33rd Match (D/N), Adelaide, Jan 8 2021, Big Bash League
Renegades won by 6 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
player of the match
Mohammad Nabi
Melbourne Renegades

Thanks for your company tonight. The Sydney Thunder play the Perth Scorchers tomorrow night. Hope you can join us then.

The Renegades are still last on the table but they claim all four points. The Strikers missed a chance to consolidate a top three spot.

Mohammad Nabi is Player of the Match for his 71 not out. A superb innings.

Nabi: "I didn't perform well in the last four or five games. The team really needed me and I did something good for my team. So I'm pleased."

The Renegades win by six wickets with a ball to spare. What a partnership between Mohammad Nabi and Jake Fraser-McGurk. Nabi produced one of his finest BBL performances. He was a cut above finding the boundary at will against a good attack. Fraser-McGurk showed great composure to go with him. The Strikers will rue their batting performance. They left at least 20 out there.

Agar to J Fraser-McGurk, 1 run

full toss glanced fine and the Renegades break a seven-game losing streak!

Agar to J Fraser-McGurk, 2 leg byes

through Carey this time! Another yorker down leg, off pad again and Carey fumbles, it runs past him and they pinch two. They check upstairs for the run out. Fraser-McGurk didn't ground his bat but he got his foot in!

Agar to M Nabi, 1 leg bye

Carey saves four! Full down leg, it comes off the pad and it was going for four fine but Carey dives with the one hand and saves it. They run a leg bye

Long on back, midwicket up

Ritesh: "Tie anyone...??"

Agar to M Nabi, no run

short ball, 139kph, he swings out of his shoes and misses!

Joe M: "Why are long-on and long-off still so wide for Nabi? He's scored a few boundaries very straight, pretty sure Carey's captaincy has lost Strikers this game" Shorter boundaries are square in Adelaide. It's such a tough hit straight. Nabi too good so far

Agar to J Fraser-McGurk, 1 run

full on leg, he drives with control to long on

Aryan: "Agar with the last over or Conway? " Agar

end of over 1916 runs
MR: 173/4CRR: 9.10 RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Mohammad Nabi71 (39)
Jake Fraser-McGurk27 (20)
Peter Siddle4-0-38-0
Danny Briggs4-0-37-1
Siddle to M Nabi, 2 runs

140kph full and straight, he drives flat and straight over the bowler and Fraser-McGurk pinches two running well on the throw

Siddle to M Nabi, SIX runs

carved over cover! Ridiculous skill! Full on off, nearly a worker, he cleared the front leg and got under it to slice it with power over cover! Sensational

Siddle to M Nabi, FOUR runs

crushed straight of long on! Long on is wide, it is an attempted yorker but it's a low full toss and Nabi nailed it straight!

Siddle to M Nabi, no run

yorker at middle, he digs it out back to Siddle

Siddle to J Fraser-McGurk, 3 runs

slower ball, he steps inside the line and chips a ramp just past Conway at short fine! Conway gets in a tangle sliding in the chase and they get three

Siddle to M Nabi, 1 run

full on leg, he's sitting back and driving to long on. Just one

Siddle to bowl the 19th. Agar will finish.