3rd T20I (N), Sharjah, March 27, 2023, Afghanistan v Pakistan
(18.4/20 ov, T:183) 116

Pakistan won by 66 runs

Player Of The Match
28 (17) & 3/13
Player Of The Series
69 runs • 3 wkts
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Until the next one, this is Rvel Zahid saying goodnight on behalf of Binoy George

Opening batter Saim Ayub batted freely today and played some lovely shots to entertain the crowd, as Pakistan amassed 182-7 in the final T20I.Ayub thumped a well-crafted 40-ball 49 with two sixes and four boundaries as Pakistan put up a much better batting performance from their woeful 92-9 and 130-6 in two back-to-back defeats after being invited in to bat first tonight by Afghanistan.Iftikhar Ahmed made 31 with two maximums while captain Shadab Khan made 28, and Abdullah Shafique finally got going and scored 23.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman was the pick of the bowlers with a tight spell of 2-28.In reply, Pakistan started off the proceedings with Imad Wasim and the entire bowling unit put in a concerted effort to bowl Afghanistan out for 116. Zaman Khan and Ihsanullah once again gave resounding proof of their prowess. Ihsanullah was hostile with his bouncers and one of them hit Zadran in the grille and he had to leave the field (Omarzai came in as the substitute batter).

Shadab Khan was miserly today; he dismissed Ibrahim, Usman and Mujeeb in an economical spell. Afghanistan lost their way after the wicket of Gurbaz and slipped from 71/3 to 73/7 as Pakistan bowlers sensed the opportunity to rip through the batting line-up.

Rashid Khan: It's a special occasion to be part of this team, it was a great effort from everyone. We won the series, but we have some areas to improve on. It was a great learning for us. We responded well under pressure...we have struggled under pressure in the past but I'm happy that we chased in a couple of games. This was a much better wicket than the first two games. I felt 10 an over was gettable on this wicket. But the run-out and then Najib got hit, and we lost wickets in the middle. Any series after this is a good preparation for us before the World Cup. Every game teaches us and the youngsters are going to be much better. I try to focus on fitness and work hard, need to make it as hard as possible for the batters. Need to keep it simple, not confuse myself and not experiment much. I know my routine and I try to hit the areas.

Mohammad Nabi (Player of the Series): First two games were played in tough conditions, I'm back to form after a long time. I tried to give my best while bowling and batting. It wasn't a proper call and wasn't a good decision to take the second run (run-out).

Shadab Khan: We wanted to finish on a high note and we have done that. We had to adapt to the conditions and the batsmen managed to do that tonight. We needed to play for Pakistan's pride and we did it. The main motive of this series was to give the youngsters a chance, hopefully, they will get confidence from these matches and it will help them in the long run.

Ijlal Gondal : "@Malikn I beg to differ, if anything we've learned that we can still do quite well without them and at best just need one of the experienced ones Babar/Rizwan at top. Youngsters need experience and someone explosive like Saim is direly needed at top"

Mahad: "I think the reason that Pakistan will remain among the biggest competitors in world cricket will be the sheer pace battery that we possess, and I don't think I need to remind anybody that Ihsanullah had never played an international before this. He is a pure domestic product."

Ijlal Gondal : "@Ghaffar once again I see it differently. I think it was an excellent decision by PCB to test our bench strength and give youngsters the chance and confidence for future. Teams like India, England have even 3 different teams for different formats to showcase their sheer depth. When Nasim/Hasnain won't perform we would've Ihsanullah and Zaman and so on "

Ghaffar: A dead rubber, senseless squad & X1 of first two matches cost Pakistan the series, Afghanistan done with their job, this match means nothing, damage has been done

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, OUT

Cries of catch it and bagged at long-on! Pakistan register a thumping win and Shadab breathes a sigh of relief. Tayyab Tahir was backpedalling and reverse cups it well to send Omarzai back in the hut

Azmatullah Omarzai c Tayyab Tahir b Zaman Khan 21 (20b 2x4 1x6 18m) SR: 105

hameed: "Ihsanullah, reminded me of Shoiab Akhtar nasty bouncers. OH MY GOD. Was treat to watch his bowling"

Umar: "Forgive me for asking the obvious but is Najib okay? What's the update on him. Looked nearly"

Malik: "I think all us Pakistanis now know that even if Rizwan and Babar play with a low SR they are still a very very important part in the team."

