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1st T20I, Manchester, Aug 30 2009, Australia tour of England and Scotland
(1.1/20 ov, target 146)4/2
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• The Bulletin by Andrew McGlashan at Old Trafford

Match abandoned with Australia on top

Just when Australia thought they had a chance for a modicum of Ashes revenge, rain thwarted a fiery start by Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson at Old Trafford

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Scorecard summary
Australia145/4(20 overs)
England4/2(1.1 overs)

6.04pm It's all over, red rover. That's it I'm afraid. It's still nil-all in this two-match Twenty20 thrash, before the seven-match ODI fest, so it's been an interesting but ultimately frustrating day in Manchester, a great shame for a decent crowd. We'll be back on Tuesday for the second match so, for now, it's goodnight.

6.02pm They're dragging off one of the covers but it's not a pretty sight underneath. Soggy, boggy, and rubbish. And it's raining, which brings a big cheer to the press box, all of whom are sweating over their laptops with deadlines now looming. This is doomed, I'm afraid.

5.55pm The absurdity never ceases. Right, here's what's happening, chaps. The cut-off time is 6.14pm. That's just around the corner, and we have to start again by that time. If we do, England will need 46 from 23.

5.45pm It's stopped raining. Covers are still on, though, but we're some way from starting I'm afraid. At least half-an-hour, I'd say, so who knows what head-scratching Duckworth-Lewis calculation it'll end up being. More news when we get it. Read the bulletin while you're waiting.

Over in Amstelveen Afghanistan need another 63 from about 12 overs, with four wickets remaining, to beat Netherlands. They're surprising and impressing everyone, Afghanistan. More here when I met them in South Africa, and their homepage too.

5.10pm Still raining, and it's steadier than ever. Covers are protecting the run-ups and either side of the pitch, so we're probably in for quite a delay here. Five overs constitutes a match. What a total pain in the derriere this is.

5.01pm And off they go. Good grief this is unbelievably annoying. Covers coming back on. Have a peek at some photos while you wait. Or some feeds. We're going to be revamping our approach to Twitter in the coming months, but here's our existing account if you want to subscribe.

Johnson signals to the crowd - he's obviously had a fair bit of stick this summer, and he's delighted to stick it up them, in the nicest possible sense.

Johnson to Bopara, OUT

horrible shot from Bopara and he's caught at first slip! Short, outside off and Bopara flashes, trying to uppercut it over the slips, but he's beaten for pace and Watson swallows it

Ravi Bopara c Watson b Johnson 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Johnson to Bopara, 1 wide

wide! The crowd are on his back straight away...

Here's Johnson

end of over 13 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 3/1CRR: 3 RRR: 7.52
Jonathan Trott0 (4)
Ravi Bopara1 (2)
Brett Lee 1-0-3-1
Lee to Trott, no run

ooh and that too was straight, rapping him high on the thigh. Superb first over from Lee! Fast, fast and fast again

Lee's beaming. Trott is, too. Denly is not.

Lee to Trott, no run

cuts back sharply at 91.7mph and gets a thick outside edge once more

Lee to Trott, 1 wide

down the leg side - a wide from Lee. It's all go, here. Lee makes things happen

Lee to Trott, no run

oh brilliant from Lee - a superb slower ball which beats Trott, who steps to leg but gets a thick outside edge short of the slips

Free hit for Trott

Lee to Trott, (no ball)

that was sharp, too. Defended on the back foot in a hurry - Lee oversteps, though

That was a seriously fast ball. Electric from Lee!

Lee to Denly, OUT

brilliant, frightening delivery! A vicious bouncer and Denly did well to get bat on it, attempting a pull and top-edging it to short square-leg who holds an easy catch. Golden duck on debut for Denly!

Joe Denly c Hauritz b Lee 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Lee to Bopara, 1 run

too straight and Bopara's off the mark with a clip off his hip

Lee to Bopara, no run

oh blimey, that was close! Fast and down the leg side, tried to turn it to leg but it nibbled off his thigh guard and nearly onto his stumps

So after a pretty long delay, we have players on the pitch. Hurrah and huzzah for that. Denly's making his Twenty20 debut - cracked 67 against Ireland on his ODI debut t'other day. Bopara's at the other end, and it'll be Brett Lee to open the attack. This could be absolutely awesome. He's been cooped up all summer like a caged cheetah. The crowd have made good use of the delay by getting plastered.

end of over 208 runs
AUS: 145/4CRR: 7.25 
Adam Voges11 (8)
Michael Clarke27 (34)
Ryan Sidebottom 4-0-31-0
Stuart Broad 4-0-33-2

"I think the Aussie bowlers have sent down five overs of warm-ups...we could have had a game by now," spits Andrew McGlashan. Over at Amstelveen, Afghanistan have just lost a flurry of wickets chasing 189.

