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Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh, Only Test at Harare, Jul 07 2021, Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe

Only Test, Harare, July 07 - 11, 2021, Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe
468 & 284/1d
(T:477) 276 & 256

Bangladesh won by 220 runs

Player Of The Match
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Scores: @Thilak_Rama | Comms: @himanshu_a30
Scorecard summary
Bangladesh 468/10(126 overs)
150* (278)
95 (147)
2/58 (23)
Zimbabwe 276/10(111.5 overs)
Bangladesh 284/1(67.4 overs)
Zimbabwe 256/10(94.4 overs)

It was a fantastic one-off Test, leaving us desired for more. But the limited-overs leg of the tour starts with the first ODI five days later. And in case you can't wait for cricket for that long, don't forget to hop on to the action between Ireland and South Africa in Malahide at the moment. Until more on this tour, it's a goodbye from Thilak, Sreshth and me, Himanshu!

Mahmudullah cracked 150* to help his side avoid a slip and announced a shock retirement from Tests a few days later; Shanto and Shadman slammed centuries in the second innings; and Taskin, Mehidy and Shakib shone with the ball after Taskin also contributed with the bat. But Zimbabwe aren't without their own share of positives. Sans Williams and Ervine, their batting did some fighting to keep Bangladesh in check, led well by Taylor and debutant Kaitano, who showed shades of Cheteshwar Pujara across both innings.

Alan: "Such a shame this is a one-off test. This match would have been the perfect start to a series. "

Mominul now lifts the match series trophy as he waits for his team-mates to join. The side gathers together and pose for the cameramen with a V sign.

Mominul Haque, the winning captain has this to say: "[Overseas win] Whether home or away, a win is always a proud thing for me. When juniors contribute, it really looks good. When we were in trouble, partnership between Riyad bhai and Taskin was crucial. [On Mehidy] It was a flat wicket, so it's difficult to get wickets. It was a special performance for his nine wickets. Even Shakib and Taskin got four wickets, and it was a team effort."

Mahmudullah, in his last Test, is the Player of the Match for his 150* in a rescue act: "[I] always like to be a team man. Fortunately, we have won this game and really happy to see the smiles on our team's faces. Liton batted really well. It was pleasing to see his batting. Me and Taskin were having good fun at the crease, though he was at times a bit inpatient! We need to handle the pressure of the crunch moments, and I just tried to stick to my basics and score when the chance came."

Brendan Taylor, who led Zimbabwe's batting efforts in both innings, will speak first: "You've got to seize those important moments, and we didn't do that. I got out at the wrong times, left some runs out there. Credit to Kaitano, on debut. It was down to being in good positions and throwing that away."

Time for the post-match presentations

Nabil: "I think it was a bowling effort the BD bowlers can be extremely proud of. To force a result in this flat day 5 pitch that offered almost nothing to them even after dropping abt 4 catches. Kudos! "

Joe: "Watching from the UK I've been impressed by Zim's efforts in this game. We've love to see this team touring here again - it's been too long!"

Here's Sampath with more: Mehidy's 9 for 148 is the best Test match figures for a Bangladesh bowler away from home.

2.24pm A comfortable win by 220 runs for Bangladesh. Huge credit to Zimbabwe for continuing to fight even with their tail after Bangladesh seemed all set to wrap this up rather quickly on the final day. The visitors made a comeback in the game each time they looked down with the bat in the first innings - they were 132 for 6 before posting 468 - and even fashioned a Zimbabwe collapse of 8 for 51 with the ball.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Ngarava, OUT

the middle stump is dislodged and the game is over! This was bowled slower and tossed up on middle and off, as Ngarava went for the heave on the leg side but was beaten by the slowness of the ball. It bounces just enough to clip the top of middle stump, which falls on the ground

Richard Ngarava b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 10 (27b 2x4 0x6 31m) SR: 37.03
Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Ngarava, no run

fullish ball on off defended off the front foot

Man at catching cover now

Tareq: "@Ashish The pitch doesn't look like a 5th day pitch, I don't see any purchase out of the surface. It's due to the tight line and length of the bowlers and miserable first innings batting from Zimbabwe that's forcing a result here."

Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Muzarabani, 1 run

short of a length outside off, turning in as the ball is pushed to long-on off the back foot

Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Muzarabani, no run

full and quicker on off, keeps low while it is defended

Back to spin, as Mehidy returns from over the wicket with a slip, short leg and leg slip

end of over 944 runs
ZIM: 255/9CRR: 2.71 
Richard Ngarava10 (25b 2x4)
Blessing Muzarabani29 (49b 4x4)
Ebadot Hossain 11-2-39-1
Taskin Ahmed 24-4-82-4
Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, FOUR runs

slashed to the long-on fence for four. There's no mid-on in place either, and Ngarava swings his bat to this full ball on off and plays across the line to fetch himself four more

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

bowls a low full-toss on middle, perhaps in search of the yorker. Pushed with an angled bat to the on side

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

very full and straighter on off, driven back to mid-off

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

short of a length on middle and off, and bowled from wider of the crease. Ngarava almost falls off on the leg side after losing his stance while trying to pull with his front leg in the air

Ashish: "Playing out 90 overs in the fourth innings, Zim have done a herculean task considering how weak their battingine up is. Another 30 overs with the last pair is definitely an impossible task and I am not expecting of any miracle. Zim have already done that without surrendering meekly."

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

full on off again, and he pushes this one to the man at cover after backing away slightly

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

fullish ball on off, and he defends solidly off the back foot

end of over 9310 runs
ZIM: 251/9CRR: 2.69 
Blessing Muzarabani29 (49b 4x4)
Richard Ngarava6 (19b 1x4)
Taskin Ahmed 24-4-82-4
Ebadot Hossain 10-2-35-1
Taskin to Muzarabani, no run

beaten by the pace. Tries to glide that off a fullish length on off, but the ball passes his outside edge on to the keeper

Taskin to Ngarava, 1 run

fuller on his pads, clipped to fine leg for a single

Over the wicket now

Rose: "Even if Zimbabwe do lose (as they probably will), there have been some commendable efforts from some of the players. Kaitano has been a great find, Taylor was brilliant as ever, Tiripano impressive with the bat in this innings and Blessing has his highest Test score now. Good for the future!"

Taskin to Ngarava, no run

fuller ball on off, angles back into the batter. Good, solid block by the tailender

Taskin to Ngarava, FOUR runs

pulled away to deep square leg for four of his own. Another short ball on off, and he almost takes his eyes off to pull that from deep in his crease

Around the wicket to the left-hander

Blake: "I say it again, 50 run short, Zimbabwe we're 50 runs short in the 1st innings of setting up the draw."

Taskin to Muzarabani, 1 run

makes room to pull again to midwicket. This was played rather uncomfortably, as this was short of a length on of again but didn't get up as much as the previous one did

Taskin runs in but backs out

Taskin to Muzarabani, FOUR runs

Clobbered to midwicket. Short of a length on off, and he hammers that pull for four by clearing his front leg and then performs a break dance

This should have been tea, but we'll continue for 30 more minutes since Zimbabwe are nine down.

end of over 92Maiden
ZIM: 241/9CRR: 2.61 
Richard Ngarava1 (16b)
Blessing Muzarabani24 (46b 3x4)
Ebadot Hossain 10-2-35-1
Taskin Ahmed 23-4-72-4
Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

full ball on off again. A hint of movement into the batter, who defends well to the off side by staying deep in his crease

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

defends this full ball on off pretty late, as his bat comes down almost at the last moment. And clutches his bat behind himself as soon as he plays that forward

Around the wicket now, with the three slips in closer

Mom: "Oh god, im feeling so bad for tiripano. Can't they just call him back? That's so unfair :("

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

fullish ball on off, and left alone as the ball goes over the stumps on its way to the keeper

Ebadot Hossain to Ngarava, no run

goes past his outside edge. Tries to fend at that full delivery on off by remaining in his crease. No foot movement, as you'd expect from most No. 11s

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
150 runs (278)
17 fours1 six
Productive shot
29 runs
2 fours0 six
Najmul Hossain Shanto
117 runs (118)
5 fours6 sixes
Productive shot
straight drive
24 runs
1 four3 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Match details
Harare Sports Club
TossBangladesh, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultBangladesh won the one-off match
Match numberTest no. 2427
Hours of play (local time)9.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days7,8,9,10,11 July 2021 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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