10.30pm Hypocaust: "Totally unsatisfying and I feel for the players but hopefully these washouts have highlighted the ridiculous situation associate teams are in. It's probably hoping too much that this farcical qualifying stage might prompt some changes from the ICC but we can dream..."

Quite so, and I've little doubt we'll hear more on that when Will Porterfield speaks to the press shortly. Scotland and Netherlands have both made their point eloquently. But there's nothing more they can do on this occasion. Anyhow, nothing more to see here. Assuming the power goes back on in the press box, Melinda Farrell and Sid Monga may yet provide us with some post-match reaction, but from me, Andrew Miller, it's goodnight, and thanks for dropping by.

10.25pm What a shame. It nearly got interesting, and while Tamim Iqbal was teeing off, it was certainly worth watching. But in the end the weather has wrecked the show.

Aakash: "This is insane!!!! These teams have qualified by playing a tournament earlier and now have to go back because of rain?? " That's the measure of it. Qualify for the qualifier, then miss out on a chance to qualify because of the elements. That's cricket for you.

10.20pm It's over. Match abandoned. The rain has won, it's time to go home. Bangladesh resume pole position in their group, ahead of Oman on net run rate, but alas for Ireland, it's time to join the Netherlands on a slow trudge back to Europe.

10.16pm Ketan: "Any news on rain? Hows it going there? It close to 5 PM here in London and thinking of going to an Irish pub! Is that a good idea?" I think that's an exceptional idea, assuming you need to drown your sorrows.

10.14pm Sid Monga reckons we'd need to be back on the field by 10.36pm for an eight-over rumpus. But, he adds mournfully, "it is bucketing now. That should be curtains..."

10.08pm Mohandas Menon, statistical guru that he is, delivers the following permutations. In the event of further rain after a restart, Ireland's score needs to be 72 at five overs, 84 at six, 96 at seven, or 108 at eight.

10.03pm Wes: ""Chasing a revised target is always favourable" I'm sure Wessels, Kirsten, Cronje et al would have a different view!" Different strokes for different blokes ... blame Richie Benaud for that debacle! The new system, as Winston Churchill said of democracy, is "the worst form of government, except for all the others" ... but Ireland have got off lightly in the recalculation, in my opinion.

10.01pm Right, if Bangladesh don't get any more of their innings, Ireland's target will be 108 in eight overs.

9.58pm Jmani: "Common Andrew. The game is off. Nothing to report. Stop relaxing and post our comments. Keep us entertained rather than the chatter and coffee at your workplace. U cannot relax at cricinfo. " Is there a webcam in here?

9.55pm Fahad Naseer: "Its DRS, not DLS." Negative, it is both, Messrs Duckworth and Lewis have recently been joined by Professor Stern. Not a lot of people know that ...

Rain stops play Oh crumbs ... it's only a flurry compared to what we had earlier, but there was some lightning around the ground too.

It is getting heavier I fear. But, the interesting bit could be if DLS comes into play. Chasing a revised target is always favourable for whatever reason, insufficient T20 data or whatever. But it's conjecture at this stage...

Dockrell to Tamim Iqbal, OUT, clipped in the air, and that is a well-earned wicket from Dockrell! Tamim attempted to work the ball when he had been better off leathering it, and Ireland have called a temporary halt to the onslaught

Tamim Iqbal c Porterfield b Dockrell 47 (34m 26b 3x4 4x6) SR: 180.76

Dockrell to Tamim Iqbal, SIX runs, flogged high into the night sky, and Wilson at deep midwicket tries the same trick he played against Oman to claw the ball back into play. But he couldn't get it right this time!
McBrine to Sabbir Rahman, SIX runs, we have lift-off! Down the track, under the ball, smashed into the stands at deep midwicket!
McBrine to Sabbir Rahman, 4 leg byes, sharp turn from the straight and narrow, but too much for O'Brien to gather as a deflection off the knee does him in
Dockrell to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, reverse sweep, and Tamim has timed the pants off that! Powered in the air, clean through what was originally point

Twin spin. It's Dockrell

Nirav Darji: "Bangladesh playing completely safe here.. If it rains again and if the overs are cut down to 5 Bangladesh will be in the driving seat " Interesting definition of completely safe, but I take your point!

