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England vs Australia, 1st Test at Cardiff, , Jul 08 2009 - Match Result

1st Test, Cardiff, July 08 - 12, 2009, Australia tour of England and Scotland
435 & 252/9

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
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Scorecard summary
England 435/10(106.5 overs)
Australia 674/6(181 overs)
150 (224)
2/110 (32)
125* (242)
1/115 (35)
England 252/9(105 overs)
end of over 105Maiden
ENG: 252/9CRR: 2.40 
James Anderson21 (53b 3x4)
Monty Panesar7 (35b 1x4)
Nathan Hauritz 37-12-63-3
Marcus North 7-4-14-0

Don't forget to read the bulletin which is being desperately cobbled as I speak. We'll have a whole load of pieces, too, so keep your eyes peeled on our dedicated Ashes series page (RSS feed for those who want it) and video highlights of an extraordinary final session (UK only, I'm afraid). From me, Will Luke, join us on Thursday for the second Test. The Ashes are well and truly alive.

Ponting wins man of the match. He's booed. "I'd give this back straight away for another wicket," he chirps. He looks in good fettle, smiling away, not too peeved. He thinks England "did a good job," and almost grimaces while saying it. Australia "can be proud" of how they performed and he won't be pressed on his side's chances on retaining the urn. "We're not jumping to any conclusions and we have to play at the level we played in this game if we're to win."

Briefly, here are the post-match presentations. Huge cheers for Strauss. "All credit to Paul Collingwood. What a knock that was. He does it time and time again. Outstanding. But also the two at the end, Monty and Jimmy"...cue applause..."They showed a lot of character and fight and thankfully it's still nil all. We recognise there's a lot to work on for Lord's." Changes? "Not sure. We'll name the squad tomorrow afternoon and think with calm heads [about who we choose]'s a huge lift, momentum is everything for us [but] we need to play better. We're just very, very thankful and proud for the fight we showed today."

We'll have the post-match gubbins for you shortly. For those of you now wanting to celebrate and switch off your screens, fair thee well, and thanks for joining us this past five days. And don't forget to join us for Lord's which gets underway on Thursday. I'm Will Luke and my thanks to Brydon Coverdale who's joined me from Australia throughout - join us both for what we expect to be another thrilling encounter in just a few days time. Until then, go well.

This place has exploded! Australia cannot believe it, and every man in this ground is standing, applauding, cheering England's effort. Panesar can't wipe the smile off his face, and Australia, it's fair to say, look peeved, tired, exhausted and chastened. It's quite an unbelievable scene. "Tricky last couple of hours for us there," understates Anderson. "Amazing batting what he did today," says Monty of Collingwood. Moving on, quickly. But no, let's focus on Collingwood - an innings of such determination and grit to dig England out of a monumental hole.

Hauritz to Anderson, 1 bye

wide of the off stump, off the pads and balloons over the slips. They run a bye. They run a bye. Ponting scratches his chin, he looks distraught. Anderson talks to the umpires. No one knows what's going on! But they shake hands and England have drawn! It's all over!

This could be it. This is the last ball of the match in theory.

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

drifts in, darts in on middle. Blocked. Blocked.

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

huge turn for once but it's too wide. It's too wide from Hauritz

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

tosses this up on the middle stump and he's forward. It prompts more emphatic, cacophonous cheer from the crowd. And then silence

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

flighted on middle and defended

You can hear a pin drop

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

quicker ball on leg stump, nudged to leg. Cardiff explodes, then a hushed silence

It's 6.39pm. 6.40pm is the cut-off. We'll have one more over. This could be the last over of the match. This is so, so, so tense. Hauritz around the wicket

end of over 104Maiden
ENG: 251/9CRR: 2.41 
Monty Panesar7 (35b 1x4)
James Anderson21 (47b 3x4)
Marcus North 7-4-14-0
Nathan Hauritz 36-11-63-3
North to Panesar, no run

flighted on the off stump and Panesar survives. Cardiff is alight. The crowd are alive. Ponting is talking to the umpires and trying to work out the times

North to Panesar, no run

edged, short of slip. Soft hands from Panesar. Slowish turn

North to Panesar, no run

tense from North. Left alone. Too wide. Way, way too wide. Cardiff explodes

North to Panesar, no run

left alone outside off

North to Panesar, no run

forward onto the front foot and defends. Capital of Wales goes mad. Capital of Wales goes silent

North to Panesar, no run

comes forward and gets a bit of backspin on it as he defends. Cardiff erupts. Cardiff goes silent

The crowd think England have done it, but they haven't yet. It's one more over. Possibly two.

end of over 103Maiden
ENG: 251/9CRR: 2.43 
James Anderson21 (47b 3x4)
Monty Panesar7 (29b 1x4)
Nathan Hauritz 36-11-63-3
Marcus North 6-3-14-0
Hauritz to Anderson, no run

quicker ball! Well bowled! Blocked. Cardiff explodes once more and this time it's not followed by silence. The noise here!

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

full toss, pushed out to the off side

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

that's well bowled but Hauritz is tensing up. Not really spinning it any more. Cardiff explodes with delight then a hushed whisper as Hauritz comes in once more

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

blocked again on the front foot. Cardiff explodes. Cardiff goes quiet. Silent.

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

blocked once more. Cardiff erupts. Then silence.

Hauritz to Anderson, no run

blocked off the back foot. The roof's off again! The noise is just wonderful

Shafayat is on the field with some gloves and questions. Ponting's told him where to go in true Aussie style, and you can't blame him. The physio's on, too. Oh come on England, just suck it up and get on with it. Embarrassing. Right, they've bogged off so here we go. The noise is just amazing, incredible

end of over 1025 runs
ENG: 251/9CRR: 2.46 
Monty Panesar7 (29b 1x4)
James Anderson21 (41b 3x4)
Marcus North 6-3-14-0
Nathan Hauritz 35-10-63-3
North to Panesar, no run

perhaps the biggest cheer of the Test as Panesar smothers it on the front foot

North to Panesar, no run

solidly defended - very firm

He is around the wicket by the way. Has been all over

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
RT Ponting
150 runs (224)
14 fours1 six
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
43 runs
5 fours0 six
MJ North
125 runs (242)
13 fours0 six
Productive shot
leg glance
33 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
NM Hauritz
BW Hilfenhaus
Match details
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series result5-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 1922
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days8,9,10,11,12 July 2009 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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