Records in Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Championship, 2016

Highest strike rates in an innings
Match Date
32*1742188.23Knightsv NW WarriorsComber08 Aug 2016-
39*2133185.71Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
452652173.07Leinsterv NW WarriorsDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
302331130.43NW Warriorsv KnightsComber08 Aug 2016-
50*4412113.63Leinsterv NW WarriorsDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
10194142107.44Leinsterv NW WarriorsDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
363441105.88NW Warriorsv LeinsterDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
42438-97.67Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
82853496.47NW Warriorsv KnightsBready21 Jun 2016-
43525282.69Knightsv LeinsterDublin10 May 2016-
20625028382.40Knightsv NW WarriorsComber08 Aug 2016-
40497-81.63Leinsterv NW WarriorsDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
26325-81.25Knightsv NW WarriorsComber08 Aug 2016-
64*797181.01Knightsv LeinsterDublin10 May 2016-
12115012280.66NW Warriorsv LeinsterDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
56726177.77Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
35455-77.77Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
43566-76.78NW Warriorsv KnightsComber08 Aug 2016-
71944275.53NW Warriorsv KnightsComber08 Aug 2016-
29*402172.50NW Warriorsv LeinsterBready31 May 2016-
135*18918-71.42Leinsterv KnightsBelfast17 May 2016-
41585-70.68Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
48695-69.56Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
52799-65.82Knightsv LeinsterBelfast17 May 2016-
61949-64.89Leinsterv NW WarriorsDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
29453-64.44NW Warriorsv KnightsComber08 Aug 2016-
46*756-61.33NW Warriorsv KnightsComber08 Aug 2016-
37615-60.65NW Warriorsv LeinsterBready31 May 2016-
631107157.27Knightsv NW WarriorsComber08 Aug 2016-
36644-56.25NW Warriorsv KnightsBready21 Jun 2016-
25462-54.34Knightsv LeinsterDublin10 May 2016-
27503-54.00NW Warriorsv LeinsterDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
35653-53.84Leinsterv KnightsDublin10 May 2016-
531007153.00Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
43835-51.80Knightsv LeinsterBelfast17 May 2016-
761486-51.35Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
671335-50.37Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
5811610-50.00NW Warriorsv LeinsterBready31 May 2016-
8417011-49.41NW Warriorsv KnightsComber08 Aug 2016-
8717710249.15Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
42*863248.83Knightsv LeinsterBelfast17 May 2016-
591238-47.96Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
41873-47.12NW Warriorsv KnightsBready21 Jun 2016-
31664-46.96Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
471017-46.53Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
32695-46.37Leinsterv KnightsBelfast17 May 2016-
7716812-45.83Knightsv LeinsterDublin10 May 2016-
28642-43.75NW Warriorsv LeinsterDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
7116510-43.03Leinsterv KnightsBelfast17 May 2016-
701648-42.68NW Warriorsv KnightsBready21 Jun 2016-
36*865-41.86NW Warriorsv LeinsterDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
501213-41.32NW Warriorsv LeinsterBready31 May 2016-
531293141.08Knightsv LeinsterBelfast17 May 2016-
491217-40.49Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
27683-39.70Leinsterv NW WarriorsBready31 May 2016-
28713-39.43Leinsterv NW WarriorsDublin (Malahide)23 Aug 2016-
28721-38.88NW Warriorsv LeinsterBready31 May 2016-
32854-37.64Leinsterv KnightsDublin10 May 2016-
75*2034-36.94Leinsterv KnightsDublin10 May 2016-
31883-35.22NW Warriorsv LeinsterBready31 May 2016-
381105-34.54Knightsv LeinsterBelfast17 May 2016-
68*2066-33.00Leinsterv KnightsDublin10 May 2016-
26843-30.95Knightsv NW WarriorsComber08 Aug 2016-
42*1364-30.88Leinsterv KnightsBelfast17 May 2016-
852838130.03Knightsv LeinsterDublin10 May 2016-
25922-27.17Knightsv NW WarriorsBready21 Jun 2016-
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Minimum of 25 runs
Strike rates listed for matches only where balls faced are available
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Leinster Lightning v North-West Warriors at Dublin (Malahide), Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Championship, Aug 23-25, 2016 [Other match]

Northern Knights v North-West Warriors at Comber, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Championship, Aug 8-10, 2016 [Other match]

Northern Knights v North-West Warriors at Bready, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Championship, Jun 21-23, 2016 [Other match]