McBrine to Soumya Sarkar, OUT, that's out! Slow, loopy off break, held back in the flight, Soumya gallops down to meet it, misses his slog by a mile and just keeps walking as O'Brien whips off the bails. Ireland have their breakthrough!

Soumya Sarkar st †NJ O'Brien b McBrine 20 (22m 13b 3x4 0x6) SR: 153.84

sri: "The Irish obviously seem to be super nervous. They are spilling/overthrowing/slipping between the fingers this match" Troo dat

McBrine to Tamim Iqbal, SIX runs, round the wicket, and battered with disdain high and violently down the ground. Power and elevation, and that's quite a statement

Time for some spin. Here's McBrine

Hardik Lohani: "Ireland imploding now...Breath cool mountainous air and RELAX!" Stick some Enya on while you are at it...

KJ O'Brien to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR runs, cheeky! Utterly pre-meditated as Soumya walks across his crease and flicks casually over short fine-leg's head. Bangladesh are rattling
KJ O'Brien to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR runs, dropped! Wider outside off, toe-ended down the ground and though Rankin's lanky frame had some ground to make, he got both hands to it. Should have been out!
KJ O'Brien to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR runs, too leg-sided, all it needed was a bit of help round the corner. Soumya obliges

SarfBD: "Call me partial. But Tamim is the most elegent left hander around." You're partial. But you're forgiven

Murtagh to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, swatted through the covers, no cutting that off! He's flying
Murtagh to Tamim Iqbal, SIX runs, that's fabulous. Planted his front foot, heaved through the line, up and over long-off. Timing!
Rankin to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, fearsome muscular drive back past the bowler's feet! Pure power, reminiscent of some of his shots at Lord's in 2010. Problems for Ireland ...
Rankin to Tamim Iqbal, SIX runs, and that compounds the error! Tamim, back on strike, eases across his crease and spanks a mighty six over square leg!
Murtagh to Soumya Sarkar, 2 runs, spanked high and mighty out to deep midwicket, McBrine back-pedals under the floodlights and rain, and drops the chance as it drops like a hailstone! Tough chance, but probably should have been taken!

... and it is raining again, but they are staying out there for now ...

Murtagh to Tamim Iqbal, no run, huge woos of anticipation as Murtagh ran in to release, and a very tidy off-stump delivery is blocked back down the track ...

9.12pm Good grief, no national anthems! There's been an outbreak of common sense at an ICC event! Stop the presses! Soumya and Tamim are out in the middle, this is actually about to happen. Tim Murtagh has the ball, he and his fellow seamers endured a shocker with the wet ball against Oman. Can he land it better this time ...

Kartheek: "I don't understand why the game has abridged from 13 overs to 12 now if we're still starting at 9:15!" Me neither. But can't expect too much sense in one helping ...

9.10pm Ieuan: "An Irish win here would make a weekend of knowing that we can't win the Six Nations and my wife's beloved England still being able to pull off a Grand Slam infinitely more palatable... Come on Ireland! prove to me that we can win at SOMETHING!!"

9.07pm Now, presumably, we are about to line up for the national anthems. I trust they will be abridged, 12-over-a-side affairs, that cut out after three-fifths of the stanzas... we shall see ...

9pm So, Ireland have a lifeline, and crucially they will get to bat second - they didn't enjoy the dew in the first game, and they know what they'll need in a reduced slog-fest. This could get lively ... the first ball will be bowled, rain permitting, at 9.15pm.

gav: "Woo! Cricket! I reckon in Irelands chase they should send McBrine up to open with Stirling or to number 3. I know they won't though" Woo cricket! I couldn't have put it better myself!

