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Robert N Tinson

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Robert Tinson was a successful New York merchant who was a driving force behind St George's CC. A good wicketkeeper-batsman, he led the side to Toronto in 1840 after what turned out to be a hoax invitation, but was captain of USA in their first international against Canada four years later. He led the side in the two matches in 1845 and returned for a fourth and final time in 1854. He was a renowned public speaker.
Martin Williamson

Recent Matches of Robert Tinson

U.S.A. vs Canada2 & 21c/0s & 0c/0s28-Aug-1845New YorkOTHER
U.S.A. vs Canada7 & 61c/0s & 0c/0s30-Jul-1845MontrealOTHER
U.S.A. vs Canada14 & 00c/0s & 0c/0s24-Sep-1844New YorkOTHER