Player of the Match
Player of the Match

10.50am: So, Cook's pace gambit paid off, England stretched the game out into the final day and, as Miller's report puts it, Ben Stokes broke Bangladesh hearts. It was a spinner who broke the game open, though, as Gareth Batty's ripper to Mushfiqur Rahim allowed England to believe again, just as it was slipping away. The last five wickets fell for 36 runs, as Broad and Stokes bent their backs as well as the old, reversing ball. The trick for Bangladesh is in using this performance to their advantage... Having not played a Test in 15 months, they matched a team that has designs being ranked at the top. It's easy to overlook in the cold light of another defeat but, with three debutants on board (two of whom had sensational games), they put up a tremendous fight. That's the lesson they must take to Dhaka, where the second Test will begin on Friday - make sure it's in the diary and set your alarms.

We'll give the final word to Pradeep: "In this match both teams won some sessions but Stokes won 2 days (3rd and 5th). Even though 5th completed within 10 overs he is the reason to remember it ;) :)" And remember it we certainly shall. It was Stokes' Test, it was the DRS Test, it was a flippin' great Test. Thanks for being part of it, join us again for more thrills and spills (fingers crossed) in a few days' time. Cheerio!

10.35am: Presentations time, starting with Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim: "Probably it was not in our favour, 33 runs and two wickets, but the boys put in so much effort over the last five day, after 15 months, I'm really proud. They scored 240 in the second innings, if we'd managed to get 290 in our first innings, it would have brought it [the target] down. Our boys fought it out which is really impressive and hopefully we'll do the same in the next match. Sabbir has been outstanding in the last one-and-a-half years. I thought it was a good track, it was spinning but not unplayable. Hopefully we can come up with some good plans. If you want to play in the subcontinent, it should be that way and we have some good spinners."

England captain Alastair Cook: "It was a really good Test match, to think we were here on day five with that wicket. It was such a tight game, so credit to both sides. I'm glad we held our nerve, the quality we have in our attack, we got it reversing. We also had the option of the new ball, which we could use with the spinners. It would have been a gamble but it was quite hard to bat against the new ball. It was a great match and we want to thanks our loyal 10-15 supporters up there. [Stokes?] Not just ball in hand but the way he batted, he balances the side. Those cricketers don't come around very often and he's got an enormous heart as well. A seriously good cricketer. [Spinners performed?] Part of a seven-Test odyssey, I thought we did okay. They'll do well for the experience - they bowled some absolute jaffas as well. You are tested in so many different ways, that's why I keep saying how good Test cricket is."

The match-winner, Ben Stokes, is named Man of the Match: "We knew it would be either myself, Broady, or Woakesy to bowl, the amount it was reverse-swinging, but we had he option of the new ball as well. [Subcontinental challenge?] Started off pretty well but we have a long way to go from here, hopefully want to perform on a more consistent basis. I've had to adapt, with men around the bat, just make sure you don't give your wicket away and still play your shots. [Tough conditions] It's all in the training we do, making sure when we get out on the field that our bodies are used to the conditions."

10.25pm: It went Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after all, putting England 1-0 up in the series! With the 25th and 26th reviews of this remarkable match, Bangladesh have been cruelly denied once again. Their narrowest defeat by runs came after they took 20 wickets against one of the top-six nations for the first time - a hugely valiant effort but it leaves them with nothing but 'what if's in the mind and an empty feeling in the stomach. No surprise that Stokes finished it off, he put in a brilliant performance, the difference between the two teams; but spare a thought for Sabbir Rahman, stranded at the end. I hope someone remembered to play Flintoff and put an arm around the shoulder.

Eusha: "I must say I couldn't comprehend the rationale behind trusting the tail-enders too much with the strike. Sabbir unfortunately did not show a lot of responsibility on this short morning." It worked for him last night, to be fair - and given that they needed 48 when the eighth wicket fell, he got them pretty darn close

"DRS decide the match!!" Indeed it did, Miad. Fittingly

Here's ramki: "Is it possible to tell how many decsions of Dharmasena were reversed?" It is, if you look through the day notes at the bottom of the scorecard... but I'm going to save Kumar's blushes by not listing them here

Stokes to Shafiul Islam, OUT, props forward, hit on the front pad, Dharmasena gives it! He's decided that Shafiul was not playing a shot and although he reviews, for the umpteenth time in the match, the odds are not in the batsman's favour now... Struck outside the line but ball-tracker has it hitting off, umpire's call, Shafiul is a goner and England have snatched a famous 22-run win! Stokes is indeed the man for England, he's got a pretty decent script-writer, this lad

Shafiul Islam lbw b Stokes 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Stokes to Shafiul Islam, no run, sliding down the leg side, flick and a miss

Remember that the new lbw protocols came in this month - and they were probably decisive in this case! Yep, it seems that decision would not have been overturned previously

Stokes to Taijul Islam, OUT, on the stumps, flicks the pad playing across the line, loops past the diving Bairstow... Stokes wanted the lbw and England have reviewed (they were topped up at 80 overs remember). Looked a bit speculative to me but here we go... Past the inside edge, struck in line, Hawk-Eye has it hitting leg stump! England are ecstatic, I thought they had gambled but Stokes just had a feeling it was adjacent and Taijul has to go! In this match of reviews, another dramatic reversal!

