2nd Test, Kingston, Jul 12 - 14 2018, Bangladesh tour of West Indies and United States of America
354 & 129
(42 ov, target 335)149 & 168
West Indies won by 166 runs
player of the match
Jason Holder
West Indies
end of over 42Wicket maiden
BDESH: 168/10CRR: 4.00 
Taijul Islam13 (22)
Jason Holder13-3-59-6
Keemo Paul7-0-34-1

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Holder: We played as a team, we had support from anyone. Different players put their hands up. I always ask the guys for one last push. Go out there and put everything in. I expect tough days in cricket. Want to thank Corey Collymore our bowling coach. This is our second series we've won as a group, I think we're headed in the right direction.

Jason Holder is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series.

Shakib: Yeah it was very tough. I wasn't expecting it to be this tough. There are so many failure that we need to talk about. Especially with the batting. The bowling got better as the match went on. [With the bat] The four innings we played, we never showed character or guts that we're known for. I always believe in my team - we have the potential to come back. We have done often in the last 3-4 years. But credit goes to West Indies.

[Away performance] is a big issue. We've been playing 18-19 years and we've never done well away from home. There's a lot of work for coaching team, management, board.

Few positives: Miraz bowled well. jayed did well, he was the best of our fast bowlers. Hopefully he can carry it on for the next 6-7 years.

5:13pm West Indies win the series 2-0. Utter dominance, almost through every session of the series. Bangladesh had their moments, but they were fleeting. They weren't sustained long enough to have impact. And despite a shaky middle order, West Indies have notched up two gigantic margins of victories; this one, by 166 runs. Valiant effort by Shakib today - six wickets for him and a fifty, but it doesn't do much for the meek surrender of his team.

Holder to Abu Jayed, OUT

and now he grabs his best bowling figures! Why not? A yorker at leg stump that's too good for No. 11. Six for 59 for Holder. Bangladesh have been cleaned up cheaply, yet again, and this is another massive win for West Indies.

Abu Jayed b Holder 0 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Holder to Abu Jayed, no run

length ball in the corridor, pushed behind square on the off side off the thick outside edge

Holder to Abu Jayed, no run

short ball outside off, steered to gully off the back foot

Holder to Abu Jayed, no run

full on middle stump, flicked to square leg

Holder to Abu Jayed, no run

length ball at off stump. Backs away and exposes the stumps. Just gets the bat in the way to defend this

Holder to Kamrul, OUT

that's five and it's ten! Dead plumb. Length ball, keeping low, batsman trapped on the crease trying to defend. He's caught it on the back leg right in front of middle. No doubt about this. First ten-wicket match haul for Holder. Best figures by a West Indies captain at home. Not to mention, his third five-wicket haul in the last six innings. I believe it's also the wicket that brings his bowling average under 30. What a moment.

Kamrul Islam lbw b Holder 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
end of over 416 runs
BDESH: 168/8CRR: 4.09 
Taijul Islam13 (22)
Kamrul Islam0 (1)
Keemo Paul7-0-34-1
Jason Holder12-2-59-4
Paul to Taijul, no run

swipes and misses. A length ball too wide for him to make contact with

Paul to Taijul, 2 runs

full ball outside off, squeezed through point off the thick outside edge as he looks to drive through cover

Paul to Taijul, FOUR runs

nice pick-up shot. Length ball swung into the pads and he uses the angle to whip it aerially through square leg

Paul to Taijul, no run

short of a length on off, cramped as he looks to pull this

Paul to Taijul, no run

full on middle stump, flicked to mid-on

Paul to Taijul, no run

inswinger, at a length, headed for the stumps. Backs away and slices into the off side

Keemo Paul, around the wicket