2nd Test, North Sound, May 30 - Jun 3 2008, Australia tour of West Indies
479/7d & 244/6d
(93 ov, target 372)352 & 266/5
Match drawn
player of the match
end of over 931 run
WI: 266/5CRR: 2.86 
Denesh Ramdin21 (45)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul77 (180)
Mitchell Johnson20-3-70-1
Stuart Clark18-8-22-1

And that's it, Ponting has called it off with five overs to spare and it's the first drawn Test between these two sides since April 1995. An emotional moment for MacGill who finishes his last Test having bowled well today without taking a wicket. He ends with 209 Test wickets and takes a stump as a souvenir. Now Chanderpaul comes off the pitch, raising his bat as the players form a line to congratulate him on his excellent performance in saving this match, and Sarwan must take some credit also.

A draw is a fair result after Australia were handed the advantage yesterday under a cloud of some questionable umpiring decisions. So, Australia retain the Frank Worrell trophy, but a fighting West Indies will have something to aim for in the third and final Test - victory there would help them level the series. We know that Australia will have at least one change there, with MacGill bowing out, but do join us next week on June 12 to find out what happens in the last game of this interesting series.

Here's Ricky Ponting. "We lost a little bit of time in the game but we had the opportunity today to win the Test match. The partnership [between Sarwan and Chanderpaul] was probably the difference between us winning and the draw, so well done to them."

On Brett Lee, he says: "His spell this morning with the new ball gave us a chance today. I'm, happy with the way our bowlers stuck at it. For our batters to go out yesterday afternoon and set things up was good."

Here's Ramnaresh Sarwan. "Our focus was to take every session as it is. All in all we just wanted to be positive throughout the day." He admits it's very hard to put into words how important Shivnarine Chanderpaul has been for them. "Over the past three years he has been showing his consistency."

Chanderpaul is the Man of the Match. "We had a plan batting session by session," says Chanderpaul. "Play nothing too rash and try to stay as long as possible out there." And when he's asked if he will be fit for the final Test having shown some discomfort, he answers: "Yeah I hope so, just a little bit of strain in the calf. Should be all right for the next game."

In the meantime, many thanks indeed for joining me Jenny Roesler and Brydon Coverdale, and we look forward to bringing you the third match from Barbados soon.

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

flicked off the legs once more

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

round the wicket now, in line with leg, and wristed away behind square

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

no need to play this one, the angle too wide across the batsman to prompt a shot

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

banged past the batsman this time

Two slips in, the lights have come on

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

over the wicket, the ball doesn't get up very much, and the batsman is stout in barn-dooring down off the back foot

Johnson to Chanderpaul, 1 run

on the legs, turned out to midwicket

end of over 922 runs
WI: 265/5CRR: 2.88 
Denesh Ramdin21 (40)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul76 (179)
Stuart Clark18-8-22-1
Mitchell Johnson19-3-69-1

Six overs remaining as this Test is firmly on course for a draw

Clark to Ramdin, no run

defended well

Clark to Ramdin, no run

more defence

Clark to Ramdin, no run

full delivery on the toes, pushed out towards mid on

Clark to Ramdin, no run

a threatening ball comes in in line with off, but it's sturdily dug out

Clark to Ramdin, no run

tucked off the legs out in front of square

Clark to Ramdin, 2 runs

overpitches on the legs and there's an on drive out through deep midwicket

end of over 914 runs
WI: 263/5CRR: 2.89 
Shivnarine Chanderpaul76 (179)
Denesh Ramdin19 (34)
Mitchell Johnson19-3-69-1
Stuart Clark17-8-20-1
Johnson to Chanderpaul, no run

some zip outside off and some movement away from the left-handed Chanderpaul who, once he commites to leaving the ball, tucks the bat right in away from danger

Johnson to Ramdin, 3 runs

overpitches outside off and Ramdin makes no mistake, with a firm drive out through to deep cover, Lee chases it down hard

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

pushed across the right hander with a hint of lift and a tight angle, the batsman defends back down off the back foot

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

driven out on the front foot to the short cover region

Johnson to Ramdin, no run

over the wicket now and Johnson finds some spring as he flings past the right hander who lets it go

Johnson to Chanderpaul, 1 run

defended down off the back foot