Taijul Islam lbw b Stokes 16 (42m 33b 2x4 0x6) SR: 48.48

"Anyone else thinking of 2005 Ashes here? Will Sabbir end up being BD's Brett Lee?" I suspect plenty have assumed that particular position, Manu

81 | 2 Runs | BDESH: 263/8

  • Taijul Islam16 (32b)
  • Sabbir Rahman64 (102b)
  • Stuart Broad15-4-31-2
  • Ben Stokes11-2-20-0
Broad to Taijul Islam, 1 run, pitched up and flicked confidently off the pads, there's a run there, though it keeps Taijul on strike

"I can feel the tension all the way from Australia!" shivers Daniel

Broad to Taijul Islam, no run, full and slightly wide of the stumps, 143kph/89mph from Broad, straining for the yorker... Taijul blocks, calm as you like
Broad to Taijul Islam, no run, round the wicket, angled in towards middle and leg, closes the face and squirts it to backward square
Broad to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, fullish on off stump, tapped into the covers and again they take one
Broad to Sabbir Rahman, no run, good length around fourth stump, comes forward to block

Here's Govinda Kapoor: "I think the pressure is on Bangladesh as they are here to prove. They want to taste victory. England just want them to choke." Sabbir looks like a man who knows where the throttle is, all right

Just a slip in for the doughty debutant

Broad to Sabbir Rahman, no run, whirs in and puts the ball on a length, Sabbir blocks

The new ball is available... But England are keeping that up their sleeve for now. Broad into the 11th over of a spell that began on the fourth evening

80 | 5 Runs | BDESH: 261/8

  • Taijul Islam15 (29b)
  • Sabbir Rahman63 (99b)
  • Ben Stokes11-2-20-0
  • Stuart Broad14-4-29-2
Stokes to Taijul Islam, no run, slung down outside off and Taijul has a little flirt with this, fails to connect

"Hope this is worth giving up another hour in bed," yawns Richard Bedwell. "Happy with either result as both teams can be proud of themselves"

Stokes to Taijul Islam, no run, good length in the channel, not close enough to make Taijul play
Stokes to Taijul Islam, no run, speared down the leg side, swish and a miss as YJB sprawls to collect

Tremendous noise around the ground, though it looks like about 100 people are in...

Stokes to Taijul Islam, FOUR runs, goes for the bumper, Taijul swings across the line - and gloves it over the keeper for four! The target comes ever closer, he was beaten for pace but just got enough on it to take the ball to the boundary!
Stokes to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, back of a length in the corridor and Sabbir reaches to dab it through point, there were singles on offer... and he continues to trust his partner

Here's Gareth: "What a night, could you imagine? The English bowling attack would have had the opportunity to refocus and talk about their plans to these three final batters. Bangladesh would have had three players with more stress than the ocean depths, whilst the other 8 would have been sitting their ruing their wickets. Not to mention the umpiresl They'd be sweating bullets not wanting to make a foul up."

Stokes to Sabbir Rahman, no run, shortish at the body and tapped down into the leg side defensively

Pace from both ends it is, Ben Stokes the man. Can he be The Man for England once again in this match? Bangladesh have knocked off an 11th of their requirement already...

Narrowest defeat


No. of narrow defeats for Bangladesh in terms of runs, than this 22-run loss. Their previous smallest margin of loss was by 77 runs v WI, Dhaka, 2012-13.

Important knock on debut


No. of Bangladesh players to score a fifty on Test debut in the 4th inns of a Test, prior to this match. Sabbir Rahman is the first to do this.

Huge task ahead


The highest target successfully chased by Bangladesh in Tests, v WI, St George's, 2009. They have scored more than 286 in the 4th inns thrice, but lost.

Sixth-wicket again


No. of consecutive innings for England in which their sixth-wicket partnership has added more than 50 runs, including Bairstow-Stokes in this inns.

Wickets galore


Runs and wickets in the first session of this third day. Bangladesh lost 5 for 27 and England 3 for 28.

Rare failure in Asia


No. of balls faced by Cook in this Test, which is the third-lowest for him in a Test in Asia. This was his 22nd Test in the subcontinent.

Morning collapse


No. of wkts lost by Bangladesh today, in just 12 overs. They added only 27 runs to their overnight score of 221.

Focus on Spin


Last time 4 spinners bowled for England in a test innings, before this - vs India, Kanpur.

Tamim vs England


Tamim Iqbal's average against England in Tests, before this match - his best against any team. He has scored 2 100s and 4 50s in 8 inns against them.

New achievement


No. of players to score 1000+ runs batting at No. 6 or lower in a year - Bairstow becomes the first. Previous highest: 984 by Laxman in 2002.

Moeen-Bairstow again


No. of 50+ partnerships between Moeen Ali and Bairstow for 6th wicket in Tests this year - most by any pair for 6th wkt or lower in a year.

Only the second


Runs for Jonny Bairstow in Tests this year. He becomes the second wicketkeeper after Andy Flower (1045 runs in 2000) to aggregate 1000+ Test runs in a year.