1st Test, Rawalpindi, February 07 - 10, 2020, Bangladesh tour of Pakistan
233 & 168

Pakistan won by an innings and 44 runs

Player Of The Match
1/61 & 4/26
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Thanks for joining us, peeps. On that note, it's time for me, Shashank Kishore, to say goodbye on behalf of Varun Shetty and Venkat Raghav. We'll see you very soon. Remember, the second Test of this series will be played from April 7 in Karachi. Adios

Naseem Shah is Man of the Match for his hat-trick on Sunday. "I had an MRI, I had a muscle pull but the scan is clear. I should be able to resume bowling in two days. Picking up a hat-trick in front of your home crowd is special. They added to the support and festivities. It was great fun. I only hope I will be able to live up to the expectation of fans and team-mates."

Azhar Ali: "One of those games where we can be proud of our reviews. Credit to Rizwan and the other guys for supporting me there. Usually we're not good at it but this is a very good start for us to carry forward. This is a Test championship, every game is important. No Test is easy, so credit to all the players. < br>

Azhar on Rawalpindi win: "Chose to bowl on a pitch we thought would do a bit more, but it didn't. Bowlers stuck to their tasks, bowled with a lot of patience. It was a great job to bowl them out for 233, and the batsmen kicked in from there. Credit to Shan and Babar. Batting has more experience, we think that will take us forward. We also have young fast bowlers which is exciting."

Azhar on crowd support: "Fantastic, the support was superb when Sri Lanka came. Even here, they were really good. Thanks to the fans, thanks to the players for a superb show. Need to mention Naseem Shah's record, to pick up a hat-trick at a young age, he must be congratulated."

Mominul Haque: "Disappointing batting on a flat wicket. Very difficult if you get out after getting starts. No team can come back from such situations. Bangladesh winning the Under-19 World Cup is a great achievement for us, the boys have worked really hard for the last two years."

Pakistan are currently placed fourth in the World Test Championship table. They're just six points adrift of third-placed England. Here's the points table.

11.25am So it took Pakistan an hour and 25 minutes on the fourth day to wrap up victory. Bangladesh lost Mominul Haque early, before Liton Das denied them for a while. Once Rubel Hossain was out, it was just a matter of time.

Naseem Shah, who didn't bowl today, walks out to join his victorious team-mates in the middle. Smiles and hugs all around in the Pakistan camp. This is a win well-deserved. But before you forget, let me also remind you that the second and final Test of this series will be played in April, after the PSL.

At one stage, it appeared as if Bangladesh will wipe out the deficit. Then came Naseem's hat-trick late on day three and Bangladesh lost 8 for 44 to fold without a fight thereafter. Join us shortly for the presentation. Number of candidates in the running for Man of the Match.

Startling revelation: This is Bangladesh's fifth innings defeat in six Tests. Their seventh innings loss in eight away Tests. They have a lot of work to do, between now and April, if they are to level this Test series.

Yasir Shah to Abu Jayed, OUT

taken at slip! Has a wild slog at this, only manages to top-edge it and Shafiq takes it running back from slip. Nicely pouched and there's the Test for Pakistan. Their second consecutive Test victory at home, following-on from their win over Sri Lanka in Karachi. This has been an absolutely clinical win. Pakistan have bossed their way from start to finish.

Abu Jayed c Asad Shafiq b Yasir Shah 3 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Yasir Shah to Abu Jayed, no run

skiddy short ball on middle, defended

end of over 623 runs
BAN: 168/9CRR: 2.70 
Ebadot Hossain0 (5b)
Abu Jayed3 (7b)
Mohammad Abbas 17.4-6-33-1
Yasir Shah 17-3-58-3
Abbas to Ebadot Hossain, no run

beaten as he wafts at a length ball outside off without any conviction

Abbas to Ebadot Hossain, no run

hops right back into the crease to keep out this full delivery

Abbas to Ebadot Hossain, no run

goes full on middle from wide of the crease, squeezed out

Abbas to Abu Jayed, 3 runs

driven into the gap at extra cover, nice looking shot

Abbas to Abu Jayed, no run

slips in a short ball into the body, he somehow manages to get out of the way

Abbas to Abu Jayed, no run

length ball angling in, defended with soft hands

end of over 61Wicket maiden
BAN: 165/9CRR: 2.70 
Ebadot Hossain0 (2b)
Abu Jayed0 (4b)
Yasir Shah 17-3-58-3
Mohammad Abbas 16.4-6-30-1
Yasir Shah to Ebadot Hossain, no run

full outside off, defended

The umpire signaled end of the over after just five balls. Here he comes again

Yasir Shah to Ebadot Hossain, no run

right into the blockhole, kept out

Ebadat walks out at No. 11. Excellent crowd on a Monday. Much more than you may have anticipated.

Yasir Shah to Litton Das, OUT

big appeal for lbw as he's struck on the pad by a full delivery. Nigel Llong says not out and Pakistan review. Liton went for an expansive sweep, but this was too full. The only bone of consideration was if it was drifting down leg. But actually, the ball spun away after pitching. I think this is good, very, very good. Yes, decision overturned on review, Liton is out. Ball tracking confirms this would've crashed into middle and leg.

Litton Das lbw b Yasir Shah 29 (59b 4x4 1x6) SR: 49.15
Yasir Shah to Litton Das, no run

wrong'un off a length, worked into the vacant midwicket region but he refuses the single

Yasir Shah to Litton Das, no run

leaves a tossed up delivery outside off

Yasir Shah to Litton Das, no run

slow turn from length outside off, defended back

end of over 602 runs
BAN: 165/8CRR: 2.75 
Abu Jayed0 (4b)
Litton Das29 (55b 4x4 1x6)
Mohammad Abbas 16.4-6-30-1
Yasir Shah 16-2-58-2
Abbas to Abu Jayed, no run

attacks the stumps with a full delivery, blocked

Abbas to Abu Jayed, no run

lifter angling into the body, gloves this down leg, rolls to leg gully. Got big on him but he somehow managed to keep it down

Abbas to Abu Jayed, no run

touch full outside off, defended from the crease

Abbas to Litton Das, 1 run

slips this into the pads, flicked nicely to deep square leg

Abbas to Litton Das, 1 wide

ducks under this short ball on middle, zipped through to the keeper but it was so high that the umpire signals wide

Abbas to Litton Das, no run

back of length delivery angling in, he's right behind the line in defence

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