Player of the Match
Player of the Match
  • Tamim shows his maturity

    The Bangladesh opener has enjoyed a productive time in the World T20 Qualifiers and the aspect that has stood out is how he has adjusted his game to the situation

  • Oman's slinger, made in India

    He was briefly on India's radar a decade ago, but it took a move to Oman to earn a living for Munis Ansari to rise to the world stage

Oman 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1Khawar AliZeeshan Maqsood
2nd13Jatinder SinghKhawar Ali
3rd30Adnan IlyasJatinder Singh
4th1Jatinder SinghAamir Kaleem
5th5Jatinder SinghAmir Ali
6th6Jatinder SinghMehran Khan
7th3Sultan AhmedMehran Khan
8th0Sultan AhmedAV Lalcheta
9th5AV LalchetaM Ansari
10th1M AnsariBilal Khan