Bowling Best Strike Rate Innings

Records in Indian Premier League, 2016

Best strike rates in an innings
Match Date
0.4-422.00RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
4.0-1964.00Supergiantsv SunrisersVisakhapatnam10 May 2016T20
3.0-1144.50Daredevilsv Kings XIDelhi15 Apr 2016T20
3.0-1144.50RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
3.0-2544.50RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
4.0-2246.00Guj Lionsv Kings XIMohali11 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2146.00Mumbaiv Guj LionsWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2946.00Sunrisersv Guj LionsRajkot21 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2146.00Kings XIv Guj LionsRajkot01 May 2016T20
4.0-2046.00KKRv Kings XIEden Gardens04 May 2016T20
4.0-1546.00Kings XIv MumbaiVisakhapatnam13 May 2016T20
4.0-846.00Guj Lionsv KKRKanpur19 May 2016T20
4.0-3446.00Supergiantsv Kings XIVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
4.0-2946.00RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru24 May 2016T20
4.011446.00Guj Lionsv RCBBengaluru24 May 2016T20
3.0-2436.00KKRv DaredevilsEden Gardens10 Apr 2016T20
3.0-1336.00RCBv SupergiantsPune22 Apr 2016T20
3.0-3336.00KKRv DaredevilsDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
3.0-1536.00Sunrisersv MumbaiVisakhapatnam08 May 2016T20
3.0-1636.00Sunrisersv MumbaiVisakhapatnam08 May 2016T20
2.0-1226.00Guj Lionsv MumbaiWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
2.0-3026.00Supergiantsv KKREden Gardens14 May 2016T20
2.0-726.00RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
2.0-1826.00RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
2.0-1526.00Kings XIv SupergiantsVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
2.0-1626.00Sunrisersv KKREden Gardens22 May 2016T20
2.0-1126.00RCBv DaredevilsRaipur22 May 2016T20
2.1-1526.50Mumbaiv DaredevilsVisakhapatnam15 May 2016T20
3.3-2137.00Daredevilsv KKRDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
4.011938.00KKRv DaredevilsEden Gardens10 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2838.00KKRv SunrisersHyderabad16 Apr 2016T20
4.0-3638.00Supergiantsv Kings XIMohali17 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2338.00Kings XIv SupergiantsMohali17 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2438.00Mumbaiv SunrisersHyderabad18 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2838.00Sunrisersv MumbaiHyderabad18 Apr 2016T20
4.0-4038.00RCBv MumbaiWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
4.0-3138.00Mumbaiv RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
4.0-3438.00Supergiantsv RCBPune22 Apr 2016T20
4.0-3838.00Kings XIv MumbaiMohali25 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2638.00Mumbaiv Kings XIMohali25 Apr 2016T20
4.012338.00Supergiantsv SunrisersHyderabad26 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2438.00Daredevilsv Guj LionsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
4.011938.00Guj Lionsv DaredevilsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
4.0-2638.00KKRv DaredevilsDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
4.0-4738.00Daredevilsv KKRDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
4.0-3238.00Kings XIv Guj LionsRajkot01 May 2016T20
4.0-2038.00Guj Lionsv Kings XIRajkot01 May 2016T20
4.0-2938.00Mumbaiv SupergiantsPune01 May 2016T20
4.0-2438.00RCBv SupergiantsBengaluru07 May 2016T20
4.0-4038.00Kings XIv DaredevilsMohali07 May 2016T20
4.0-2938.00Sunrisersv SupergiantsVisakhapatnam10 May 2016T20
4.0-1938.00RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
4.0-1338.00Mumbaiv DaredevilsVisakhapatnam15 May 2016T20
4.012038.00Supergiantsv DaredevilsVisakhapatnam17 May 2016T20
4.0-2138.00Supergiantsv DaredevilsVisakhapatnam17 May 2016T20
4.0-2638.00KKRv SunrisersEden Gardens22 May 2016T20
4.0-3238.00RCBv DaredevilsRaipur22 May 2016T20
4.0-1938.00Sunrisersv KKRDelhi25 May 2016T20
4.0-3538.00KKRv SunrisersDelhi25 May 2016T20
4.0-4538.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru29 May 2016T20
2.41628.00KKRv DaredevilsEden Gardens10 Apr 2016T20
2.5-2528.50Guj Lionsv Kings XIRajkot01 May 2016T20
3.0-1929.00Kings XIv KKRMohali19 Apr 2016T20
3.0-3629.00Supergiantsv KKRPune24 Apr 2016T20
3.0-2329.00Daredevilsv Guj LionsRajkot03 May 2016T20
3.0-1429.00Guj Lionsv SunrisersHyderabad06 May 2016T20
3.0-1629.00Kings XIv RCBMohali09 May 2016T20
3.0-1929.00Daredevilsv SunrisersHyderabad12 May 2016T20
3.0-1929.00Sunrisersv DaredevilsHyderabad12 May 2016T20
3.0-2429.00Mumbaiv Kings XIVisakhapatnam13 May 2016T20
3.011729.00Mumbaiv Guj LionsKanpur21 May 2016T20
3.0-1729.00Sunrisersv KKRDelhi25 May 2016T20
3.0-2029.00Sunrisersv Guj LionsDelhi27 May 2016T20
3.3-28210.50Supergiantsv KKRPune24 Apr 2016T20
3.3-18210.50Sunrisersv MumbaiVisakhapatnam08 May 2016T20
3.4-37211.00RCBv MumbaiBengaluru11 May 2016T20
4.0-36212.00Supergiantsv MumbaiWankhede09 Apr 2016T20
4.0-21212.00Supergiantsv MumbaiWankhede09 Apr 2016T20
4.0-21212.00KKRv DaredevilsEden Gardens10 Apr 2016T20
4.0-30212.00Guj Lionsv Kings XIMohali11 Apr 2016T20
4.0-30212.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
4.0-55212.00Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
4.0-26212.00Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
4.0-43212.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
4.0-25212.00Mumbaiv KKREden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
4.0-18212.00Guj Lionsv SupergiantsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
4.0-31212.00Supergiantsv Guj LionsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
4.0-33212.00Guj Lionsv SupergiantsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
4.0-35212.00KKRv SunrisersHyderabad16 Apr 2016T20
4.0119212.00Guj Lionsv MumbaiWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
4.0-32212.00Mumbaiv Guj LionsWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
4.0-23212.00Kings XIv SupergiantsMohali17 Apr 2016T20
4.0-25212.00RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
4.0-34212.00Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
4.0-18212.00Kings XIv KKRMohali19 Apr 2016T20
4.0-27212.00KKRv Kings XIMohali19 Apr 2016T20
4.0-22212.00KKRv Kings XIMohali19 Apr 2016T20
4.0-27212.00Mumbaiv RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
4.0-31212.00RCBv SupergiantsPune22 Apr 2016T20
4.0-24212.00Daredevilsv MumbaiDelhi23 Apr 2016T20
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Minimum of 2 wickets
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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