LVS: "I wish I could post a picture of my teary eyes. Ah, the joy!!" No need, LVS, we need only to look into the mirror. We are all feeling it... especially Sid Monga ...

8.55pm Yes, folks, this is happening. Will Porterfield calls correctly and Ireland will bowl first. It is going to be a 12-over game!

George Dockrell is back in Ireland's starting XI ... Bangladesh make two changes, Mithun and Roni, I believe.

Bangladesh 1 Tamim Iqbal, 2 Soumya Sarkar, 3 Sabbir Rahman, 4 Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), 5 Shakib Al Hasan, 6 Mahmudullah, 7 Mithun Ali, 8 Mashrafe Mortaza (capt), 9 Al-Amin Hossain, 10 Abu Hider Roni, 11 Taskin Ahmed

Ireland 1 William Porterfield (capt), 2 Paul Stirling, 3 Gary Wilson, 4 Niall O'Brien (wk), 5 Kevin O'Brien, 6 Andrew Poynter, 7 Andy McBrine, 8 Max Sorensen, 9 Tim Murtagh, 10 George Dockrell, 11 Boyd Rankin

8.54pm Hello ... what's this? There's a pulse ... the toss is coming right up!

8.53pm Tigger: "Right now the rain is Winning the Poo". That, right there, is an incontrovertible fact.

8.49pm Imtiaz: "In another half hour, Bangladesh go top of the group table again! Hard work." Indeed ... I suspect they might be happy to let this one slide by. Ireland, on the other hand, their tournament life depends on the next 29 minutes ...

enthu: "Hello mr Miller, would there be toss at 9 pm or not?i will have a relief on first ball...." You'd be better off relieving yourself now, to be honest. There's nothing going to happen for a good while yet ...

8.45pm So, to reiterate, the covers need to start coming off by 9.18pm in order for there to be a five-overs-a-side game. So, another half-hour of tomfoolery, at the very least.

Rob: "Like the AA Milne reference. Whilst we are waiting for the start how about comparing cricketers to characters from children's fiction. For his abominable running I've got Faf du Plessis and the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland" Hamilton Masakadza's made a bid for that title...

8.41pm It's raining again! Put the lid back on that honey, and dribble some more ...

Suraj: "Was wondering how IPL will be blamed during a WCT20 tournament. Rob didn't disappoint!!!" Yes, the IPL causes climate change, didn't you know?

8.38pm We have news! The toss will be at 9pm, the start at 9.15pm, and the match will be 13 overs a side

There, that was worth waiting for, wasn't it? Wasn't it ...?

8.35pm Jahid: "What is going on? Why there is not any specific starting time still now?" It's the calm before the storm, Jahid. Or the pause before the run-feast. AA Milne put it best ...

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called."

8.30pm Well, the time has arrived, but still a few spots on the outfield causing concern. Bear with us ...

saifee: "If the match does go through, how many overs per side are we looking at??" Nothing can be confirmed until we are sure of a start time. But they are itching to get started as soon as the umpires give the go-ahead...

8.28pm Raff: "This match ought to be a cracker: if any two nations in this world are used to the rain, they're Bangladesh and Ireland." Valid observation. Here's hoping!

8.24pm Here's Monga with the goss: "Supersoppers still going around, sawdust has made an appearance, and they are also using a hessian to mop up the square." It. Is. All. Happening.

Inspection at 8.30... hoping for the toss at 8.45pm.

Samir Mehta : "Can you guys speak simple English. Is the match happening." Easy tiger, when there's news, there's news!

8.20pm Rob: "Hi Miller, I see your point about new tournaments coming along but it's a really sorry state of affairs when a global tournament cannot even be contemplated to be extended due to a domestic competition being played. It sadly shows where the balance of power lies in world cricket and the fact that the main focus of the ICC seems to be money rather than promotion of our beautiful game." That's just the new realities, unfortunately. Club over country has been the priority in football for generations. And that's not to knock the IPL, incidentally. It has so many merits, even England are starting to realise the benefits of letting their players go there to improve their games ... but it ain't cricket as we've known it.

