before you jump into who I am, may be you should CHILL and browse this website and read my comments and might tell you what my nationality is. I don't have to fake it. Coming to Mahi is an all rounder, yeah he is but NOT the best, guess what they have one wicket keeper who has scored a century [most recently] while we were making fun of that guy as a kid! based on the rating, Shakib is the best allrounder in the world! my comment is on how we treat our own neighbors but complain when Australia does it us! we became number 1 nation in the rankings for tests and Well, we barely escaped the humiliation in the first test with Bangla! Have respect for others! Zaheer is not the most feared bowler, Sreesanth still doesen't know how to behave maturely, and ishant..is a flash and struggling....we have billion+ perople with lakksh who play cricket but can't produce a decent pair pace bowlers!

  • Dummy4 on March 6, 2010, 0:06 GMT

    Every time the West Indies lose like this I die a little bit inside. It's been happening for a while now, so I must be some sort of zombie. Is that why I now have a craving for blood and human flesh? Come on Windies. Stop this foolishness. Sort out yourselves and get back to playing quality cricket!! Do it for the region. Or at least do it for me, a loyal zombie who wants to live again.

  • DEREK on March 5, 2010, 23:32 GMT

    Sarwan,Dwayne &DarrenBravo,,even Simmonds should be reintroduced and another fast bowler to support Kemar Roach are my suggestions for a chance at avoiding further embarrassing defeats to Zimbabwe in the short term but for us to start back on the road to recovery all the players need to be worked with for a prolonged period to try and improve fitness,technique and mental preparedness.Working with young upcoming talent on a continuous basis is necessary.It`s costly to have 50 -75 players in camp for 6 months or so each year but there seems to be no other way out of this abyss in which we find ourselves.Players must also be held accountable and be axed temporarily for their failures irregardless of seniority in the team and be made to improve to regain their place in the team when axed.Batting,bowling,fielding and fitnesses coaches need to be permanently assigned to the team.Fitness coaches said players complained about the rigorous routine and they had to tone down practice sessions.

  • DEREK on March 5, 2010, 23:12 GMT

    W.I. cricket is hurting badly and needs a serious overhaul.Radical changes need to be made from the top down-from the administrative level right down to the players.Stop-gap measures such as simply changing and chopping players has not shown to be the solution as we continue to be disgraced for the past 10 plus years.An occasional victory every few years is not enough.This present failure against Zimbabwe highlights the fact that the gangrene has spread and its time to cut out the affected parts-administration,underacheiving players,coaches,selectors et-al.Otis Gibson cannot be blamed as he just started his job a week ago so we will have to wait to see what innovative plans he has to halt the decline.Captaincy is not the issue as we have continued to fail under all captains for the past 15 years.Players physical and mental preparation needs to be addressed.Then we may see less injuries occurring.

  • timothy on March 5, 2010, 22:04 GMT

    I'm glad Chris Gayle can finally criticise individuals and talk about "crap". I hope that when the time comes he can criticise himself too! The team has been failing for years largely because he can't set a good, consistent example! Look at Tendulkar who just scored 200 and said he wants to carry his bat more often. That's the kind of thing Gayle should be doing and saying. He is too crappy and too inconsistent!

    Remember when he said he was going to select the team himself in Australia? What happened? Gayle must take more personal responsibility for himself and the team and get all the players to see the need for proper fitness.

  • Greg on March 5, 2010, 18:07 GMT

    Why do we keep talking about west indies cricket. From board members to players, its all about the profile, the first class tickets the upscale hotels the women and the clubs. Please poeple of the caribbean,,its 2010, its time enough, its now time to forgt this team. Lets move on to something else.

  • odaine on March 5, 2010, 17:29 GMT

    ok. i understand that they lost a game that they shouldn't have lost , but you guys seem to be blaming gayle:s. fire gayle? AND WESt INDIES WOULD GO WHERE? let's not forget how vauable gayle is to this siide plus, i dont see any1 blaming the likes of pollard who still haven't proven himself in international cricket . for him to be offered so much money to play in da IPL and can't play a good innings for his home side is a shame, there's no focus there. i thought the top order did a good job, gayle and chanderpaul both did a good job scoring 50s,also i must say young barath is doing well for himself too, he doesnt seem to have the EGO problem like the likes of pollard and others. the middle order needs some work :pollard,smith,fletcher, and ramdin all batted like they dont have any brain. miller , the tail ender batted better than all the "batsman" in the middle order and would have won the game if dwyane smith didnt get the strike.

  • Timothy on March 5, 2010, 17:25 GMT

    Congratulations to Zimbabwe on a great win. It's good to see the guys maturing and playing some "tough" cricket. We have finally turned the corner. Add Marillier, Ervine and Williams to the middle order and we will have a very strong side. Expect more victories from this Zimbabwe side!

  • woolford on March 5, 2010, 17:08 GMT

    until we are able to put out our strongest 11 for at least 10 to 12 matches nothing will change they have to be fit and be selected. some people is calling for Ganga but i notice they gave him a full strength team or nearly full strength for Ganga cannot make the team as a batsman

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