The main cover is being dragged off. It's looking very promising now. Play to resume at 4.55pm. As long as it doesn't rain, of course. Incidentally, I see an Ashes DVD will be published on October 5. They weren't quite to quick to release one for the 2006-07 series...

4.35pm Play at 4.50pm apparently. If it doesn't rain. It'll still be twenty overs, too.

4.30pm Australia are out in the middle doing their thing, but the covers remain steadfastly in place. Shan't be too much longer, though. Incidentally, Middlesex have somehow won a game today - their second in the Championship this season. Back soon.

4.22pm Oh drat. It's spitting and drizzling enough for the main cover to be dragged back over the pitch. Horrid day. Dark, cold, wet and frankly miserable, but I'm sure it's not terminal. This kind of spitting, indeterminate, rubbish rain is fine to play in.

4.15pm Ah. Well, we're going to have a delay. Play to resume at 4.30pm as they haven't had time to roll the pitch. So, fingers crossed it won't rain in the meantime. Time, therefore, for a cuppa.

4.05pm We've had a distinctly moist shower hurrying across the ground, but it ought not to delay us too much. We only need five overs to make a match of it, apparently, but as I write the covers are beginning to come off. So we shan't be too long. Very murky out there, mind - Autumn's unofficially arrived early. Talking of which, it's going to be properly autumnal later in the week - even in the sun-spot of London. But anyway. Meanwhile, Afghanistan are going nicely in their chase of 189 to beat Netherlands. Live commentary from Amstelveen.

Good efforts from Australia in the end. Only six fours and three sixes on a pitch much quicker than I think Australia were expecting. White played well, and Clarke showed the value of running like a whippet - so, it's hard to say who's on top at this stage. The rain's coming down, sadly, but hopefully we'll back in about 10 minutes for England's chase

Sidebottom to Voges, 2 runs

another slapping shot to Wright but it falls short, and he wings in a throw. Sidebottom is utterly peeved at his lot, but that's been a pretty good final over

Sidebottom to Voges, 2 runs

attempts a big smash over the top but mistimes it, straight down the throat of Luke Wright at long-on who drops an absolute sitter! Seemed to line it up ok, a little to his right, steadying himself...but shelled it. Shocker from Wright

Sidebottom to Clarke, 1 run

very full outside off - this is superb from Sidebottom. Driven just past the bowler

Sidebottom to Voges, 1 run

nice and full, and he can only get a single to mid-off

Sidebottom to Clarke, 1 run

takes a big step down the pitch and scythes it out to the off side. Good throw from Denly, making his debut today

Apparently some of you are experiencing problems with our scorecard, reverting back to previous overs etc. We're on it...

Sidebottom to Voges, 1 run

full of length and driven out to mid-on

end of over 196 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 137/4CRR: 7.21 
Michael Clarke25 (32)
Adam Voges5 (4)
Stuart Broad 4-0-33-2
Ryan Sidebottom 3-0-23-0
Broad to Clarke, no run

well wide of the off stump - Prior's standing almost at where second slip might be

Broad to Voges, 1 run

very full - really good length from Broad. Too full to do anything with

Broad to Voges, FOUR runs

edged down to third man for four! Tried to smite him over midwicket but got the thickest of outside edges

Broad to Voges, no run

steps outside the off stump to counter Broad's angled tactics from around the wicket, and it's nice and full, too. Worked back to Broad.

Best performances - batters
Cameron White player pic
CL White AUS
55 runs (36)
1 four
3 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
14 runs
1 four
0 six
David Warner
DA Warner AUS
33 runs (26)
3 fours
0 six
Productive shot
pull/hook on back foot
10 runs
0 four
0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Paul Collingwood portrait
PD Collingwood ENG
Stuart Broad portrait
Match details
Old Trafford, Manchester
TossEngland, elected to field first
SeriesAustralia tour of England and Scotland
Series result2-match series level 0-0
Match numberT20I no. 119
Hours of play (local time)14.30 start, First Session 14.30-15.50, Interval 15.50-16.10, Second Session 16.10-17.30
Match days30 August 2009 - day (20-over match)
T20I debut
Joe Denly
Joe Denly
Tim Paine
Tim Paine
England Image
Ian Gould
England Image
Richard Kettleborough
TV Umpire
England Image
Peter Hartley
Reserve Umpire
England Image
David Millns
Match Referee
Sri Lanka Image
Ranjan Madugalle