8.16pm "The main cover is off," announces Sid Monga. Hussah! Like a man trying to squeeze into a cardboard box that is slightly too small for him, I can hardly contain myself!

Durgesh Kulkarn: "Andrew who do you think gets more benefitted with the delayed start as both teams have good fast bowling attack but ireland have slightly more experienced batting unit?" Crikey, been a while since I thought about anything other than rain. But in general, I tend to think reduced games favour the side batting second. They know what they need to do. But I have absolutely no evidence to back up this hunch.

8.09pm Kaustubh Barve: "Andrew, what are your thoughts on having a reserve day for every match? can't the logistics be arranged for such a major tournament!" You'd have thought it would be a no-brainer, but the schedules are so crowded these days that it's easier just to move on to the next tournament. The IPL, for instance, starts six days after the final!

Gnaneshwar: "Isn't it double standard that WT20 qualification is based on ICC T20 rankings and Asia cup qualification is on Test status??" Not so much double-standards as ... cricket.

8pm We will have some play provided there is no more rain ... this is a tremendous development ...

maroof: ""every where you go always take the (irish) weather with you" well lets hope the crowded cricinfo house sees some actions soon..." I see what you've done there ...

7.57pm "It hasn't rained since the last update," updates Siddharth Monga. "Only the square remains properly covered now..." It is either progress or an elaborate hoax. "Nope, it's progress," he insists. "And the skies, I am thrilled to say, have cleared up a bit. I hope it stays that way because I am thrilled to be covering such a prestigious tournament*."

*This update may have been edited on the grounds of taste and decency...

7.55pm raeen: "how's the pitch out there? would we be seeing any action today?" Currently very blue and very tarpaulin-y.

7.45pm Shahzad: "Sorry Andrew for my ignorance. I asked this question before but got no answer. Bangladesh has test status then why they competing with associate?" Only the top eight teams in the ICC rankings were given automatic qualification to the tournament. And Bangladesh are currently 10th. Quality not quantity is the remit, ignoring the fact that T20 cricket is not a brand of super-expensive luxury chocolate bubblebath but a global phenomenon with the ability to spread the game to every corner of the sports-playing world. But anyway, back to the rain ...

7.40pm Dheeraj: "Did anyone read Borren's message after the match. It was emotional. ICC should give them more matches. This comment has to be published if you believe in this, Miller." Is this like one of those Facebook threats, forward this to ten of your best mates or suffer 20 years of irritable bowel syndrome? Fortunately, I endorse the message wholeheartedly. In fact, here's what he said...

Gaurav: "@Nirav Darji Equivalently: Something that is not a bird is not a penguin but it is not the case that "something that is not a penguin is not a bird"." I love a bit of logic to liven up a rainy day. Unfortunately logic and cricket tournaments rarely go hand in glove.

7.30pm The covers are coming off! "As in they are trying to dry the covers," clarifies Siddharth Monga, in an all-penguins-are-birds-but-not-all-birds-are-penguins moment. Don't get too excited ...

Nirav Darji: "You said covers coming off at 6:55 also" Well spotted. It's been that sort of a day.

7.25pm Binoy Das: "Why there is no update after 7:18?" Hazard a guess ... go on ...

Meanwhile, in the press box, attention turns to the truly important matters ...

7.18pm Ganesh Tiwari: "Andrew, who would win the WT20 if all the games are washed out? India? 1ranked team" Cripes ... now there's a question. Bowl-out? Toss of a coin? Or a simple points countback, which would give every team one point per washout, plus two wins apiece for Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, which would give the Afghans the title on net run rate!

7.15pm SarfBD: "Andrew, when I googled your name, I found an interesting info. You are dubbed as the Father of Bangladesh Cricket. May I ask why? Besides, I feel it's my duty to inform that you might have some competition for that title. In recent past, a former president of Bangladesh claimed the same title for himself which, unsurprisingly, caused a huge laughter among Bangladeshi fans." Ha ... that all stemmed from the England tour of 2003-04. Though I have to admit I haven't paid any maintenance for months. Child Benefit will be onto me if I divulge any more details!

