4th T20I (N), Mirpur, August 07, 2021, Australia tour of Bangladesh
(19/20 ov, T:105) 105/7

Australia won by 3 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

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end of over 194 runs
AUS: 105/7CRR: 5.52 
Andrew Tye4 (7b)
Ashton Turner9 (20b)
Mustafizur Rahman 4-1-9-2
Shoriful Islam 2-0-8-1

That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. On behalf of Ranjith P and Andrew McGlashan this is Sreshth Shah signing off. See you for the 5th T20I day after tomorrow. If you want more cricket, England v India is on!


Winning captain Matthew Wade:: "We've worked hard over the last few games and not had the result go our way. It's hard work out there. The way Dan played, thats the difference between moving and losing sometimes. We needed big runs up top, and that changed the match. Management and staff had a chat, and we wanted to find runs somewhere, and it was difficult to do it in the back end. So we made the decision to send Dan out early, and we hoped he would capitalise on it with only two fielders in the boundary. It would be nice for players, myself included, to score more runs. It's not that we are batting that poorly, even they are struggling. But we'll get one more opportunity to put a score out there next game, both personally and as a team. The bowlers have obviously dominated in this series. You're looking to get quick 30s and quick 40s. We may play three spinners next game."

Mitchell Swepson is the Player of the Match: "It was definitely nice to get the nod to play. Nice conditions to bowl. Have never experienced such conditions back, and enjoyed. Hope to get another chance next game. On such turning wickets, I actually had a hard time keeping the ball straight.

Losing captain Mahmudullah: "It was always difficult to chase, but we didn't assess the wicket well enough batting first. It was a 120-targetn wicket. Having said that bowlers did a good job to take it to the 19th over. But as batters we need to be cautious and sensible. Today's wicket was hardest among all. Dan Christian whole the change scenario but it can happen in a T20 game. We know Shakib is a champion bowler. We wanted to keep Mustafizur a bit late for the 19th over. But the bowlers did well, its the batters who didn't."

tanmoy maiti: "No one is criticizing Shakib...they are criticizing the captain to bring Fizz late"

9.15pm A hard-earned win for Australia and Mahmudullah fist-pumps the Bangladesh bowlers too for the fight they showed defending such a low total. Dan Christian's match changing innings ensured Australia were always ahead of the chase. Agar's 27-ball 27 was crucial too on this surface.

Rafiq Fahim: "One bad match doesn't mean that he is a ordinary bowler. Every player may have bad days. Don't criticise Shakib for today's game. "

Asib Auvi : "Bd fans thought of for a Banglawash, but Australia came back strong. Congratulations. "

Mustafizur to Tye, 1 run

slower ball, full on leg. Tapped to the bowler's right and they are off for a single. Applause from the dug out as Australia win by three wickets

Mustafizur to Tye, no run

yorker, just outside off. Cutter angles away. Under the bat to the keeper

Mustafizur to Tye, no run

full just outside off. angling across. Misses the slog. Past the edge to the keeper

Scores tied

Mustafizur to Tye, 2 runs

good length, outside leg stump. Flicked off his pads to deep backward square, but goes in the air to fine leg instead. Lands safely

Mustafizur to Tye, no run

good length on middle. Nudged to point, and they look to take a single. But stopped

Mustafizur to Turner, 1 run

yorker length, just outside off. Slapped to point

end of over 186 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 101/7CRR: 5.61 RRR: 2.00 • Need 4 runs from 12b
Ashton Turner8 (19b)
Andrew Tye1 (2b)
Shoriful Islam 2-0-8-1
Mustafizur Rahman 3-1-5-2
Shoriful Islam to Turner, 1 run

full just outside off. Mistimes a drive straight down the grounf. Long off cuts it off

Shoriful Islam to Tye, 1 run

back of a length, on middle. Pulled to the right of midwicket. But the fielder dives to stop a prospective four

Shoriful Islam to Tye, no run

yorker length, just outside off stump. Toe-ends a shot to midwicket

Shoriful Islam to Agar, OUT

stunning! Good length, just outside off. Flat-bats a shot past the non-striker but Shamim at mid on dives to his right - displays a lot of hang time - and takes a catch parallel to the ground

Ashton Agar c Shamim Hossain b Shoriful Islam 27 (27b 2x4 1x6 29m) SR: 100
Shoriful Islam to Agar, no run

slower ball, fuller outside off. Cut to point, and intercepted inside the circle

Shoriful Islam to Agar, FOUR runs

good length, outside off and clobbered by cutting through the off side in front of square! No stopping that

end of over 173 runs
AUS: 95/6CRR: 5.58 RRR: 3.33 • Need 10 runs from 18b
Ashton Turner7 (18b)
Ashton Agar23 (24b 1x4 1x6)
Mustafizur Rahman 3-1-5-2
Shakib Al Hasan 4-0-50-0
Mustafizur to Turner, no run

full and wide outside off stump. Happy to let that go to the keeper

Mustafizur to Agar, 1 run

full outside off, and cut to point

Mohammed Saleem: "Mustakim, Shakib is a match winner, one bad over and then 20 of 18, doesn't make him a bad bowler. " -- Not to forget his two all-round performances in the first two T20Is

Mustafizur to Agar, no run

another cutter. Length ball just outside off and jags in. Misses the cut, hits the bat and edged into his pad

Mustafizur to Agar, no run

cutter. Good length outside off, and zipping in to hit his gloves thereafter. Agar misses the cut, and takes his gloves off to tend to his hand

Mustafizur to Agar, no run

full and wide, and wants to drive. Goes under the bat to the keeper

Mustafizur to Agar, 2 runs

low full toss on his pads, and flicked to deep midwicket. Played gently enough to come back for two

end of over 167 runs
AUS: 92/6CRR: 5.75 RRR: 3.25 • Need 13 runs from 24b
Ashton Agar20 (19b 1x4 1x6)
Ashton Turner7 (17b)
Shakib Al Hasan 4-0-50-0
Mahmudullah 1-0-3-0

Mustakim : "Poor captaincy from mahmudullah... You left your best bowler and give the expensive bowler an over when you need one wicket to get back to the match! "

Shakib to Agar, 1 run

overpitched, just outside off stump. Drilled to wide long off for one

Shakib to Turner, 1 run

good length, just outside off. Fended to cover point and they go for a single

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Over 19 • AUS 105/7

Australia won by 3 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
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