Records for Women ODI Matches

Most stumpings in career
Max Dis Inns
A Jain (IND-W)1993-200565628130515 (3ct 2st)1.306
SJ Taylor (ENG-W)2006-201912611613687514 (4ct 0st)1.172
T Chetty (SA-W)2007-2022134131182133515 (4ct 1st)1.389
Batool Fatima (PAK-W)2001-201483689754466 (4ct 2st)1.426
J Smit (ENG-W)1993-200710910611469454 (2ct 2st)1.075
RJ Rolls (NZ-W)1997-200710410113389444 (4ct 0st)1.316
S Naik (IND-W)2002-201346446028325 (3ct 2st)1.363
JC Price (AUS-W)1996-200584849970304 (4ct 0st)1.178
AJ Healy (AUS-W)2010-202294899063304 (3ct 1st)1.011
KV Jain (IND-W)2004-201444425832265 (0ct 5st)1.38
MR Aguilleira (WI-W)2008-201811210310278264 (4ct 0st)0.99
MADD Surangika (SL-W)2006-201997596147244 (3ct 1st)1.033
SL Illingworth (NZ-W)1988-199637324727216 (4ct 2st)1.468
S Verma (IND-W)2014-202143434928214 (1ct 3st)1.139
RH Priest (NZ-W)2007-202087869372215 (4ct 1st)1.081
AA Deshpande (IND-W)2008-201423193012194 (4ct 0st)1.578
JM Fields (AUS-W)2006-201367607457194 (3ct 1st)1.233
KJ Martin (NZ-W)2003-2022103647563194 (3ct 1st)1.171
Sidra Nawaz (PAK-W)2014-202365645940194 (1ct 3st)0.921
EMTP Ekanayake (SL-W)1997-200543433922174 (2ct 2st)0.906
PM Weerakkody (SL-W)2011-202356404839165 (3ct 2st)1.2
MV Waldron (IRE-W)2010-202253524933164 (4ct 0st)0.942
SA Hodges (ENG-W)1973-198226263520154 (3ct 1st)1.346
F Khalili (IND-W)1978-19821313217145 (2ct 3st)1.615
C Matthews (AUS-W)1984-199547464935144 (4ct 0st)1.065
AE Jones (ENG-W)2013-202276555852144 (4ct 0st)1.054
TL Russell (AUS-W)1982-19821313198114 (1ct 3st)1.461
SJ Power (WI-W)1993-200534312918114 (2ct 2st)0.935
M Terblanche (SA-W)1997-200861373328112 (2ct 0st)0.891
V Kalpana (IND-W)1986-199387156106 (1ct 5st)2.142
M Iversen (DNK-W)1993-1999171514592 (1ct 1st)0.933
Uzma Gondal (PAK-W)2000-2002171617893 (3ct 0st)1.062
T Bhatia (IND-W)2018-20221919271893 (2ct 1st)1.421
L Nye (ENG-W)1988-19922121191094 (3ct 1st)0.904
Nigar Sultana (BD-W)2015-20233529231594 (3ct 1st)0.793
AM Linehan (IRE-W)1989-20086032241893 (3ct 0st)0.75
ICP Jagersma (NZ-W)1984-19903432332494 (2ct 2st)1.031
EM Ryan (NZ-W)1978-19821515211384 (2ct 2st)1.4
LA Coleman (AUS-W)2004-20092424231583 (3ct 0st)0.958
Asma Farzand (PAK-W)1997-1998888172 (0ct 2st)1
JC Carroll (IRE-W)2007-20098810374 (0ct 4st)1.25
SA Campbelle (WI-W)2009-202210223254573 (3ct 0st)1.086
YH Bhatia (IND-W)2021-2022196111163 (3ct 0st)1.833
SC Taylor (ENG-W)1998-2011126674154 (1ct 3st)1.166
J Pashley (NL-W)2006-20081069553 (2ct 1st)1.5
Sultana Yesmin (BD-W)2011-2013669453 (2ct 1st)1.5
RC Milburn (NL-W/NZ-W)2000-2007151312752 (2ct 0st)0.923
Kycia A Knight (WI-W)2011-20228719172953 (3ct 0st)0.894
SW Dawson (IRE-W)1993-20002424151053 (3ct 0st)0.625
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Innings refers to when the player was the designated keeper.
All figures exclude catches not made as a wicketkeeper.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Sri Lanka Women v Bangladesh Women at Colombo (SSC), ICC Women's Championship 3rd ODI, May 4, 2023 [Women ODI # 1316]

Sri Lanka Women v Bangladesh Women at Colombo (PSS), ICC Women's Championship 1st ODI, Apr 29, 2023 [Women ODI # 1315]

Thailand Women v Zimbabwe Women at Bangkok, 3rd ODI, Apr 23, 2023 [Women ODI # 1314]