Only T20I, Dubai, May 7 2009, Australia tour of United Arab Emirates
(16.2/20 ov)109/3
Pakistan won by 7 wickets (with 22 balls remaining)
player of the match

A one-sided affair in the end, though it didn't look to be going that way when Watson was going strong in the Australian innings. But the spin of Afridi, and the accuracy of Gul saw to it that the Australians were kept down to a paltry score. Butt started well, but when both openers fell in fairly quick succession things seemed a little shaky for Pakistan. But Akmal was in prime form, and his counter-attack hastened the win, though one musn't forget the calm hand played by their captain Misbah at the other end. Stay tuned for the presentation.

A joint Man-of-the-Match award here, for Gul and Afridi.

Afridi: "I enjoyed my performance, and the pitch gave me good support. I experimented in the nets it the hard-work paid off."

Gul: "I practiced a lot with the old ball. Hopefully we'll win the World Cup after this."

Haddin: "We were outplayed, we weren't on our game. The World Cup is going to be totally different, but we have to improve. We've got a couple of weeks off before the World Cup, so that should do us good."

Misbah: "Afridi and Gul bowled superbly to bring us back in the game. Akmal carried his form superbly into this game after his performance in the last ODI, and we hope he'll carry this form into the World Twenty20. Everyone knows their role and it's going well."

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Hauritz to Malik, 1 wide

fired in down the leg side, called a wide, sealing a comprehensive win for Pakistan

Hauritz to Malik, no run

low full toss, bunts it straight to mid-off

Just one more needed now. Malik comes in

Hauritz to Misbah, OUT

Misbah falls with his team on the brink, short on middle, looked to pull it behind square, got the top edge that landed safely in the hands of Bracken at short fine

Misbah-ul-Haq c Bracken b Hauritz 24 (32b 1x4 0x6) SR: 75
end of over 1611 runs
PAK: 108/2CRR: 6.75 RRR: 0.25 • Need 1 run from 24b
Misbah-ul-Haq24 (31)
Kamran Akmal59 (42)
Nathan Bracken3-0-24-0
Ben Hilfenhaus4-0-20-1
Bracken to Misbah, 1 run

full outside leg stump, clipped to fine leg to level the scores

Bracken to Misbah, no run

bouncer outside off, chases it from the crease, looks to upper cut it, misses

Bracken to Kamran, 1 run

on middle, swiped it to deep square leg, was looking to deposit that into the stands as well but didn't connect well enough

Bracken to Kamran, SIX runs

short outside off, stood his ground, and slapped it with contempt into the stands over the bowler's head

Bracken to Kamran, 2 runs

length ball outside off, went for a massive heave over mid-on, ended up miscuing it in the direction of deep point where Lauglin dived forward but failed to reach it

Bracken to Misbah, 1 run

good length on the off stump, pushed off the back foot towards mid-off for a quick single

end of over 155 runs
PAK: 97/2CRR: 6.46 RRR: 2.40 • Need 12 runs from 30b
Kamran Akmal50 (39)
Misbah-ul-Haq22 (28)
Ben Hilfenhaus4-0-20-1
James Hopes2-0-23-0
Hilfenhaus to Kamran, no run

low full toss on middle and leg, driven straight to midwicket, failed to beat the gap there

Hilfenhaus to Misbah, 1 run

banged in short outside leg stump, helped on its way to fine leg

Hilfenhaus to Kamran, 1 run

full toss on middle and leg, whipped away to deep midwicket to reach his fifty, excellent innings, saw off the pressure after the loss of the openers with a superb counterattack

Hilfenhaus to Kamran, 2 runs

fullish on the off stump, gets to the pitch and drives it wide of deep cover for a couple, only a matter of time now

Hilfenhaus to Kamran, no run
Hilfenhaus to Misbah, 1 run

worked away off the front foot through square leg