Full Name

John Willes


1778, Headcorn, Kent


August 05, 1852, Staunton, near Gloucester

Bowling Style

Right arm Bowler


John Willes is credited with being the first man to bowl round-arm in a first-class match - it was referred to as "straight arm" in contemporary reports - and on July 15, 1822 he was no-balled playing for Kent against MCC at Lord's. he famously threw down the ball in disgust, mounted his horse, and rode out the game forever. But "Silver Billy" Beldham insisted that Willis had not invented the style, merely "revived what was forgotten or new to the young folk" and that "jerking" as it was previously known had plagued cricket in the 1780s until outlawed by the Hambledon club.

Legend has it that Willes was inspired to develop a round-arm style after his sister used it, being prevented from bowling underarm by the voluminous skirts of the time. That is probably myth, but what is certain is that Willes was a colourful character. He kept his own pack of dwarf hounds, and on one occasion barricaded himself in his house against creditors, surviving on food passed to him by friends by means of a basket lowered from a window each night.
Martin Williamson

John Willes Career Stats

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Recent Matches of John Willes

Kent XI vs M.C.C.--0/015-Jul-1822Lord'sFC
Kent XI vs England0 & 03/017-Jul-1815WrothamFC
Kent XI vs England0 & 2--05-Aug-1806DartfordFC
Gentlemen vs Players1 & 51/0 & 1/021-Jul-1806Lord's (Old)FC
Gentlemen vs Players11/007-Jul-1806Lord's (Old)FC