6.59pm Scratch that... the rain is back! Siddharth Monga fills in the blanks in our narrative. "The cut-off to start a five-over game is 10.18pm," he says. "They need at least an hour to get the ground ready so it has to be not raining at 9.18pm."

Baundule: "Just out of curiosity, do the players get 100% match fee in rained out matches? What about cricinfo commentators? Their payment must be doubled for facing tons of emails from frustrated fans." Hmmm ... you've got a fair point ... let me send a quick email ...

rana tahir: "Andrew please promote the idea of roof stadiums to ICC. Otherwise this whole WT20 would be a huge disappointment." Consider it done. Who wants to feel the Himalayan air in one's lungs anyway?

6.55pm Melinda Farrell is first with all the news: "Inspecting at 7.30. Covers coming off. Start reducing over at 8pm ..." Well, well...

Badr: "What if Bangladesh loses this match; Ned wins the next match, and Ban vs Oman match gets washed out? Ned could qualify." Nope, because then Netherlands would have 3 points but the lesser-spotted Oman would tear into pole position with 2+1+1=4 points! Trust me, I'm a statistician...

6.44pm Siddharth Monga brings us joyful news! "It hasn't rained for about half an hour, they are getting the water off the covers, which is a bit of a task, and it is also forecast to rain again around 7 ..." Well, it was joyful until that last clause. As you were!

Arsalan Iqtidar: "Are you sure Ned is out? What if Ned win their next match and Bangladesh Oman match gets washed out?" Yep. Netherlands would have 0+1+2=3 points for their efforts. Bangladesh have 2+1+1=4 points (and a better net run rate than Oman)

6.35pm Srinivas Bhardw: "Andrew, Oman is leading the group right now with 3 points. Not Bangaldesh. So if it rains for this match and the main one, then Oh Man!" That is inclusive of the match just washed out. Assuming this is a wash-out, we'll be back to three-a-piece, with Bangladesh back in pole position. Who actually needs a cricket match, eh? The permutations are fascinating!

6.20pm roby: "If the match between Bangladesh and Oman gets washed out who is gonna qualify from this ? Can anyone say " So many ifs ... however, Bangladesh are currently top of the group on net run rate, so they would go through. However ... if Ireland somehow manage to get onto the pitch today and win, Oman would be catapulted into the hot seat! Cries!

Nikhil Vaswani: "Cant the organizers fly out these teams to some other locations and get the matches done on Sunday? Am sure money is not a problem! And the teams wouldnt mind either!" Indeed, and in fact such a rearrangement is already on the cards for the main draw. Maybe Pakistan's security gripe was to do with over-sized raindrops?

6.10pm So, will Netherlands' fate be shared by the other first-round loser, Ireland? Time will tell, even if for the moment, the Irish are staying optimistic ...

And that is a fact that Melinda Farrell, our roving reporter in Dharamsala can verify. Even though she is finding it a little harder to stay on the bright side ... "It's not raining right now. But... put it this way... the best forecast for the next few hours is when it drops to 98% chance of rain..."

6.05pm Greetings one and all, and welcome to Highland Weather Watch. It's been minging in Dharamsala, as the Scots might have put it if they'd been in this group, and we've already had one wash-out so far. Are we due another? Err ... probably. But there's always hope, isn't there?

Nabhaan: "To all Dutch fans, I, on behalf of Abu Dhabi, apologize for the storm that hit us on Tuesday and Wednesday and might have ended up in Dharamsala (I say might). Sorry for the inconvenience". Yeah, your crazy storm has a lot to answer for. The Dutch are already out of the reckoning - their defeat in the first match, coupled with the fact that both of the first-round winners, Bangladesh and Oman, are due to play each other on Sunday, means they cannot hope to muster enough points to finish top.

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