5th Match (D/N), Dambulla, Jun 21 2010, Asia Cup
(50 ov, target 386)246/5
Pakistan won by 139 runs
player of the match
end of over 501 run
BDESH: 246/5CRR: 4.92 
Mahmudullah0 (7)
Jahurul Islam11 (15)
Mohammad Asif10-0-60-1
Imran Farhat5-0-21-1

Uff! This was one huge nail in the coffin of 50-over cricket. It has undone all the good work done by two wonderful matches between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and Indian and Pakistan. International cricket in 2010 can't afford ODIs where one side doesn't even try to win a match for as long as 50 overs. In fact it seemed like Tamim Iqbal was rebelling against a team gameplan. Thanks for those who joined us, and I can see why not many did

Shahid Afridi is MoM and also the winning captain "I was always expecting that as a captain you should set an example. As a captain I am very happy. The coaches did a very good job. There are a few lessons to be learnt surely but we played well."

Shakib Al Hasan "They got a great start, their openers batted really well. On the other hand, our new-ball bowlers didn't bowl well. We know our strength is to not chase 385, we are not batting well in the middle overs, so our plan was to bat well in the middle overs, we did that brilliantly today. There were plus points in our batting, we need to improve our bowling and fielding."

Junaid Siddique has been given the award for the most stylish player of the day. Somehow I can't see the humour there. He also wins a 1000 dollars for being the Jodi [partnership] of the Match

Mohammad Asif to Mahmudullah, no run

that's it, the Test has been saved! Well done Bangladesh. Fittingly they finish it off with a defensive shot

Mohammad Asif to Mahmudullah, no run

gets a bottom edge as he looks to cut

Mohammad Asif to Mahmudullah, no run

full ball, driven to extra cover

Mohammad Asif to Mahmudullah, no run

short outside off, beaten

Mohammad Asif to Mahmudullah, no run

looks for cut, is beaten

Mohammad Asif to Jahurul, 1 run

pushes this to sweeper-cover for one

Srinivasan: "I believe BAN captain said that they are confortable in chasing 250-260 confortably, he done it atleast!!"

end of over 491 run • 1 wicket
BDESH: 245/5CRR: 5.00 • RRR: 141.00 • Need 141 runs from 6b
Mahmudullah0 (2)
Jahurul Islam10 (14)
Imran Farhat5-0-21-1
Mohammad Asif9-0-59-1
Farhat to Mahmudullah, no run

flighted delivery, nicely pushed to extra cover

Farhat to Mahmudullah, no run

defended with an open face, towards short third

Mark: "Ideal time for Bangladesh to accelerate.. A solid platform.. All they need is no fielders in the ground and a blindfolded ball boy bowling..."

Farhat to Shakib, OUT

Farhat gets a wicket! hits the stumps as he looks to cut it, beaten for pace

Shakib Al Hasan b Imran Farhat 25 (27m 24b 3x4 0x6) SR: 104.17
Farhat to Shakib, no run

flat and quick, hurries him into a defensive shot

Farhat to Shakib, no run

is beaten as he looks to turn this to leg

Farhat to Jahurul, 1 run

plays with soft hands, steals a single