4th Test, England Women tour of South Africa at Cape Town, Jan 13-16 1961
223 & 236/4d
(37 ov, target 194)
266/8d & 126/4
Match drawn
England Women 1st Innings
OM Marshall c McNaughton b Lang56-19320-
HM Sharpe (c) b van Mentz4-3400-
RE Westbrook  b Gove87-16770-
AB Ratcliffe  b Payne32-8220-
R Heyhoe-Flint c McNaughton b Payne18-3120-
EA Sanders  b Ward1-3700-
SM Rutherford  b Ward0-500-
SM Plant  b Ward6-3400-
ME Hunt  b Ward0-400-
A Jago  b Ward6-2400-
ER Irwin not out2-900-
Extras(b 10, lb 1)11
TOTAL(108.3 Ov, RR: 2.05)223
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Helen Sharpe), 2-134 (Polly Marshall), 3-166 (Ruth Westbrook), 4-189 (Alison Ratcliffe), 5-192 (Anne Sanders), 6-196 (Margaret Rutherford), 7-210 (Rachael Heyhoe-Flint), 8-211 (Mollie Hunt), 9-218 (Sheila Plant), 10-223 (Ann Jago, 108.3 ov)
LG Ward14.321851.2400
B Lang30123111.0300
Y van Mentz1543212.1300
JF McNaughton832703.3700
JA Gove1323412.6100
A Jackson711702.4200
M Payne1423122.2100
SN Nefdt712203.1400
South Africa Women 1st Innings
B Lang c Ratcliffe b Rutherford28-7030-
P Hollett lbw b Rutherford4-3010-
JA Gove  b Sanders34-14630-
SN Nefdt (c)c & b Sanders0-2000-
E Hurly  b Ratcliffe15-3210-
Y van Mentz not out105-22870-
LG Ward st †Westbrook b Jago5-2200-
A Jackson lbw b Plant24-9620-
JF McNaughton run out (†Westbrook)28-3230-
D Wood not out3-1200-
Extras(b 12, lb 2, nb 1, w 5)20
TOTAL(137 Ov, RR: 1.94)266/8d
Did not bat: M Payne 
Fall of wickets: 1-19 (Pamela Hollett), 2-49 (Beverly Lang), 3-49 (Sheila Nefdt), 4-77 (Eileen Hurly), 5-120 (Jennifer Gove), 6-129 (Lorna Ward), 7-203 (Audrey Jackson), 8-252 (Jean McNaughton)
ER Irwin32106101.9010
SM Rutherford27115121.8811
OM Marshall17121600.9400
EA Sanders31123821.2200
SM Plant1022812.8000
AB Ratcliffe1023513.5010
A Jago1021711.7000
England Women 2nd Innings
OM Marshall c & b Gove63-15220-
HM Sharpe (c)lbw b Jackson70-15660-
RE Westbrook not out42-8610-
AB Ratcliffe c Lang b Gove4-2600-
R Heyhoe-Flint c Lang b Gove0-100-
EA Sanders not out29-5320-
Extras(b 22, lb 6)28
TOTAL(88 Ov, RR: 2.68, 240 Mts)236/4d
Fall of wickets: 1-147 (Polly Marshall), 2-147 (Helen Sharpe), 3-172 (Alison Ratcliffe), 4-172 (Rachael Heyhoe-Flint)
LG Ward1854402.4400
A Jackson621312.1600
M Payne1534402.9300
B Lang1662601.6200
JA Gove2255732.5900
Y van Mentz611702.8300
JF McNaughton51701.4000
South Africa Women 2nd Innings (target: 194 runs)
B Lang c Sanders b Ratcliffe58-7270-
SN Nefdt (c)c & b Sanders11-3400-
JA Gove  b Ratcliffe21-3230-
E Hurly c Jago b Ratcliffe12-1900-
Y van Mentz not out21-1720-
JF McNaughton not out1-200-
Extras(b 1, lb 1)2
TOTAL(37 Ov, RR: 3.4, 90 Mts)126/4
Fall of wickets: 1-34 (Sheila Nefdt), 2-82 (Jennifer Gove), 3-91 (Beverly Lang), 4-119 (Eileen Hurly)
ER Irwin601803.0000
EA Sanders1232211.8300
ME Hunt1305103.9200
AB Ratcliffe603335.5000
Newlands, Cape Town
TossEngland Women , elected to bat first
SeriesEngland Women tour of South Africa
Series resultEngland Women won the 4-match series 1-0
Match numberWomen's Test no. 28
Match days13,14,16 January 1961 (3-day match)
Test debut
Dulcie Wood
Neville Howell
Dal Collins
Fri, 13 Jan - day 1 - South Africa Women 1st innings 10/0 (B Lang 9*, P Hollett 0*)
Sat, 14 Jan - day 2 - South Africa Women 1st innings 266/8 (Y van Mentz 105*, D Wood 3*)
Sun, 15 Jan - rest day
Mon, 16 Jan - day 3 - South Africa Women 2nd innings 126/4 (37 ov) - end of match
  • Scorers: Hunt and Kath Smith
  • England Women 1st innings:
  • Marshall 50 in 135 mins 2x4
  • Westbrook 50 in 100 mins 4x4
  • South Africa Women 1st innings:
  • van Mentz 50 in 138 mins 4x4; 100 in 220 mins 7x4
  • England Women 2nd innings:
  • Marshall 50 in 118 mins 1x4
  • Sharpe 50 in 111 mins 4x4
  • South Africa Women 2nd innings:
  • Lang 50 in 65 mins 6x4