England vs Australia, 5th Test at London, , Sep 08 2005 - Match Result

5th Test, The Oval, September 08 - 12, 2005, Australia tour of England and Scotland
373 & 335
(T:342) 367 & 4/0

Match drawn

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Scorecard summary
England 373/10(105.3 overs)
129 (210)
6/122 (37.3)
2/72 (27)
Australia 367/10(107.1 overs)
138 (303)
5/78 (34)
105 (146)
4/97 (24.1)
England 335/10(91.3 overs)
158 (187)
6/124 (38.3)
59 (97)
3/85 (26)
Australia 4/0(0.4 overs)

The umpires have offered the light to Langer and Hayden and they have accepted it.

This is not quite the end of play though

The players have walked off the field, but will have to come back out in case the light situation improves. But that is unlikely to happen this time of the year.

Match State: Delay - Day 5 - Bad light stops play

The covers are coming on now

We're being told the match officials and representatives of both teams are talking, discussing whether this game can be called off at this stage

That's probably the common sense way forward so that the England team and indeed most of the country can celebrate a great victory

The umpires walk out now and are purposefully striding to the middle

The bails come off, the stumps are pulled out of the ground and officially this match is drawn and England have won the Ashes 2-1

It's a huge moment for this team, the celebrations can now officially begin!

Handshakes all round between the two teams, that's good spirit between the two sides

The England team are gathered on the pavilion steps and they are now led out by Michael Vaughan ... the crowd roars!

There's plenty of waving and gesturing to the crowds. There are songs in the air and thunderous applause. Soon the presentation ceremony will begin.

The Man of the Match is Kevin Pietersen for his magnificent 158 in the second innings that sealed the match for England

'It's a fantastic day. It's special to me personally to win the Man of the Match on the last day of a series where we won the Ashes,' says Pietersen.

The Man of the Series is Andrew Flintoff. He has had a great series and richly deserves the award.

This was the award for the English Man of the Series, chosen by the Australian coach John Buchannan

Similarly Duncan Fletcher picks out Shane Warne as Australia's player of the series. Another great cricketer, another award richly deserved.

'It's been one of those series ... it was an amazing series. England were just too good for us in this series, and you have to hand it to them,' says Warne

'I always enjoy playing in England. The crowds in all the Tests have been sensational. It's just a pleasure to play here.'

Now the Australian team comes up, in batting order, to the podium

Finally Ponting comes up to have a word

'It looked early on that the game would be set up well. But England played great cricket all summer. They've outplayed us in every Test match other than the first one. Congratulations to Michael Vaughan and Duncan Fletcher,' says Ponting

'We had a few chances but did not take them. Kevin Pietersen played magnificently. This was one of the best series I have ever played in.'

There's a new award instituted this series. It's the Compton-Miller award for the player of the series. Picked by Trevor Hohns and David Graveney, that man is Andrew Freddie Flintoff

'It's been a great summer. Today is really special,' says Flintoff.

'We've played great cricket over the past five weeks. You've got to pinch yourself to know you're not dreaming. To play a part in winning the Ashes for England is something you dream about as a kid.'

Now the England team comes up, in batting order, to the podium

Huge roar from the crowd as Michael Vaughan comes up to the podium to recieve a replica of the famous Ashes urn. There's also a trophy from the sponsors for Vaughan to collect.

'It's been an incredible series. Full credit to Australia and the way they have played,' says Vaughan '

'Winning the toss and batting on four out of five occasions certainly helped.'

'We've all aged a few years in the course of this series. The support we have received has been fantastic and we appreciate this.'

Vaughan now holds that famous little urn up in the air and the crowd roars with great gusto

The confetti flies, the bubbly is uncorked, Team England bask in the adulation as the celebrations begin in right earnest!

That brings us to the end of the coverage of this Ashes series, as England take a lap of honour around The Oval

It has been a pleasure and a privilege bringing this series to you. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!

For the moment, this is Anand Vasu, your commentator, tipping his hat off to England, saying commiserations Australia, and signing off

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Harmison to Langer, 4 leg byes

another short one, Langer takes evasive action, off the shoulder for four leg byes over the keeper

Harmison to Langer, no run

left alone outside the off stump, through to the keeper

Harmison to Langer, no run

another short one banged in, Langer ducks under this one as well

Harmison to Langer, no run

short ball banged in, Langer ducks under this one

that's the end of the England innings, 335 all out, 341 in front

Warne has taken 12 wickets in this game. Could well be his last Test at The Oval

The crowd applauds McGrath and Warne as they walk off, leading the Australian side into the pavilion

Just to clarify, England were bowled out for 335, and they are 341 ahead, not 331 as I'd earlier said.

Apologies for that

With two overs gone for the change of innings, Australia need 342 to win from 18 overs

The England team is on the field

They huddle together for a pre-innings chat and acknowledge the hearty applause that this crowd is showering on them

Hayden and Langer are Australia's openers

Harmison from the Pavilion End

Warne to Harmison, OUT

perfectly pitched legbreak, the ball spins and takes the outside edge, Hayden dives to his right and takes a good catch

Steve Harmison c Hayden b Warne 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0
Warne to Harmison, no run

flat and on the pads, padded away to the leg side

Warne to Giles, OUT

full and down the leg side, Giles plays and misses and is bowled round the legs. Five wickets for Shane Warne and end of an important innings from Giles

Ashley Giles b Warne 59 (97b 7x4 0x6 159m) SR: 60.82
end of over 911 run
ENG: 335/8CRR: 3.68 
Matthew Hoggard4 (35b)
Ashley Giles59 (96b 7x4)
Shaun Tait 5-0-28-1
Tait to Hoggard, no run

full and far outside the off, left alone to the keeper

Tait to Hoggard, no run

full and outside the off, left alone to the keeper

Tait to Hoggard, no run

full and outside the off, very quick too, played at and missed

Tait to Hoggard, no run

fullish and outside the off, left alone to the keeper

Tait to Hoggard, no run

full this time but so far wide of the stumps that Hoggard is not going to play at that

Tait to Hoggard, 1 wide

short and very far wide outside the off, called a wide as well

Tait to Hoggard, no run

short of a length and well wide of the off stump, left alone

end of over 904 runs
ENG: 334/8CRR: 3.71 
Ashley Giles59 (96b 7x4)
Matthew Hoggard4 (29b)
Shane Warne 38-3-124-4
Warne to Giles, no run

full and on the pads, defended to the leg side

Warne to Giles, no run

fullish and on the off, spinning away, left alone

Warne to Giles, no run

flat and on the leg stump, defended

Warne to Giles, no run

well flighted and outside the off, driven inside out to mid-off

Warne to Giles, no run

fullish and on the stumps, Giles comes down the pitch and pads

Warne to Giles, FOUR runs

short and a bit of width, loosener from Warne, punched off the back foot through cover

Match details
Kennington Oval, London
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultEngland won the 5-match series 2-1
Match numberTest no. 1763
Match daysday (5-day match)
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