Player of the Match
Player of the Match

11.06pm Well, we've seen some scenes tonight. The catch of the tournament (surely) coupled with a glorious bout of biffing from Maqsood, a stunning piece of fielding from Gary Wilson that might, on another day, have saved the day for Ireland. And a famous, famous win for the ex-pats of Oman, who have launched themselves into the big time in the Dharamsala night.

And if you happen to be in the UK, Ireland, West Indies or Australia, here is that catch in all its glory. If you're not, apologies, but we'll have some global highlights up on the site later tonight.

Will Porterfield, as expected, acknowledges the dew was a factor, but says it is not excuse. While Sultan Ahmed, Oman's skipper, rightly admits he is "speechless".

Don't forget to read Vishal Dikshit's match report, and tune in later to read Siddharth Monga's tale of the tape, and Melinda Farrell's video musings ... from Andrew Miller, thanks for your comments, and goodnight.

11.05pm Aamer Ali, the Man of the Match, says, through a translator, "God was with us and we were trying to get boundaries every over. We have done a lot of hard work before coming to the World Cup, and finally it has paid off." I'll say!

Al: "Well played Aamer Ali. A triumph for us speccy types world over. We'll remember your name even if Cricinfo just has a blank where your name should have been, right through your innings!" He's like the bank clerk who went to war ... David Steele eat your heart out!

11pm Good chuffing Lord ... what have we just witnessed! Oman have scalped the king of the Associates, Ireland, in a sensational twisting, turning, nail biter! From 69 for 0, to 90 for 5, to 139 for 7. To victory! Utter jubilation on the outfield, but not for Ireland, who endured a shocker in the closing overs, the dew doubtless playing a part in their seamer's inability to land their yorkers and close out the match. But let's not forget they won the toss, and chose to bat first. And how costly will that be in a tough, tough group?

Sorensen to Ansari, 5 no balls, another full-toss, beats the batsman, nutmegs the keeper, Oman have won!
Sorensen to Amir Ali, OUT, oh lummie! Sorensen gets it right this time, a full length ball, a backaway-and-swipe, and up goes the finger! Amir has taken his team to the brink, but his team-mates will have to take it home ...

Amir Ali c †NJ O'Brien b Sorensen 32 (34m 17b 5x4 1x6) SR: 188.23

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    From 29th in the world to beating Ireland on their World T20 debut in Dharamsala, Oman's success over the last year is no mirage

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    They may be a bunch of unorthodox unknowns, but the smiles on the faces of the victorious Oman players have lifted spirits on a frustrating day in Dharamsala

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Oman 2nd innings Partnerships

1st69Khawar AliZeeshan Maqsood
2nd9Jatinder SinghZeeshan Maqsood
3rd8Adnan IlyasJatinder Singh
4th3Jatinder SinghMehran Khan
5th1Jatinder SinghAamir Kaleem
6th47Jatinder SinghAmir Ali
7th2Sultan AhmedAmir Ali
8th13Amir AliAV Lalcheta
9th5AV LalchetaM Ansari