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, 1 wide

Was looking to play a ramp shot, Zaman fires it outside the tramlines

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, no run

Pitch-perfect yorker on middle, he manages to dig it out to long-on but can't get underneath

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, no run

Oh, that's a brilliant yorker on fourth stump line, he throws his bat at it but can't connect. Zaman is turning out to be a great death-overs bowler, carrying his PSL form into this series and has done a fabulous job. No sign of nerves in the transition

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, no run

Spears in a low-full toss on the pads, whipped away to deep midwicket's right and he denies the run

end of over 185 runs
AFG: 115/9CRR: 6.38 RRR: 34.00 • Need 68 runs from 12b
Azmatullah Omarzai21 (16b 2x4 1x6)
Fazalhaq Farooqi1 (2b)
Mohammad Wasim 3-0-13-1
Zaman Khan 3-0-19-0
Mohammad Wasim to Azmatullah, 1 run

Short, skiddy, down leg, helps it on its way to Tayyab Tahir at backward square's right

Mohammad Wasim to Azmatullah, no run

Goes full and straight, he makes room and clobbers this down to extra cover, once again can't pierce the field on the off side

Mohammad Wasim to Azmatullah, no run

Length ball on middle and leg, out of the sweet spot and thrashes it down to cover, Imad cuts it off

Mohammad Wasim to Azmatullah, FOUR runs

No violence. Pure timing. Treat to watch. Slammed into the pitch around the line off, he larrups it over mid-off and it has got enough legs to reach the fence

Mohammad Wasim to Azmatullah, no run

Backs away and Wasim follows him up with a toe-crusher, he squirts it away to mid-off region

Mohammad Wasim to Azmatullah, no run

Low full toss on middle, bunted down the ground between mid-on and mid-off, came high off the bat

Danish : "Despite the pitch's no help for pace bowling, Ihsanullah was great. It'd be whole different fun watching him on bouncy tracks. "

end of over 177 runs
AFG: 110/9CRR: 6.47 RRR: 24.33 • Need 73 runs from 18b
Fazalhaq Farooqi1 (2b)
Azmatullah Omarzai16 (10b 1x4 1x6)
Zaman Khan 3-0-19-0
Imad Wasim 3-0-25-1
Zaman Khan to Fazalhaq Farooqi, no run

Pitched up, pace is up, fourth stump line and he is rooted firmly back in the crease, dead bats it

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, 1 run

Has he got all of it? No he hasn't, lands short of Abdullah Shafique around midwicket region

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, no run

That's an effort delivery, bends his back and gets the response from pitch, it rises alarmingly off the deck and he sways away from the line, doesn't connect

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, no run

Length ball, nagging off stump line, belts it back to the bowler

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, SIX runs

Blazed behind deep square! Errs in his line and pays the price, slower one picked early and deposited into the stands. Brilliant hit!

Zaman Khan to Azmatullah, no run

Good length, tight lines, pace off and he defends it back to Zaman

end of over 169 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 103/9CRR: 6.43 RRR: 20.00 • Need 80 runs from 24b
Azmatullah Omarzai9 (5b 1x4)
Fazalhaq Farooqi1 (1b)
Imad Wasim 3-0-25-1
Ihsanullah 4-0-29-3
Imad Wasim to Azmatullah, 1 run

Loopy delivery on a length outside off, makes room and clatters it away to extra cover for a run

Imad Wasim to Azmatullah, FOUR runs

Drills it downtown and earns a boundary, all along the floor with so much power and fizz

Imad Wasim to Azmatullah, 2 runs

Goes for the big hit, lands in the peninsula between long-on, midwicket and deep midwicket and he lives to fight another day

Win Probability
PAK 100%
100%50%100%PAK InningsAFG Innings

Over 19 • AFG 116/10

Azmatullah Omarzai c Tayyab Tahir b Zaman Khan 21 (20b 2x4 1x6 18m) SR: 105
Pakistan won by 66 runs
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